Top Ten Reasons to Love Serena from Pokemon

The Top Ten Reasons to Love Serena from Pokemon

1 She Had the Most Character Development

I’m agree she has great character development in the end when she decided to go to Hoenn.

But others have more development
Misty May Dawn Iris have more development.

2 She Cares About Her Pokemon

So does everyone else. - mattstat716

This is SO true

3 Serena Chooses to Not Give Up in Any Situation

This is EXACTLY why I think Ash and Serena should end up together. They NEVER give up on ANY situation.

So do other characters... - mattstat716

4 She Motivates and Encourages Her Friends When They Need

Like that one time she believed in Ash when he wasn't sure of himself!

Serena encourages and motivates her friends a lot. Even if she has her own practices she helps others too in their work and make them courageous. Specially she encourages Ash a lot in the battle and match. Even if she has a crush on And she puts that aside and her first aim is to encourage him. One best example is given in the episode of XY. Ash was going to match once again in his first gym battle when he was going to lose Serena was first to encourage him and Ash gains his confidence back. Not only she motivates and encourages Ashbut also helps Clemont and Bonnie too. She is a true friend to them. She helps a lot. - Hex

5 She Cares About Ash, Never Had a Fight with Him

This is so true. Serena never made Ash upset nor did she get into a fight with him. Misty on the other hand yells at Ash, hits him, and they always end up arguing. GIVE UP POKÉSHIPPERS!

You do understand XYZ Ep 28 they argued right? Also this just proves Serena is submissive. - IAMAMEME

6 She is Supportive
7 She is a Skilled Performer

I said Serena is a great performer trainer that she should become a performer Idol that gives more to her as a character, a story about her becoming performance trainer Idol and I think she has a great voice being a singer too that's what Serena should be as a great character.

Even plumerio, the coach of the current Kalos Queen sensed that Serena had a deep talent within. That's why she offered Serena as her apprentice.
She understood what Performing really means, to make people happy. - Hex

8 She is Adorable and Pretty
9 Serena's Instant Choice to Help Someone She Barely Knows (Mairin) Represents Both Her New Goal, and Progression of Her Old One Well After the Old One is Technically Complete
10 She is hot

The Contenders

11 She is Good in Baking, Fishing and Making Pokevision
12 She is the Only One to Kiss Ash on the Lips

That just goes to show how brave she is

Which Ash is disgusted and repulsed by.

13 She Cares For Everyone
14 She Makes Sure Her Pokemon Do Things They are Comfortable With.

She made sure eevee was confident to perform before using her to dance on stage. That shows she cares

That's respectable. I'll say THAT much.

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