Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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61 No, I'm not a cheese well
62 This is Sparta!

Then you kick somebody

No, this is Patrick

My dick says this in the morning...

Leonidas 's eyes Popping out and yelling
"THIS IS SPARTA! " - Ananya

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63 Pickles!

Sounds like something SpongeBob would say. - anonygirl

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64 I need to pee!

I found lemonade in the toilet too!

65 Do you want to eat me?

Sorry, but humans do not taste good. - anonygirl

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66 Vista! Vista!

What the heck? - RockFashionista

67 1+2=4
68 Spotto V 2 Comments
69 Corn Dog Corn Dog Corn Diggedy Dog

Even better say it in a Mickey mouse voice

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70 We are the planets, of the Solar System, different sizes for every one!

This is the best one! - RockFashionista


71 Pootis V 2 Comments
72 Fine dining. V 1 Comment
73 Village reverse monkey salsa

Best thing to say when you don't know what else to say

74 Purple dino raping me

Barney must really hate someone. - NuMetalManiak

This happens all the time to me :c

75 I came in like a wrecking ball! V 3 Comments
76 Run! The mole has a gun!

Sounds like an idiotic nursery rhyme - Ananya

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77 I have a jello butt! It is when your but is so big, it just jiggles
78 I'm Batman

And I'm the joker!

And your not potato. I'm a potato. I'm the most obsessed one in the world. Your an onion that made me cry.

And I am ( long pause) Bob ( woman screams and starts running) - TheMazeRuner

And I'm Robin. - anonygirl

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79 I like big butts and I can not lie

I got a flat ass, but I still take sausage.

I like small MUTS AN I can not lie!

80 "OMG it's One Direction!"

Saying this will make myself wonder as well that where they are... LOVE ONE DIRECTION! ! They are perfect

I do that at random times all the time

I love one direction and I do that all the time and my siblings look up and say where?!?!

Inma go to new york and do this lol

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