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201 On April 27, people of my religion asking "Are you the Lemon?" When someone says that they're the Lemon, they're chained up and forced to say "Monkeys tell no lies" 482 times to Journey's Greatest Hits.

Only on April 27th for you? Lucky. This happens every Wednesday and Friday for me.

I meant to say "People of my religion ASK 'Are you the Lemon? ' ". I submitted it off my iPod, so I couldn't tell if there were any mistakes or not.

That's a very specific number

202 I'm too drunk to taste this chicken.

Gotta include that it's quoted from"the late great colonel Sanders"

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203 You've got brownies
204 I swear I didn't remove the padding in your brassiere!

Okay, I am going to dare someone to say this to some random girl next year.

205 There's a purple mushroom in my backyard singing tacos.

Cool pinto beans! I have a rainbow mushroom, SO THERE!

206 I have a pet cactus named Charlie Daveyson V 1 Comment
207 Every knees bent, ass out. Arms out. Then you're ready to play volleyball
208 1 hour is more than 1 minute V 1 Comment
209 No this is Patrick

Hey patrick its me bob :3


210 i'm gonna lick your pubic hair

This is disgusting. - HaydenFullwright


211 My dad is my grandad V 3 Comments
212 Spontaneous combustion runs in my family, please be careful. V 1 Comment
213 My name is Cornelius and I like being sat on. I was a pillow in my pre-existence. V 1 Comment
214 Fat! Focus...
215 I kissed a banana and it walked away from me.

That sad, sad moment when you get rejected by a banana - PeachyBlast

216 The strawberry ice cream I ate caused me to start my period.

Apparently pink fluids cause you to bleed. Or maybe it was a coincidence. Either way. - anonygirl

217 I still use Windows 98. And that computer likes to squish babies' heads.

LOL! - anonygirl

What? O.o - HaydenFullwright

218 I found lemonade in the toilet.

This would be so much fun. - HaydenFullwright

219 I have a zombie in my head!
220 Remember those black dots that used to come out of corners and attack you?

You mean the potato people? They talk to me in my sleep...

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