Reasons People Commit Suicide

Anyone considering suicide, remember, you're not alone. Confidential help is available.

In the U.S. you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for free by phone at 1-800-273-8255 or by online chat at There a counselor will listen to you, understand how your problems are affecting you, provide support, and share resources that may be helpful.

Outside the U.S., please seek out the available resources in your country.

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1 They're bullied too much, and they can't take it

Bullies are retards. What would make a person insult, push around, and hurt someone to the point of suicide? If I ever find out what it is that makes them do it, I am going to personally throttle the concept of it to death. It has already almost taken my life, four, maybe five times, along with millions of other peoples'.If someone, ANYONE, can find out what the freak it is that causes bullies to bully, please tell me what it is and where I can teach it a lesson. Thank you.

People who bully others to death should be treated like murderers, because you essentially tortured them to death, and anyone with a half decent mind would never treat another human that way. If you have problems, don't take it out on someone else, get some help.

Precisely true, I hate doing this. - SpinelliFan

I agree.

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2 Stress

It's sad how children become stressed over the things their parents can't get for them. They are young, probably teen, and they want to fit in. That stage of their lives is when they make insane decisions, and they'll hurt themselves permanently for a pair of shoes.

I could make an entire list on things that stress me

There is a difference between good stress and bad stress. The more bad your stress gets, the more worser and unhealthier it is.

I heard a saying "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen". What if the kitchen is life and the heat is its toil? Suicide would be the only way to "get out of the kitchen"

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3 Depression

Now this is a big one - MrsNo_Body

I have no friends and half of my family are money hungry and the other half are druggies. I have depression and anxiety and school just makes it worse.

Depression feels like an ocean, constantly pulling you under the riptide. You struggle to break free from the waves, and while you try to get air into your lungs it drowns you. Water enters your lungs and it suffocates you until you give up. People who commit suicide due to depression were pulled beneath the surface and dragged to the ocean floor, where all the air left their lungs and they were forced by the current to give up.

They feel no more joy in life, not even for short term things

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4 Anxiety

When teens feel a lot of pressure it can just cause them to want their lives to end

I feel like no one understands my emotions. I always think of all the bad things that could happen, all the mistakes I could make and all the problems I could cause... even when people tell me that "everyone makes mistakes" I still think 'but not as many as me' I can't even control my nerves: feeling sick, tired, shaking and even feeling dizzy or weak. I doubt I'll ever overcome these feelings. The only thing preventing me from killing myself is my dad. - Eleanor

5 They feel lonely

I feel like no body cares about me. Every friend I have ever had seems to abandon me. I am alone divorced and scared that I will always be this way. I miss my wife the person she was. Why did she have to cheat on me? And nothing happens to her what? Maybe she was right when she said that no one will ever want me. I tired of this life I don't want to be alone anymore! I go to work then go to my room watch T.V. and go to sleep. I hate going to that house! I hate just sitting there watching T.V. I feel my sanity slipping away! Sometimes I wish I wouldn't wake up. The elders tell me that I should go out in service more and that'll cure my loneliness and to take an interest in others. I try to take a personal interest in others and it's never reciprocated. I was always taught that if you do good good will come back to you. Now I'm not so sure on that. I tried to do my best and all it gets me is loneliness. People constantly blow me off. I do everything alone I eat alone work alone work ...more

I want to die for almost all of these reasons

People sometimes end up lonely because feel like they do not belong or fit in anywhere, they may have different interests or hobbies which are not as popular as others, People who don't fit in means they probably will lack of confidence which leads to lack of socializing which leads to social awkwardness & the longer you keep the outside world at arms reach & don't socialize & mix with people, as years go by the harder it becomes to socialize & mix as people fail to develop social skills. This loneliness often leads to depression & people start to feel isolated, unloved & live there lives practically not noticed by anyone.

I'm 36 had heaps of broken relationships done six years jail gone through heaps of violence have just lost my car business have no money with post traumatic stress disorder and am alone find it hard to make friends... Good reason

There's always a Chance things can improve if you live; if you end it there's No Chance - Billyv

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6 Loss of hope

You get old, you have no job, family has decided you are the reasons they are mucked up... we could blame all generation before us I suppose. You love so hard and no one feels the same back. Consumed in pity... no hope whatsoever. Only a dog has kept me alive

Ok this is one of the most major reasons why

This has to be #1. I know this is why I feel suicidal

This is the reason why almost all of them commit suicide. Whatever is making them depressed, they look down the path as far as they can see and see no future, no hope. - GhostBird

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7 Abusive parents

I didn't make it in to this special program and many of my parents friends did so they feel that something is wrong with me and put so much pressure that I feel that maybe if I kill myself that would make my life easier and them happy for once with me. The only thing I live for is hope that when I'm older I'll find someone who will love me and I can have a family of my own.

My parents want me dead

Most people that do have abusive parents do get really depressed as parents abusive you, its like your parents don't love you and it brings you down, sorry its really hard to explain, I'm 14 and have had many people in my life commit suicide for many reasons :(

I have evil parents:(

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8 They feel like no one understands them

Like their harsh past at school from bullies

9 Sexual abuse

Took a job at a new and used sporting goods store in Portland, OR at the age of 14. I knew sporting goods very well, but my family could only afford second hand. Parents were getting divorced and I was in search and rescue so really needed the employee discount. The homosexual owner started touching me and inviting me on buying trios which my parents approved. I started using drugs to cope with the trauma. The abuse continued for years and I kept rescuing others, but thought I could just forget about the abuse. 20 years of smelling his breath throughout the day sometimes hundreds of times and I finally told an ex girlfriend; the smelling of his breath stopped and years later I stopped using drugs and drinking which is great, but I'm now 48 and a bit of an If you're being abused sexually or in any way something about it if only telling someone so the healing can can be great...I've seen it...don't miss it!

It's a heart breaking situation when a person is sexual abused. It destroys them mental and physically. Someone people don't know how to reach out and tell someone because they're afraid of the judgement they will face.

When someone has suffered sexual abuse almost all of the other reasons naturally follow.

When my body suffers
When to breath is pain
Is it really madness
To think of breaking this chain - DeBussy

I was sexually harrassed - MLPFan

10 They think they are ugly

Even if you think your ugly God put u on earth to stand out

Yup I feel ugly and feel like killing my self

Every day I think I am.. every day I go through the same thing, and every day I wish I had never came it this family...this family had mad fun of me every day...the had made fun of what I were, what I eat and especially me...i wish I was still dead till this day...if this is wrong I don't want to be RIGHT!

You are not ugly. Personality is better than looks. Just tell them to stop judging, and to go away. Or simply ignore them - KingSlayer93316

They are beautiful in God's eyes and they don't have to make any one else happy.

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11 Bullying and complexes

Yes that's all I get is bullied then people try to make it seem like I'm crazy. Its to the point I want to do something crazy and kill myself. Then they wont be able to bully me anymore!

12 Mental disorders

This is. A reason people do commit suicide by mental disorders. Such as bipolar and other thing like that is very serious when it comes to thinking about suicide and nothing else, accept committing suicide so yeah that can happen especially with mental disorders. No offense not trying to be offensive or disrespectful.

I want to kill myself because I have schizophrenia. - RockFashionista

When you're mentally disturbed, you don't have much control over the way you think and act. It's the way your brain functions.

13 They're stressed out

I’m alone all my former friends have wives and new born babies! While I haven’t had a date in 8 years! Every job I get I end up getting fired from, I have no one to share my feelings with to help lift me up! I sit alone day in and day out without any sort of interaction with people! I try to do things that make me happy but it’s never enough ie. bodybuilding! I am lost!


14 They've been humiliated

Having people humiliate you can cause such rage and embarrassment that in the heat of the moment, you just want to escape it. It happens quickly and without much thought. That is why humiliation is deadly. To everyone, think before you decide to point out peoples flaws.

Teen LGBT people tend to commit suicide more than straight people because it's crazy how closed-minded is our society. They are getting bullied and people make them feel like crap, like they want to change who they are. And with fat people, it's the same thing. That's why there are so many young girls with eating disorders, because the society brainwashes them to be something they are not and they end up killing themselves.

My sister has always talked to me about her opposite gendered crushes but when I talked about my same-sex attraction, she went “ughh”. She said “That’s because you geii” when I said I was tired of being romantically lonely. I hate this situation and that has been a suicide trigger for me before. Now we fight and she always humiliates me about my loneliness and when the fight gets physical, she blames me for everything. My father hates me and my mother cries for me because of it. My father will disown me soon. I should die because being an LGBT kid in social services dorms is terrible. I am scared of my future. That’s only what humiliation has done.

Being gay or fat may seem like small reasons but they may influence an individual's emos a lot

15 Break-ups

He doesn't love me anymore, like I don't know how to make it right again, I really need to show him that I really loves him. BUT HE couldn't SEE IT - rabiahnon

I'm divorced my girlfriend left me because I'm not an emotional person I think about it all day and today is the day

Financial disaster after sudden divorce; no friends or family at all

Break-ups can get nasty. If you get a divorce you could possibly lose almost everything.

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16 They're afraid that their biggest secret will be known

I have secrets that if they come out, I will be arrested and put to death.

So you're saying you're Jack The Ripper? Someone get the cops here. - Mumbizz01

I don't agree with this. Are you turning such a distressing incident into a joke?

Especially if someone threaten them. - Fazrin

What a stupid reason - PeeledBanana

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17 They think good people don't exist anymore

This is a really big reason I want to commit suicide. - RockFashionista

Evil has always existed in this world, but now it's a helluva lot easier to mass murder a whole city than it was centuries ago - Brobusky

Funniest reason man

18 Self-hatred

Yeah - Camaro6

Too many wrong choices

No matter what I do, it always seems I screw it up. - Ronin

I hate myself so damn much - Brobusky

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19 They failed their exams

Always feel like people judge me of what I get on tests - MrsNo_Body

Most people who think that this is reason is a joke are most likely westerners. In many countries around the world your final exams will make or break your entire life. If you fail your exams, you are a disgrace to your family, and many people not wanting to live with that kind of shame often take their own lives. Not common in countries like America but in countries like Japan and China it isn't unheard of.

I think of suicide because of this. - TheDarkOne_221b

I don't know who you are but this is NOT funny. We're talking about a serious issue, which obviously you're too immature to understand. We're discussing the fact that thousands of people every year take their own lives and you are trying to be funny. Well, this is not the place to joke.

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20 Too much going on at once

When u have partner problems, parents on your back and in collage or work. And you just can't take it anymore because you have nobody to talk to

21 Philosophical desire to die

Hmmm...Yea... I'm gonna put my life to an end in about 3 days from now. I've been a nihilist for about 4 years and now I realize life's so overrated... I hope someday everyone gets to know the truth and stop struggling to survive.

Of all the reasons to "give up" this has never brought me close to acting on it, while others have. If anything, the realization that my life is meaningless gives me peace. Might have some to do with this being based on a thought process and not a feeling.

Could be considered Nhilimsm

See "we have no future"

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22 Addiction

Definitely can make you suicidal. Don't kid yourself on this. It's pure evil.

Porn addiction.. common it's a real thing.

23 Feel they are a burden to others

Uhgg my mom hates me so I die now

People feel like the world would be better off without them sometimes

I know everyone around me just tolerates me...i just hope they don't hate me - Brobusky

I've screwed up to many lives

24 They are rejected by the ones they love

I came out and all of my extended family just recected me. It’s super annoying because we have to see them all the time. - WoSi

Sudden divorce after years of marriage

My ex turned my kids to hate me

This is one of the reason I tried to kill my self over 30 times. but I am not doing that no more because I found someone how feels the say why I do.

25 Domestic abuse

In a controlling abusive relationship it's easy for the abuser to manipulate the victim & make them feel like there is no way out. When people feel that There is no way out committing suicide will set the person free & allow them to escape but only by death.

26 No clear goals in life

Sometimes our goals are just so unsurd. Or they are to out of sight - WoSi

This is akin to hopelessness and is very real.

27 School

I almost had to go to school, and I was literally about to have a breakdown.
(i know it sounds petty, stupid even, but school is so STRESSFUL! ) - DepressionTookOver69

It's like listening to Justin Bieber's music

It’s literal hell

28 They have too much homework

Not even homework it’s the class work, I can never get it done - MrsNo_Body

Homework causes stress, and stress can lead to suicide. This is not a stupid reason to commit suicide - KingSlayer93316

School -> homework -> stress -> anxiety -> depression -> suicuidal thoughts -> actual suicide. I'm not saying that school causes suicide, but it sure helps in some way. - Brobusky

One of the stupidest reasons to commit suicide. - PeeledBanana

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29 Drug abuse

Also a reason. People see no way out! Don't minimize it.

This isn't a reason it's a method

30 No friends

There's a lot of things you can't have without friends. The worse thing is when you don't have any friends, try to have some but you don't know why you don't have friends. without friends, you feel lonely. I know it's not a reason to commit suicide, but it sure is sad to have no friends when you want to have some. - MaxPap

31 Emotional neglect

People underestimate this one. Or they don't relise it’s happining - WoSi

32 Sexual orientation

Pedophilic thoughts can not be overcome. It happens. I'd rather die than be punished for it.

The orientation itself is not why. It's the people who make fun of them for it - TheEvilAlpaca

I'm transgendered and hated

Sexual orientation? Ok that’s offensive. It’s how people react not the orientation - WoSi

33 Despair

Failing to appreciate the value of the little things we can do to bring joy to life, it is easy to give up on the whole mess.

34 Chronic pain

I can not take any more pain I'd rather end it anyway to stop the pain

Yeah I heard of it and I would hate to have it but that’s why we have medical marijuana

This is one of the reasons why marijuana needs to be legalized (for medical purposes). - Murvine_Taylor


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35 They feel like they have no future

I'm 37, have only been in one serious relationship in my life, quit every job I had - the longest held was not even two years, have no skills or talents, nothing special. ADHD, never pursue things I start, get frustrated easily, had the operations on my sexual organ that disfigured and reduced its size, much to women's dismay, feel inferior to most of the world l, and see no chance at ever getting out of this hole I'm in. Have no family, Have the perfect reasons to end it all.

Honestly, we all have no promising future. What exactly makes mankind important in any means, elevates our deeds and thoughts over an egocentric and selfcentered existence? Science is a fraud as well as any religion, moral law or philosophical system. They are all man made and don't reach further than ourselves, everything we do or create will vanish one day and stop leavin traces any conscious could ever recognize. that's where the meaning of our actions end, their chance to be percepted by some sort of concious, for raw matter none of our "higher achievements" matters.

I don't see the future

The suicide people think they have no future? well, no. suiciders are dummies when they come to this reason.

if they die, they have no future. SIMPLE

36 They feel they are disappointing

I don't feel, I KNOW.

They feel like they are a disappointment to there family, not good enough.

I've let my children down I've failed as a father and a man

37 They're being discriminated against just because of their own race or gender

Sometimes people think your racist just because your white, it means nothing our aperamce is everything - WoSi

I'm white and I face racism, like a lot.

38 They will die soon anyway


39 Boredom


Not a good reason - anonygirl

40 Repeated Cyberbullying and Stalking
41 They feel like they do nothing but cause problems for others

That's me I'm gonna go kill myself now

42 Financial problems

Finances- the world runs only on money. Without it you lose constantly. People say find happiness, but when you can't pay for basic necessities...( I don't mean a cellphone or internet- I mean food, and a roof over your head during winter in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.) There is no end of the bull in sight. When you take your free time to collect recyclable cans and bottles to make extra money and the people at the recycle play rip you off, (You get a ticket for 17.25, and the cashier gives you 14.75, and you photograph the ticket and prove they ripped you off, but they respond- 'you altered the photo, you leave my store now! ' - I mean this world's evil is money. It feeds you, shelters you and clothes you. Without it you die. I am below poverty and over 40 years old at this point...I will die in a shelter most likely. (Yes I work a full time job, 40 hours week, a 2nd job at 18 hours a week, and try to make extra money) Because all of that at Minimum wage...don't get you a place to ...more

This make up most of the suicides in my country

Lost my job, my licence,i'm in huge debt with child support...i've lost everything

43 It is the only way to relieve the complete all-consuming total pain

Bipolar depression and years of excessive crack n alcohol abuse have destroyed any pleasures n health, what is left of my life? My dad always said if you have your health you have everything. I guess no health, you have nothing? Why keep suffering, iliostomy bag is how I poop, no energy, mental anguish n physical suffering like I'm in hell. I see no improvement ever. Not to mention all the regret from stealing from family, bars etc. Least I forget all the people who screwed me over over my lifetime. Careers, relationships, investment in sports bar venture. Who cares about me, 90 yr old dad in care home because I cracked up trying to care for him. My once great athletic prowess, good looks, sharp wit n business skills for real estate all destroyed at 46 yrs old. 52 now n condition worsening daily. This is hell on earth. Clean n sober since August 23 2012 and my life has suffered n sucked ever since. I did better self medicating. Good luck to all

The crushing mental and physical pain has spread to every cell in your body and is so intense that you welcome the only way to end that pain

44 They are too scared to live on earth

The world is a scary place

45 They feel like they make the world worse

They feel like a burden to everyone around them

46 Their life is being controlled by someone else

Sometimes parents do this. Think, your kids have feelings. - WoSi

My controlling husband dumped me after 43 years of marriage. Have no home or sufficient income from my assets. Realise now that I have been depressed for years. Loving children the main reason I'm alive.

I have been controlled by my husband for years. I just can't fight it anymore. I am 63 years old and I am ready to quit

If you can't have your own life, it's not worth it for some people :(

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47 Being bullied

My brother, sister, and these people who I thought were my friends, and people at school constantly bullies me everyday. I suffer from extreme depression. I think about committing suicide all the time. There's times where I actually pick up a knife and put it to my wrist. I have a note I wrote that says "I can't stand living on the cruel world anymore. I feel like I'm not loved. I get bullied by my own siblings everyday. Hope your lives will be better without me." I told my mom about this once. Another time I told her about this she just told me I'm trying to get attention. I talk to my school counselor she just says do something you love to do. I don't do anything I love to do because I don't have anything I love to do.

Don't commit suicide because of her. She won't go anywhere in life with that kind of attitude. You should just turn toward the Lord and He will be your friend when no one else is. Remember to stay strong. You will go far.

I have a sister who constantly picks on me, and blackmails me. Everyone at school thinks she's a badass and She's the reason I have no friends. Ease tell me how to commit suicide.

This is so bad it's on the list twice... - yuki-blue

48 When they can't travel

Another stupid reason to commit suicide! - anonygirl

I wish I could move but I lost my legs in the war of jesus and hitler

They took my liscence now I have no work

Beeing stuck in one place for a certain amount of time drives me crazy and makes me wanna breakout. Life is defined through the experiences one makes and not by following society's conventions and norms.
Travelling is one of the purest sources for experiences that help evolving and developing your personality, not considering the freedom one can enjoy being on the road on his own. Thus, a resulting feeling of suffocation and imprisonment can lead to episodes of depression, when accumulating with other negative conditions.
P.s.: I'm not a native english speeker an drunk so please forgive possible grammatical mistakes.

49 Opinions

What if the opinions are all actually facts about me and they won't ever stop being facts no matter what?

50 Loss of a child

I'm reading this because my only child committed suicide. Add to that the fact that I was put in a wheelchair and denied use of my left arm in 2011 by a stroke. I'm living for other people, I can't wait to leave this world. I welcome death.

Many times is the thought I had after losing my daughter!

Even though I don't know you I want to say I'm sorry for your lost. May she rest in peace.

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