Top Ten Most Random Things to Say to the Pope

Pope as in all the Popes that came but mostly the recent ones

The Top Ten Most Random Things to Say to the Pope

1 Falkland Islands
2 I smell a sock base

Never trusted those evil socks. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The sock base is a lie! - CerealGuy

3 I like to smell my feet while they are covered in cheese
4 Sometimes I like to dress like Emperor Palpatine and pretend that I'm Pope Benedict XVI

I actually think Pope Benedict is Emperor Palpatine - SirSkeletorThe3rd

If Palpatine dressed in white clothing...

5 Allahu Ackbar!

*Explosion by Michael Bay* - CerealGuy

6 I sometimes dress in red pretending to be a tomato
7 I want a pet potato with 69 buttholes so I can sniff them
8 You are Illuminati!

Please build a time machine for the past and go back to 18th century.

When you think about it, everything's illuminati.

9 My foot likes to party
10 My hand once got stuck in a vacuum

The Contenders

11 Did you know that Pope Leo X was an atheist?
12 What's your favorite progressive rock band?

Prog isn't even satanic

13 Hail Satan!
14 Mayhem or Burzum?

He will burst into rage.

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