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1 They often sting you for no reason

I'm afraid of wasps, but not to the extent of developing a phobia for them. And they do sting for no reason. I've been stung only once and the place where this incident took place was my school's computer lab. And it stung me for no reason (noticed it after I realised a sudden sensation of pain and swelling). But I respect every living being (even if they are my enemies). - Kiteretsunu

They really do sting for no good reason. The idea that staying still and they will ignore you is a total myth. I remained still around one of the flying pests and it stung me anyway.

@Britgirl Wait until they sting you. Then you'll see. - PositronWildhawk

It hurts so bad when they sting me, when one stings me I want to be put out of my misery.

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2 If you have food, they never leave you alone

That's a good thing lol. I'd love to have any animal accompany me when I'm alone (except mosquitoes and flies) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I am never eating county fair fries again! I hate wasps so much!

I was playing Geometry Dash when a wasp stated flying by the car window. I was in the car! Thank god the windows were closed. I did not have food. Just a phone! WHAT THE HECKING HECK!

3 They go into your house and never find the way out

Well, I don't mind that. I like it when insects (or any other arthropods) OTHER THAN MOSQUITOES OR FLIES decide to stay, but I'm afraid my family will kill them if they stay - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

How hard is it to find the source of air from which you came in, you stupid creature?!?! - PositronWildhawk

Leave the door open and the retarded pest can't even find it. How dumb can you be!?


4 They do nothing useful for anyone

Wasps are basically there to troll any living thing in their wake. Nothing like bees at all. - PositronWildhawk

Controls other insect population and some species pollinate flowers. Useless? Nah - FireWasp2004

They do nothing but killing people by stinging too many times.

Yes they do. Some wasp species are flower pollinators - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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5 Buzzing

The paranoia that sets in when any buzzing creature that you are not 100%positive is just a fly.

There are few sounds which are more annoying than a buzzing insect. Particularly that piercing hum which you get from a wasp. - PositronWildhawk

Nothing compared to a mosquitoe's buzzing - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

6 Sometimes you only notice them upon stinging

I was once walking to the Sainsbury's around the corner from my house, when I felt a static sensation on my back, which gradually got more painful. Turned out there was a wasp that had somehow got under my shirt. I had to thrust my shirt over my head frantically to get the wasp out. After that, my back looked like a fruit. Since then, I have seldom worn anything loose-fitting. - PositronWildhawk

7 They nest anywhere they please in your garden

And they don't even pay rent. Freeloading asss

8 They lay eggs in your food
9 They don't die when they sting you

Why can't they be the ones who die from stinging instead of bees?

Wasps make me sick thank god I have a electric exterminator bat kill all wasps

Once a bee stings you, it's all over. Yes, you got stung. but, at least it's not alive anymore to keep stinging. but seriously! Wasps! These little f*ckers just don't want to go away. No matter how many times it stings you, THEY WON'T DIE!

10 They come back in numbers if you chase one off

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11 Their nests are disgusting

Agree. Just looking at it gives me goosebumps.

12 They can get into your drink and sting you from the inside if you swallow them

Then get it out of your drink first! I don't think it's that hard to spot a big striped insect in your drink (especially if your drink is water) - FireWasp2004

13 It hurts when they sting you
14 The go into your ears

I hate them with a vengance and they and bluebottles are the only things I will gladley kill.

15 They are ugly

Honestly, I think they're among the most bad@ss-looking animals in the world :P. By the way, I don't have major eye problems - FireWasp2004

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16 They take over doorways.
17 They Literally Exist Just To Be Hateful
18 They go in your pants
19 They are the bullies of the insects

Because they kill other insects? Well, by that logic, every animals are "bullies" then. Every animal kills other animals - FireWasp2004

20 They can be found anywhere in the summer.

A lovely summer's day. You are on a walk, and then suddenly, you get wasps stinging like you any where.

21 They never leave you alone
22 They laugh at you when they have stung you with that annoying buzzing sound
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1. They often sting you for no reason
2. If you have food, they never leave you alone
3. They go into your house and never find the way out
1. They often sting you for no reason
2. If you have food, they never leave you alone
3. They go into your house and never find the way out


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