Top 10 Problems with the Nintendo Wii

I like the Wii. It introduced a fresh new concept for games that was an interesting distraction, if not a long-term innovation that shapes our games today. That said, this console had a LOT of problems. Here are the most glaring ones.

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1 You need to use the wrist strap

Just put it on, remember to replace the strap when it looks worn out and use a Wii Remote jacket, then you won't have to worry too much about damage as long as you're not too close to your T.V., other objects or other people. It's basic common sense. - Entranced98

You don't NEED to use it its just recommended - YOSHIA2121

I never once used it, and the remote never flew out of my hand either. - Element119

You really don't... - ProPanda

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2 The original Wii remotes weren't very accurate

Let's face it: Motion controls before the Wii Motion Plus were clunky. Sometimes you think you swung your wii remote a certain way, but the screen would show something completely different. It worked for basic games like Wii Sports or Mario Party 8 (most of the time), but for anything deeper than that, it would get irritating fast. This did improve with the WM+, but that was a bit late. - Zach808

Sometimes they are inconsistently sensitive and affected too much from any minor movement of the sensor bar, though I noticed a bit less of this with newer Wii remotes, thankfully. - Entranced98

Very true. We had the Wii before the motion plus accessories were was kind of hard to precisely control. The Motion Plus thing though fixed most of that. - Element119

Eh, I got mine about 8 years back, there still isn't really anything wrong. - ProPanda

3 Lack of games the PS3 and 360 got

This is probably my biggest gripe with the Wii. There were a bunch of games that just weren't ported over due to the Wii not supporting HD. I could tolerate graphically trimmed down games, but a bunch of games didn't make it to the console at all. - Zach808

So what the wii was better anyway - YOSHIA2121

4 The motion controls ended up getting old

It's 2017 now, and I'm completely fine with a lack of motion controls in games now. It was fun while it lasted, but at the end of the day, motion controls can't really replace a normal controller for everything. If I ever get a Nintendo Switch, I'll probably stick with handheld mode most of the time, and use the Pro controller for the rest. Most developers just don't know how to make a compelling experience with motion controls, and even when it's done right, the games usually still play better with a controller. Maybe I'll use them if I want to try something different, but the craze is over for me and a lot of other people. - Zach808

There were innovative for it's time and without it, we may not have the VR we have today. But gimmicks are gimmicks and there is only so much you can do until you just want to go back to an actual controller or keyboard. - cjWriter1997

how - YOSHIA2121

5 Support for the console died after 2010

Can you name a lot of amazing games that Nintendo released for the system after 2010? No? I thought so. Third-party support wasn't always the best throughout the console's life, but for the first few years Nintendo would regularly put out big releases. After 2010, they pretty much abandoned the console before they could really do much with the Wii Motion Plus. I mean, there was Skyward Sword, and... what else? - Zach808

This is the first item I fully agree with. - ProPanda

so - YOSHIA2121

6 Several of the games were just gimmicky and failed at utilizing the motion controls properly

There were a ton of games released where the developers half-assed the motion control, not really using the motion controls in a coherent way. This is what caused the motion controls to be seen more as a gimmick as time went on. - Zach808

yeah - YOSHIA2121

7 Bad online features and performance

Nintendo have started to improve wonderfully on this since the Wii U's release - the days of game-breaking lag and being disconnected every five minutes are not something I'll look back on fondly! - Entranced98

Due to Nintendo's ineptitude at designing an online systems, a lot of games would lag horribly or lack decent matchmaking or interaction features you'd find on the 360. The PS3 also had problems like this, but it wasn't THIS bad. Nintendo, it's time to get out of the 90s. - Zach808

Happened to my Wii. I got it somewhere around 2009 and it's 2017 now and I can't play games on it anymore. Even if I do, it lags or shuts down. - TwilightKitsune

It was kinda slow - YOSHIA2121

8 The lack of HD support

I know, graphics aren't everything. That said, they do make the experience better, if not make a good game. Imagine how much better your favorite Wii games would've looked if they were in HD. - Zach808

To be honest, I haven't seen any problem with that either. Most of it looks fine to me - ProPanda

so - YOSHIA2121

9 The sheer volume of awful games

Although this isn't necessarily a problem with the console itself, the amount of shovelware released for it was just ridiculous and sadly marked a missed opportunity for Nintendo to tighten up their quality control. - Entranced98

I know this happens with any super popular console, like the PS2 or the DS, but the sheer of flat-out terrible games for the Wii was insane. Games with broken controls, games that looked like complete crap, games with barely any content, etc. were rampant. And don't even get me started with the WiiWare. - Zach808

what - YOSHIA2121

10 The limited virtual console

The virtual console was a great idea (well, assuming you don't want to pirate roms on the internet), but the execution wasn't that great. Where were a lot of the classics like Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, etc.? The virtual console's library seems a bit... thin with so many omissions. - Zach808

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11 It was underpowered

I'm gonna tell you this "The Wii Is NOT A Powerhouse When It Comes To Graphics Gameplay Is The Main Focus For Games Not Just Graphics If You Want Good Graphics Get The Original Xbox".

Compare the gameplay of Melee for the GameCube to Brawl for the Wii. Clearly, one console is more powerful than the other. - Sop

It was about as powerful as a PS2 when the XBOX 360 and PS3 had some of the most powerful computers in them at the time. Yeah, that should say enough - cjWriter1997

Which made the system feel kind of like a 6th gen console accessories then what actually did happen. - htoutlaws2012

12 No customizable controls in Virtual Console
13 Online got shut down in 2014
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1. The motion controls ended up getting old
2. The original Wii remotes weren't very accurate
3. You need to use the wrist strap
1. You need to use the wrist strap
2. Lack of games the PS3 and 360 got
3. Bad online features and performance



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