Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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101 Don't freak out but I am part of a highly secretive agency and I have been sent to observe your every move because we have found DNA in your blood that does not belong to any living substance on earth.

Laugh out loud! I'm gonna do this!

I'm gonna do this

So gonna say this to my friend's crush

I said this to my friend and she just looked at me and said you're so strange LMAO

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102 Do you want to be apart of a galactic silence that defeats evil Twinkies from destroying the world

I voted for the last 1

This comment was made by the GOD of randomness!

This is so true
Twinkies are evil and taste gross

103 Finland!

Does anyone else know where this is from

I'm pretty sure this is from SpongeBob probably

Sparta! - Ananya

104 I will give a shout out on a guy in YouTube called bob! V 1 Comment
105 One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor

You mean one does not simply walk into a door? - AlphaQ

Shadow of Mordor #Lord of the Rings

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106 Let's have a guitar fight

My brother and I each own a guitar.. Gonna say that more often...


***** YEs we should have a fight I will win and send you to the others where you belong *******

107 Racecar Spelled Backwards is Racecar V 1 Comment
108 A world without pants is like donut.
109 I Got These Cheeseburgers Man
110 Bus Wankers!
111 I have finally learned the scientific method!
112 Nice to meet you. I'm old, ugly, unicorn fart V 1 Comment
113 I like to stuff cats into a beanbag chair... Don't worry they are dead

LOL this one of the funniest, my girlfriend loves cats, gonna tell this one

I stuff potatoes in a beanbag chair

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114 I'm gonna cry.
115 I will hit you like a wrecking ball V 1 Comment
116 *Tap on the person's shoulder* Imma be lurkin yer bushes. Ssss.....

Hahahaha. I have a friend who would do this.

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117 Have you seen the Fighting Pudding? He peeled Banana Head and made Onion cry.

Sounds like a pretty buff Fighting Pudding. - funnyuser

118 A zombie ate my brainsssss but they were nice and replaced it with a peanut! Now me and the zombie are friends. V 1 Comment
119 Does your fridge say √Čkeefo√≤ when you open it?

For some reason I laughed so much. HAHA! - funnyuser

120 I am a wall.

If you're a wall, then I'm Trump

It made my cousin laugh

This needs to be higher

If you are a wall then stop walking into me and making me stub my toe because that herts. o and by the way when you walk behind me it might be funny to you but it is Embarrassing to me

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