Top 10 Reasons Ash Should End with Misty Instead of Serena


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21 She's not Useless
22 Ash Was More Sad After She Left

After both Misty and Brock had left Ash actually cries as he runs home to Pallet Town yet when May, Dawn and Serena all left he doesn't even shed a tear he kind just goes like "yeah see ya". - egnomac

23 Misty Isn't Clingy Like Serena
24 Misty Has More in Common with Ash
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1. She Was the First to Travel with Ash
2. She Was Ash's Longest Female Companion
3. She's the Strongest Out of All of Ash's Female Companions
1. She's Saved Ash Life
2. She Became Really Jealous When Other Girls Got Too Close to Ash
3. She Was Ash's Longest Female Companion



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