Top Ten Reasons Why Boys Hate Pop Music

A lot Of boys Hate Pop Music Because Its Overplayed And Loud

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1 Fangirls

They are mostly Drake fangirls and they make fun of my grades and my opinions! I have better grades and I listen to metal and dubstep! I respected everybody opinion but I can't stand with them! Some of my friends that are girls don't listen to pop instead they listen to rock and metal! - InfernoTopTenners

Not intentionally voting, but this list is arguably as bad as the Reasons Girls Love Pop Music list. There's nothing wrong with liking it. - WonkeyDude98

This makes me so angry that I want to explode. You don't want to see me angry I'm warning you.

Wow, I wonder how old the person who made this is.

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2 Boybands

I'm a girl and I HATE boybands. This is why the modern pop culture today sucks. All they sing about girls and love. I'd rather hear a dying goat giving birth. :/

A lot of them aren't as masculine as people from bands back then. They always sound really desperate, to be honest.

Cough, cough, cough, girls in my classroom, cough, cough, cough. - DogsUnleashed

Like damn one direction. - ruJILLous

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3 Not Enough Meaning

Sex, love, relationships, and partying. The sad part is that this encompasses at least 90% of pop songs. I get that this is something people do think about, but it can't possibly be everything people think about. There's so much, much more to life than such vapid topics. I'd be nice if the lyrics were more creative or more deep. And I'd be nice if, when they did use metaphors, they would be more complex.

Music shouldn't be made to bring attention to words, that's what books are for. Music shouldn't be made to make money, that's what jobs are for. Music should be made to make people feel without the ability to explain how it happened.

They have no Effort put into them. Songs are supposed to mean something. Beethoven got a message across his audience and he didn't use lyrics.

4 It's Too Loud

You'd think death metal is quieter. - LostDream258

Pop Music makes my ears bleed after an annoying singing! Boring beats and nothing else! - InfernoTopTenners

Far Too Loud for my ears! Make sure to keep your volume down! - ruJILLous

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5 Popstars Looks

They all look pretty stupid, don't they?

6 Sexual Themes

I think it's inappropriate for a 9 year old to listen to Anaconda... - Turkeyasylum

I know a bunch of second grade girls on my bus who sing Anaconda a lot. It drives me absolutely bonkers.

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7 It Sucks

It all sounds alike, and people seem to care about attention more than the music itself.

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8 Magazines

I'd rather read National Geographic than ANY crappy gossip magazine.

I would rather read on Metal and Dubstep fanbase than that stupid magazine! - InfernoTopTenners

I'd honestly rather just pick up a book.

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9 Auto-Tune

If boys in general really hated pop I don't think these pop stars would have gotten that popular. Maybe the percentage of fanboys in pop music is less than fangirls, but boys are equally responsible for the unwanted growth of pop music as girls. One of my own cousin who is a boy listens to Taylor Swift. - Kiteretsunu

Auto tune was used properly (like Cher (i think she did)) until Britney spears started abusing the way it was supposed to be used. - ruJILLous

10 Popular Music Videos

And those music videos can be disgusting too - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Such as anaconda, baby, stupid hoe, etc. - Music_Lover123

Tupac music videos and slipknot deserves more views than psy gangman style and baby! - InfernoTopTenners

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11 Performances

Sorry, but this list is very childish. Any gender can like pop music, your reasons are what a 5 year old would put. All you rock and Metal fans get your acts together.

- Mr. Wiseguy

12 High Pitch Voices

Some metal and rock singer voice can be high pitched too, but they're high pitched in a good way - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Sort of like Axl Rose or Freddie Mercury who plenty of guys like. Its not just high voices. - Music_Lover123

Listen to whitechapel and your problems will fade away

It bleed my ears and my brain! - InfernoTopTenners

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13 Too Commercialized

I'm 15 and I completely hate pop music. If it wasn't for internet, I think that I would hate music completely. Every time I turn on T.V., 90% of commercials use pop music. I am tired of people who like thing because they are "POPULAR" (air quoting). This is why I made my own YouTube account, because Google suggests you watch popular music/videos because they are popular. This is why I don't listen to radio anymore. All I hear is the same music and commercials. I only have 2032 songs on my iPod and have only updated them once. I only listen to Rap (releases when it used to be good from around 1980-90s) and Rock. In conlucison, Pop music and commercials suck.

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15 Partying
16 Dance Moves

I am terrible at dancing but I can dance better than them! - InfernoTopTenners

Pop dancing makes people look like morons

17 Annoying Beats

Not ALL Pop songs have annoying beats, but I'm talking about the ones from songs like Swagger Manner by Cher Lloyd.

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18 They Sell Perfume

By the way, I'd like to make a point. Most girls as well don't even like either Justin Bieber/One Direction - ruJILLous

I keep seeing 1 direction perfume displayed when I go to kohl's. I'll buy one... For a friend, NOT me! - ruJILLous

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19 Drug References

This happens with a lot of rock and metal bands as well. - Music_Lover123

20 Cheesy Lyrics
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