Top Ten Reasons Snapchat is Better Than Other Social Media Apps

We all get into social media, many apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others help us digitally get along with friends.

But Snapchat is something in ways that no other app can help you connect with friends in certain manners.

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1 You can chat with almost as many people as you want

Social Media usually limits the number of people to a medium amount, but Snapchat can let you chat with almost everyone, including celebrities and even Olympic Swimmers, maybe even presidents.

Sites like Twitter just let you post stuff to nowhere and let everyone see them, but sites like Snapchat can let you chat to your friends and there's even a privacy policy modification that lets only your friends see your snapchats. - nelsonerica

2 You can video chat with friends V 1 Comment
3 You can see where your friends are at and what they're doing V 1 Comment
4 You can instant message your friends as the prime reason

While Social Media involves instant messaging, Snapchat has an instant messaging system unlike that of many other apps, and it's one of the prime things you do on Snapchat. - nelsonerica

5 It's free

Most sites cost money, so you have to pay, but some like Snapchat are free, so there's no cost or paying. - nelsonerica

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6 You can change the privacy policy settings

You can do this with pretty much every social media website. - IronSabbathPriest

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7 It has filters

Unlike other Social Media Apps, Snapchat has special effect filters that overlay your videos and photos, you can look like almost anything you want, you can make your friends laugh with the filters. - nelsonerica

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8 It helps you plan things

With other Social Media apps, you aren't very likely to plan things that you might want, but with Snapchat, you can do it without problems. - nelsonerica

9 You don't need to scroll a long way down just to look for your favorite post

Many Social Media apps have an order of posts, so you'd have to scroll a long way just to go back to your favorite posts, but on Snapchat, you don't need to, they just get sent and disappear after 10 seconds, though some people may take screenshots before they disappear, so be careful. - nelsonerica

10 Its header is colorful

Most Social Media apps use generic headers, but Snapchat uses a bright and colorful yellow header, and a white ghost that makes it fancy, which no other Social Media app can do. - nelsonerica

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11 Only people you send it to can see it
12 You can subscribe to publishers
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1. You can chat with almost as many people as you want
2. You can video chat with friends
3. You can see where your friends are at and what they're doing



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