Reasons to Like Clemont from the Pokemon XY Anime

Clemont doesn't get much attention due to Serena being apart of the group and is overshadowed by her and I feel like that's unfair to him as he's a great companion. And not just in the XY series, in general.

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1 He's a great big brother He's a great big brother

His interactions and chemistry with his sister, Bonnie, were the best and most entertaining part of the XY group, in my opinion. Their brother-sister relationship was done so well, I loved it.

I wish XY would focus more on Clemont and Bonnie rather than boring mary sue Serena and bland gary stu Ash

Clemont and Bonnie are waay better than SERENA. Serena brings in all the drama queens in the pokemon fandom, I swear...:/ I mean maybe outside that she's not so bad though BUT STILL.

He’s really caring about his little sister and visa verse plus it’s really funny the ways Bonnie try’s to find someone to take care of him.

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2 He had great character development He had great character development

Obviously. I think a new series should branch off with the side characrers for this reason.

His best moment was episode 46 of XYZ. Easily. - HeavyDonkeyKong

3 He's often more supportive of his friends than Ash is
4 He's attentive He's attentive
5 His bravery during the Team Flare Crisis

This was NOTHING compared to what Bonnie did in the Team Flare Crisis. - TGBBOD

6 He's very compassionate He's very compassionate
7 He's humble and modest He's humble and modest

Great attributes in a character that you don't really see often today. I mean, Ash is too (he wasn't always, lol, I'm thinking original series) but Clemont is especially sincere about it.

8 He's cute He's cute

Such a precious cinnamon roll

Added this in RiverClanRocks' absence, lol.

9 He's very passionate with his interests He's very passionate with his interests
10 He's barely anything like Brock

AGREED! Why must everybody compare Cilan and Clemont to Brock? Their completely different people for crying out loud! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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11 He's relatable He's relatable

I can relate to RiverClan_Rocks in every way on this list, but I see myself the most in this answer.

12 He's funny He's funny

He really is. He made me laugh more than any other character in the xy series.

No joke. This had to be my favorite character because of his hilarious reactions.

13 He's smart
14 He treats Serena and Bonnie with respect, unlike Ash

He treats Bonnie like she's his daughter and Serena like his wife. All Ash cares about is winning every Gym Badge in the Pokemon world. The next season of Pokemon should've been about Clemont, Serena and Bonnie getting their own adventures together. Stop making Ash the important one! He's not worth it!

15 He has the best reactions to everything
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