Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars the Original Trilogy Is So Much Better Than the Prequels


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1 Fun and Realistic Characters

Not true as Padme and Anakin had emotions and were not robots!

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2 No Over-use of CGI
3 Better Villains
4 Realistic Looking Action Sequences

Pf... The action sequences (lightsaber duels) in the OT were crap. If your definition of "realistic" is 2 old men clashing sticks then fine, but the PT duels were far more realistic as it resembles the Jedi in their prime & it was WAY more entertaining to watch. Obi-Wan's death was stale & unemotional compared to those in the PT. PT action was far better.

5 Story is Easier to Follow
6 No Mediclorians
7 Drama and Emotions

Believable drama and emotions (original trilogy).

8 Actual Locations Instead of Green and Blue Screens
9 No Jar Jar Binks

He ruined the entire movies he was in! Why was he even created?

10 Better Character Development

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11 Yoda Doesn't Have a Baby Sized Lightsaber
12 Stormtroopers are better than Battle Droids

I saw more emotion out of 1 battle droid than all stormtroopers combined.


SO wrong. - LordDovahkiin

13 Better Acting
14 Luke is not annoying compared to Anakin
15 No politics
16 Much More Romantic
17 More Bounty Hunters
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