Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Faith in God in 2018

Let's face it. We live in a time where the world is just getting worse and worse every day. More people are starting to give up faith in God so there's absolutely no need for us to keep praying and worshipping him.

The Top Ten

1 We've Evolved More with Science

Science has led us to do better things than religion ever has most of the time.

First off science isn't the best way to learn about god - BoyGenius234

2 Wars Are Still Going On

God isn't preventing war from happening anytime soon. So what's the point in praying and hoping that things will get better?

3 Things Like Rape and Murder Are Still Going On

For example, Zainab Ansari (a 7-year-old Pakistani girl) was brutally raped and murdered. God did nothing to save that girl's life.

4 More People Are Starting to Turn Away from God

We have more atheists now cause of how bad this world has really gotten. Thank God cause most atheists I've witnessed are actually decent.

That doesn't mean anything - BoyGenius234

5 Sexual Harassment Is Still Going On

Quite shocking isn't it? How come God can't prevent this already?

6 Most Religious People Are Rude and Ignorant

It's true! I've met a few Christians who were some of the rudest and most close-minded jerks I've ever met in my life! Why would we want those types of people in our society?

Same as number 4 - BoyGenius234

7 People Are Starting to Become More Conservative

Sadly, Generation Z is the most conservative generation since WWII.

8 Politics Are Getting Worse

It's bad enough that my country has a douchebag for president and how he mocked a few countries by calling them holes!

9 There Are More Idiots Now

Especially those who do the tide pod challenge. Still have faith in God now?

10 Fatal Diseases Still Exist

Diseases like cancer and AIDS. Why would a loving God create these types of diseases and not allow a cure for them?

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