Reasons to Love Cream the Rabbit


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21 She has potential

Cream deserves to have a great future

22 She's sensible V 1 Comment
23 She's the best for Tails

No she isn't. Tails and Cream never shown any romantic moments to each other in any of the Sonic games, comics or shows.

Tails and Cream are so much better for each other in every category.


24 She's the leader of her own heroic team fighters

She's great at impressing all her friends and her own mother, Vanilla. How would Rouge and all others see and react to Cream being a leader of her own heroic team fighters (other little girls like Cream herself) even while they're kicking some butt and having fun?

25 She's intelligent

Next to Tails the master genius himself

26 She's Tails girlfriend and his top tier number 1 apprentice

Cream deserves to be with Tails as his best and greatest top tier number 1 iand a much better girlfriend for Tails. Absolutely nothing at all is wrong with Tails and Cream being with each other and I completely see Tails and Cream perfect for each other as best friends forever and best couples for each other. Tails and Cream are a perfect match for each other. TAILS AND CREAM FOREVER!

No she doesn't.

27 Her mother is Vanilla the Rabbit

Her mother can't miss out all the fun. She need action. Vanilla should have some fun not just sitting at home all alone.

28 She deserves her own shows

To show everyone that she's great even if it involves other sonic characters.

29 She deserves more fans

It's true. She's underrated! She deserves more support

30 She deserves to have her own shows

So she can make a great impression even if any others sonic characters are gonna be involve. TIME TO MAKE IT HAPPED!

31 Cream fans should make shows of her

Let's make it happen! even if any other sonic characters are to be involve

32 She can kick some bad guys butts V 1 Comment
33 She's really great at decorations

Imagine when you see Cream turning your home into a brilliant work of art. how would you react?

34 She knows how to deal with bullies V 1 Comment
35 She deserves to have her own games V 1 Comment
36 She's really interesting

She has great personality like someone you know so well.

37 She's a great fighter

Cream can fight great and she can kick some butt no problem

38 She's powerful V 1 Comment
39 She would be a fun person to talk to

She is fun to talk to even if she's crazy.

40 She's interesting

Cream is really like a friendly girl you would know.

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