Top Ten Random Things to Yell at Your Mom

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1 Butt!

My friend Peter in school says that all the time

2 Mama smell the vibrations!
3 Hey hey hey it's Fat Albert!
4 Mama I farted!

Mom: No one cares, sonny! You gassy freak! - Powerfulgirl10

5 Oh No Spaghetti!
6 It's okay to be lumpy!
7 It is illegal for people under 21 to clean the house!

I wish that my mom would follow this. - funnyuser

I would say that to my mom except that she won't believe me

Haha if only! If only! - RaineSage

8 Woo hoo!
9 Mama I love you!
10 In this world, it's kill or be killed!

Who would ACTUALLY say this? - Pokemonfan10

Looks like a Undertale fan added this - ElSherlock

All for Undertale, and Undertale for all!


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11 Where's my butt!
12 My mom lives in china.... who are you?

What if you're one of the one billion people that live in China? - ethanmeinster

HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT SHE LIVES IN China?! D8(randomness) - SamuiNeko

13 Bitch!

I have my problems with my Mum. But every time I say horrible things to her, I feel very bad and very sorry for that. I still love my Mum no matter what.

You'd probably be grounded. - Powerfulgirl10

Mom: Clean your room!
Kid: No, how about you quit being such a *****!
Mom: What did you say to me?!
Mom pulls out a belt and hits kid.
Kid: I’m sorry mommy. :’( - 3DG20

14 Penis!

I bet you'll be screwed. - Powerfulgirl10

15 That is as useless as Tits on fish!
16 I saw you make the magic happen
17 Can I lick?
18 Vagina!

Who would say this?

19 Fart!
20 Mama do the hump, mama do the hump hump!
21 My mom is an alpaca....WHO ARE YOU?????!
22 You have to be 21 to do homework

Mom: Why? WWHY?! - Powerfulgirl10

23 Yo mama
24 Will you marry me ??

If you're a girl and you ask your mom this, and t's for real, then you're probably lesbian. - Powerfulgirl10

25 Can we have drugs for breakfast, pleeasee ?

Mom: Do you want to be dead?! - Powerfulgirl10

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