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1 The city area is not big enough

Okay, first, Grand Theft Auto V is unarguably one of the best games of all time. All the items listed below are either good points or bad points depending on your perspective. Even if all of them were true and they're not, I doesn't mean that the game sucks. You can't say that the game sucks because it doesn't regardless of your opinion. Even if you disagree with certain specs of the game just like I do, you can't look away from how impressive this game is. It has an incredible story, incredible game play, incredible sense of freedom just like the older versions, incredible graphics with great and diverse visuals. Okay, San Andreas had a slightly bigger map. However, since the graphics were weaker, you just had more space on the disc. Those bashing this game are hipster relics from the 90's who can't get over San Andreas, and that's coming from a 90's kid who played both Vice City and San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto IV was kind of a let down on certain levels but the fact that the fifth ...more

It's not small though. I think San Andreas was better in having 3 cities but making each of them different. Grand Theft Auto V does have one big city but it lacks an identity. - marmalade_skies

Extremely true, even rockstar left the events, restaurants, body building and much more funny thing with Grand Theft Auto sanandreas.

I thinK they are just developing the graphics and decreasing the fun and events.

As they keep gaining more money, more bad content will keep coming...

Believe it or not I scanned the map of Grand Theft Auto 2 on to Grand Theft Auto 5 urban area and it was like 2 times bigger... that is bad

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2 Extremely overrated

Totally agree, story suck compare to Grand Theft Auto IV ( and the episode ) the humor suck, all the characters are mostly boring and not memorable, the only interesting thing about this game is the amount of activities ( but some are definitely boring : Yoga, everyone? ), I feel like Rockstar shouldn't have listen to those whiney little kid who wanted a more lightearted cartoonish Grand Theft Auto because they hated Grand Theft Auto IV gritty take, playing Grand Theft Auto V was like playing a more grounded and realistic Saint Row and this is really, really disappointing shame on you R* for not being true to your standard and delivers us a new milestone like you always did with each game you make before Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto San andreas will always be betted

I hate Grand Theft Auto 5

They get millions of real money, but can�'t even handle cheaters/modders who have ruined online play, very overrated game when it's a poor cheat fest.

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3 Police become too aggressive

This happened to me once. I had bought a new truck and taken it to the top of Mt. Chiliad. Once I was at the top I got out and went over to some binoculars to look out at the mountains, but I didn't see that someone was already using it. I push him out of the way and he gets mad, and THEN he calls the police. Once the police got there they took out assault rifles and started shooting me. I didn't want to lose my truck so I drove it off the edge of the mountain to get away, resulting in one lost tire and a bunch of dents. Why? WHY?!?

I would like there to be a reasonable explanation for the police somehow spotting me killing a hitchhiker on a mountain.

I got hunted down by the Police because I was standing right to a cop doing Absolutely NOTHING!

Agree, the cops are stupid, they try to kill you for no reason if you’re standing next to one or you bump into them

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4 The loading screen

Loading is becoming increasingly as bad as 360

By the time the games starts, I don't have time to play anymore.

WOW 5 seconds feels like an hour!?! Some people are too impatient

5 The storyline was kinda clichè.

Stupid story, makes no sense, marathon of impossible story missions and stupid heists...this game is downright just dumb and a embarrassment to the Grand Theft Auto series...even Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, and Advanced had plot, but sadly this game is better than Advanced... - Gehenna

I downright love Grand Theft Auto V, along with the past games. But the storyline wasn't that thoughtful. Grand Theft Auto IV was deep and powerful, and Grand Theft Auto SA was very creative.

6 No gang wars in single player

Rockstar is stupid

Yeah how can you have Grove Street without gangstas lol Franklin is just a poser


Best thing to do in gansgta's games, but is not included on Grand Theft Auto v :(

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7 Ridiculous looking character animations

Their lips look so weird

Mehhh its actually good unless you really look at it or zoom in.

Don't say that! It's rude!

8 Poor vehicle handling

Oops I pressed this by mistake. Anyways Grand Theft Auto 5 is still a good game though... - AlphaQ

Even Grand Theft Auto sa is better in this point

The cars in Grand Theft Auto v feel like cars from an arcade game from N64. -._ -.

Driving physics are extremely unfun. Very hard to steer and difficult to control at any pleasurable speed. Realism does not automatically equal fun. The driving felt okay in Grand Theft Auto 4, but in Grand Theft Auto 5 everything feels cumbersome and mean, especially the sports cars.

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9 Car damage model is weaker than GTA 4

Not a lie its pathetic

Crashing into a wall in Grand Theft Auto IV: The car's front gets beat in

Crashing into a wall in Grand Theft Auto V: The car's front has a tiny dent

Unrealistic. - spiderskull98

Well,would you rather explode as soon as you touched another car or last a long while until your car goes boom. - DapperPickle


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10 Most buildings are inaccessible

The only places you can enter are your houses, gas stations, and gun shops.

Yeah! Totally agree with this, this category should be in top 3 on the list, I hope rockstar games makes at least 50% of the buildings are accessible in the next Grand Theft Auto

I'd start playing right now, literally, if I could enter, at least,...the malls, hotels, random buildings I stumble across. It'd be a nice surprise and force me to explore to enter and cause havoc to each interior I find. Even make achievements for each interior!

I agree with all provided reasons. But this one's the biggest.

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11 Only five stars

So you rate the game 5 stars? So that means you actually like it

No, he means that Grand Theft Auto 5 only has 5 stars of POLICE WANTED LEVEL when the rest have 6 - bestblader12


Grand Theft Auto isn't Grand Theft Auto without 6

I wonder what the people at R* were doing

R* man 1: We need a really stupid thing for the game

Man 2:well is it Grand Theft Auto 5?

Man 1:yes

Man 2:and the previous had 6 stars right?

Man 1: yes

Man 2: Grand Theft Auto 5 and 6 stars... Let's make it 5 stars!

Other workers: woah - spiderskull98

12 Not able to crouch

Small detail which make a nice difference

Well, I'm glad we're focused on the real issues. - marmalade_skies

Why do you even want to crouch?.

Enough of T-Bagging okay!

13 No main protagonist

Should be rephrased " No compelling protagonist". All Grand Theft Auto series up to Grand Theft Auto V had compelling protagonists with a realistic arch that applied both to gameplay and character motivation (i.e. Nico starts in the Russian part of Liberty City with small time fistfights against loan sharks, CJ starts in the ghetto doing gang missions, Tommy gets into fights with construction workers - i.e. small time yet entertaining missions that build on character's motivation and ground them in their area from which they are sometimes forced out of like in Grand Theft Auto 4 and San Andreas making for diverse gameplay and advancing narrative). Grand Theft Auto V lacks this despite the potential with Franklin. Grand Theft Auto V definitely does not suck but the lack of compelling protagonists, fleshed out by a story arch told through progressive gameplay makes it, based on my experience, less engaging than the other titles.

Is this really a problem? It was clearly shown that there would be three characters to switch between. The main story is between Michael and Trevor anyway so they're basically the main characters and Franklin is the middle man.

I don't think any of the 3 could've stood on their own, but I think the gameplay was more of a problem. Since each character had their own struggles and interests, there were 5 villains and none got to shine. - marmalade_skies

There is. Trevor, Michael and Franklin. - AlphaQ

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14 Not enough cheats

This is my problem with it. San Andreas had over 100 cheats. You can knock into cars and make them float in the sky. I wish Grand Theft Auto V spent less time on mini games and more time on letting you cause chaos in the actual world. - marmalade_skies

Why play it with cheats? I want to play the actual game. - HeavyDonkeyKong


Cheatings for losers

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15 Online is the same thing, just a few different features.

Online sucks

The big problem is rockstar won't even update singleplayer cause maybe they thought communication with others is better than personal space.

Online rocks! You can destroy the train easily can play with friends that means you can get a flat car and a bike then get onto your bike then tell your friend to get in the car you both put full speed on and then you use the car that your friend is using as a ramp and you are flying :3

16 Lack of interiors

Massive one for me, The possibilities would be great, especially the casino everyone wants. Imagine playing poker, blackjack etc. (especially as x1 lacks a poker game). the map is big enough but not enough city but probably if they made more interiors it would slow down, this is already happening when lobby's are full and its slowly starting to feel like the 360 the more content that's released - solution, decrease lobby size from 30 to maybe 24 but this would imply they couldn't maintain one of the big selling points of next gen Grand Theft Auto while also showing the limited capabilities of so-called next gen...x1, (more like xbox 360 HD)

This should be at the top of the list, you'd be amazed at how much better the game would be if we could enter the buildings that Rockstar constantly patch.

Are you really saying vehicle interiors are unrealistic, you can even see the speed and everything clearly you've never played first person

Unrealistic vehicle interiors!

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17 Can't make Chop happy without Chop app

Why do we need a smartphone for this, Rockstar are starting to be greedy nowadays?

Not everyone has an iPhone!

The app is free, so whine elsewhere.

18 Cheating takes way more time than on GTA 4

In 4 you just had to take out your phone, go to the cheat section and activate the cheat you want. (If you don't have the cheat you have to dial a number to unlock it)

In 5 you have to do it the classic way, do the code on your controller


4's weather cheat (Xbox 360)

5's weather cheat(Xbox 360)

Grand Theft Auto 4: LB LB RIGHT RIGHT RiGHT LEFT RT LB RT Grand Theft Auto 5 LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT see? It's easy on Grand Theft Auto 5

19 Johnny's death
20 AK 47 and M16 rifles sound weak

Almost all the guns feel like pea shooters

That's why I hate suppressors.

Guns, more like bubble guns

They didn't even add m16a2 and a1

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21 Mario does not make a cameo

Rockstar Games would be sued if they did that - Gehenna

Mario dies after Luigi steals Peach and shoots him

Thank you for this.

But that doesn't mean that the game is bad.

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22 Rude pedestrians

All I did was push someone out of my way. He called the cops and 1 minute later I'm driving off the edge of a mountain to save myself from the gun shots.

Just kill the rude pedestrians, me and my brother do it all the time
Or point a gun at them and they will run. They are just trying to make the people like they are in Los Angeles, rude, materialistic, and selfish.

All I did was push someone out of my way and I got the cops called on me. *facepalm*

*calling for cab*
Waiting for it near pedestrian.

Ped: I call1ng da c0ps

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23 It is the bestseller of the Grand Theft Auto franchise for no reason

I don't even know why it is. The bestseller should've been San Andreas.

Totally agree

Who ever put this on the list is mentally retarded.

Because of online, douche

24 All the older GTA games are way better

Niko, Johnny, Luis vs Michael, Franklin, Trevor
You decide

Umm maybe just San Andreas

Yeah. Even Grand Theft Auto 1 is better.

25 Shark Cards

It's all Rockstar care about now.

Wait what you mean killing a shark?

Love shark cards, Rstar made like 100s of millions last year, encouraging and giving them incentive to release loadsa dlc for people like me who wouldn't buy a shark card even if I won the lottery

This should be number one.

My cousin has nearly ruined his moms life with these. Every week he begs her to buy him one and then it's gone so fast. She's probably confused with this.

They don't care about good quality anymore, but they care about money though. - bestblader12

26 Trevor killed Johnny

You do realise that is a video game don't get butthurt and sad over a bike gang president and I have played that game it sucks I hate the game expansion Grand Theft Auto 4 is better

27 The Anti-Whining Club
28 It's impossible to lose the cops

If you have 3 or more stars, then yes it's impossible - Gehenna

It's WAY too easy to lose the cops.

29 Glitches when you take a car out of your garage and put a new car in

I put a car and motorcycle in Michael's garage and they stay. I put a bike or ATV in there and they keep disappearing - bobbythebrony

30 Death of Johnny Klebitz

It is on the list 3 times #blamerockstar


31 Not all online content exists in single player
32 The radar HUD
33 Boring missions

It's too easy rather back in the old days you had to work hard for it.

Maybe the yoga mission in pointless because it's a waste of time but the others are awesome - Th3Zm0nst3r

Meh so easy and it's so similar to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas because in one of the missions someone is stealing Michael's boat so you have to chase the truck it's like chasing the train! And you need to get close and shoot these guys on the truck the same again! And then it's just like Grand Theft Auto SA

To much killing and always diying no way u can pass the mission

34 Not enough weapons

In Grand Theft Auto 4 there's not enough weapons because you have to switch guns every time but in Grand Theft Auto v you can have as much guns you want and you don't need to switch them - Th3Zm0nst3r


35 The ghost is creepy

Oh this ghost yeah it's so creepy when I was going hunting in Grand Theft Auto 5 I saw dead people everywhere and three cars they were marked as enemies on the map so I got out of my car took a sniper and shot the car nothing happened but I heard a whisper saying: you are close to death. It was so creepy I Quickly got into my car put the full power and just rushed on the road as quick as I can

Nice joke kid

It's a joke on the PlayStation 3 and 360 version. - Gehenna

36 Pedestrians lack personality and appearance differences


In Grand Theft Auto: SA, the pedestrians had reused appearances, but they had personality.In Grand Theft Auto IV, there was a ton of pedestrians with different detailing and personality.
In Grand Theft Auto V, there's none of that. - Swellow

37 The game is all about shooting

I hate shooting games. - darthvadern

No its not

38 Terrible stunt locations

Yeah I hate the one on the airport I just always fall down and kill myself or something

39 The box art and 2D art

What? This doesn't even make sense!

That's the art for all Grand Theft Auto games beyond Grand Theft Auto 2 - bestblader12

40 No traffic

That is actually very good

Traffic isn't even as bad in NY or London or...Delhi. Funny how the cars indicate to move from a police siren but not just before they inexplicably pull out on you(actually, where I'm from that's probably accurate), but no its crazy

41 Horrible combat

In Grand Theft Auto IV the combat was amazing

In Grand Theft Auto V the combat... Lets you do only ONE PUNCH! - spiderskull98

Grand Theft Auto IV - You were able to take the weapon from the hand, took about a minute to defeat them, and they would get up limping if they weren't killed.
Grand Theft Auto V - Takes only a few seconds to kill, no taking the weapons from their hands, and they simply fall dead. - Swellow

In Grand Theft Auto 4 when the enemy is on low health will crouch down and fall. They will still be alive because they are still moving in pain, then its up to you if u kill then of leave them be.
But in Grand Theft Auto 5 it only takes like a few shots then they die instantly and fall like rag dolls.

The combos are so boring.
The difference between this is back in the old days, Grand Theft Auto had combos
while in grand theft auto 5 you'd had to wait for a few seconds and strike again.

I don't know what the hell what rockstar was thinking.

42 Free roam tryhards
43 The radio stations
44 The golden medals are a pain

I hate those pain in the ass medals

45 You can't enter a lot of buildings

You can only enter gun shops,safe house and activity related stuff

46 More variety in the way cars handle.

More like JC2

47 The motorcycle is too slow and the gun fight is insane

Do you think the motorbike is...oh you talking about the motorCYCLE not the motorBIKE then sorry your right the motorcycle is really slow

You only Hit a police with bare hand and they take out their gun to you, Grand Theft Auto SA is more realistic

48 Not enough good clothing

I would likes a fancy dress for Trevor and Franklin they would look cool

49 Horrible HUD

It's just a stupid box. Rockstar made a dumb decision.

Grand Theft Auto V has the worst HUD of all Grand Theft Auto games. IV HUD was bad enough but V HUD is even worse.

50 The only decent gun in this game is the Pen15
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