Most Random Things to Like While Juggling Ponies and Patting SpongeBob On the Head

The Top Ten

1 A purple polka dotted lantern that loves Belle

Laugh out loud this list is great funnyuser! It's making me laugh so hard right now! - NerdyPweeps

2 A star that has a bean that has a waist

That is so true PositronWildhawk. - funnyuser

Hold on. Multicellular plant life in stars? As easy to postulate as chocolate hummus jalapeƱo stuffed pillows used for ammunition. - PositronWildhawk

3 Idiot closing that has a are.
4 A girl that jutted a balloon in a wall paper
5 Patrick's sister that has big hair and is a giant
6 Sword bow yum
7 Tooth that loves Boots from Dora

That tooth is in trouble! - funnyuser

This list is making me laugh - JandS3000

8 Cat pillow and Bob
9 People
10 Ponies

Maybe that's why we are juggling them. - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders

11 A blushing crow
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