Top Ten Reasons Why Five Nights at Freddy's is Scary

The Top Ten

It Has Jumpscares

Doesn't mean it's scary at all

The Jumpscares Are Unpredictable

Sure they are

Especially with freddy[not power out] - Nateawesomeness

The Rare Stuff is Creepy

If you don't get a rare thing your lucky - Nateawesomeness

The Fact It's a Horror Game

This might sound stupid but it makes me nervous if it's a horror game - Nateawesomeness

Its History is Creepy

Especially in Fnaf 2 - Nateawesomeness

Its Plot is Creepy

So your in a pizzeria with haunted animatronics that was murdered by a purlpe serial killer who dies inside of a robot suite with killer springs

The Minigames Make You Nervous
The Screams Are Frightening

Just mute the game :l plus they're not even that scary just LOUD and everyone in the room is just like 'what the heck was that? '

The Creepy Music

Yes I know it is winding box music,but it sounds scary at the dark - Nateawesomeness

Golden Freddy Comes Out of Nowhere

Its just creppy dang

The Contenders

The Animatronics are supposed to be kid friendly

Well it was listed as a horror game but the characters were made to be like mascots for a children's restaurant so they would be kid friendly sort of

Apparently people think Mangle is a role model... stupid people.

Pttf Kid Friendly?!

The Tension is Real
It Has A Psychological Factor

What people don't realize is this game messes with your head. Your defenseless. Your restricted of movement so you have no choose but for the killer to come to you. - Coopetro

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