Top Ten Reasons to Hate Gumball Watterson from the Amazing World of Gumball

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21 He's too weird
22 He's mean
23 He argues too much

He always get angry over everything

24 He's not funny

Yah he is when he srick his ass in principal fa e - Theawsomeyoutuber275

25 He's on the villains wiki
26 He's too clingy to Penny

In "The Dream" he attacks Darwin because he is upset because Gumball had a dream of Darwin kissing Penny which Gumball thinks Darwin really would kiss but Darwin says he never would or never had feelings for Penny

27 He's a troublemaker

Gumball goes out of his way to cause as much trouble for everyone he comes into contact and is completely ignorant of the impact his rotten behaviour leaves on the other people in Elmore. He is an absolute menace and a disgrace. The only ones stupid enuff to defend this clueless imbecile are his equally stupid and obnoxious family members.

28 He's A Loudmouthed Idiot

Gumball always runs his mouth off over every little thing or detail in every situation he's in and he never shuts up. Somebody should punch Gumball right in the mouth.

29 He doesn't respect Anais

In "The Parasite" he reads her diary, and thinks it's ok. Then he reads that someone is using her, and apparently that's something he does (contradicting a lot of episodes, to be fair). Then he basically says "I should be the only one who is allowed to bully Anais for my own good! " And THEN acts like HE's the responsible one by saying "I don't think Anais should hang around with her". He then knocks someone unconscious for no reason at all. He sees Anais buying candy for Jodie (that's her name, by the way), and decides that regardless of the fact that no one is getting hurt, he's going to throw a dodgeball at Jodie's head, and EVEN THOUGH they're hurting Anais. He then decides to POISON- yes you heard me correctly- POISON Jodie! He then basically thinks that since he's only doing it because he loves her and doesn't want to see her get hurt, it's OKAY. Seriously?! I THOUGHT he was better than that.

30 He puts up his middle finger

Caemen liked it because she sruck his middle fi gdr up her ass - Theawsomeyoutuber275

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