Top Ten Cruise Lines for Families

A lot of people like to go on cruises for vacations. But sometimes they pick a cruise line they isn't suited for their family, so they often don't have much to do at sea. Here are the top ten best cruise lines for families (in my opinion)
The Top Ten
1 Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise line's ships were built for families. From the Disney themed restaurants to having the teen's club in the ship's funnel to people in Disney suits wandering the ship, DCL is the best cruise line for families. They have waterslides, and the dream and fantasy even have a water coaster at sea!

My life has been changed by these people... It's an amazing experience.

2 Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean sports some of the finest ships out there for families. With the oasis class and freedom class ships having the flowrider, an on board surfing simulator, youth programs, and mini golf, and other activities.

This was fun! Will recommend

Those are the biggest cruise ships in the world way bigger and better than any other cruise line

3 Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival is the go-to cruise line if you want a cheap cruise to make your kids happy. They offer 3-7 day cruises for a reasonable price, and they have activities, camp carnival, circle c, club 02, mini golf, water slides, and so much more.

My family hates carnival for some reason because they say it's at the bottom and a lot of bad educated people to on it. I don't get it why my parents hate it!

Very fun ship, and the kids clubs are great!

4 Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian is a good cruise line if you like waterslides. They have lots. AND LOTS. Of waterslides. Don't worry, they still have youth programs, and the breakaway class ships even have mini golf.

5 Princess Cruises

Princess cruises has in my opinion one of the biggest innovations in cruising, freshwater pools. Allowing for your skin not to be stung by the water. Also they have a mini golf course, princess links, and they have teen and kids programs.

6 P&O Cruises

Normally P&O goes for a more british way of cruising, but they still have teen and kids programs, and Ventura was a step away from all that and towards family. They have facilities, pools, and even a bungee cable (the one that you bounce up and down on, not the one where you dive down)

7 MSC Cruises

While MSC Cruises may seem adult-oriented, there are actually a few facilities for younger ones. First of all they have a kids sail free policy, which enables children to sail free year round. They have kids and teens clubs, water slides, and they have plenty of spaces to just chill out.

8 Celebrity Cruises

While this cruise line seems to market towards leisure, it still has plenty of facilities on board for teens and toddlers as well. They have four different groups for different ages of kids. Shipmates for ages 3-5, cadets for ages 6-8, ensigns for ages 9-11, and teens for ages 12-17. They also have shows aboard and there are pools on their ships too, as well as the celebrity exclusive aquaspa.

9 Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises brings many things to the table, such as an f-1 racing simulator (Not on all their ships) and Costa kids (their youth program, I think.) And as mentioned earlier, plenty of places to relax.

10 Holland America Line

Overall, HAl isn't as kid friendly as other cruise lines, but they still have facilities such as club HAl, the loft, and many programs aboard. I would recommend HAL to those who like laid-back cruising.

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