Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Watch Disney

The Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Watch Disney

1 Lots of actors or actress become bad people

Miley Cyrus, above others - AnonymousChick

Very true. Disney tends to sexualize young girls, which is bad. This is one of the reasons why working for Disney is a bad idea and why they're the most corrupted and overrated entertainment giant in the whole world.

Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Jake Paul. Three of the worst people living on this planet. - errrr

Same goes with on Nickelodeon.

2 It has bad language

No, it does not - NickXH

It does. On YouTube look up 10 secret inappropriate dirty jokes from Disney and click on the first one

They do that just so adults can watch it

The main character in Disney Channel's original movie 'Invisible Sister' says the d word, but it's so quiet that you wouldn't know unless you have closed captions on.

3 It shows nasty things

I like Disney's animated films! - Sugarcubecorner

So what are you implying? That instead of letting kids watch Disney movies we should let them watch horror movies?

No, it doesn't. I think you meant dirty innuendos in Disney movies. - TheRegular1227

Blech kissing, should that fall in pg 13 catergory? - DominiusDarkKnight5

4 It makes kids stuck up

It really does, because it makes them think that the older generations owe them every thing in the world, and that they don't have to do a single piece of work. Most of disneys actors don't even have an education

Yeah it sucks! - emmaricciuto

5 It's worse than rated G movies

Disney is G rating, for all ages, for family movies, granted recently PG but I wish that would stop! - NickXH

Disney's Hercules is rated G...

It gives a bad resume on warner bros - DominiusDarkKnight5

I didn't put that g movies are good
Don't you mean r movies - speed

6 All Disney actors suck

yes - DominiusDarkKnight5

Yep! - Sugarcubecorner

7 Theirs nothing but spoiled brats on Disney

Yes I agree - DominiusDarkKnight5

8 Disney people become crack heads

This is what happens when media companies get too big.

They are stupid are dumb - DominiusDarkKnight5

Where's your evidence? I need it for all of these for me to believe you. - ClovertheAverageCat

Miley Cyrus for example

9 Disney teaches kids bad things

The sitcoms teaches teens to be bratty. My 19 year old sister used to watch them. Now she has an attitude towards everybody.

My aunt and says Disney is the best channel for kids

10 Frozen will brainwash them

Destroy the quality of cartoons with live action for example; disney replacing toon disney and this bothers me so much of toon disney death in 2009 or 2011. can you believe that, it's so dum disney, is a stupid channel it needs to die,disney more like disney xhell.

Or should I say "Brain Freeze" them.

Frozen flim brainwashed my friend. And they keep talk about Frozen - David39

so true

The Contenders

11 Some shows are racist

Like what? - NickXH

12 Annoying characters

Except animated one! - Sugarcubecorner

13 Negative portrayal of certain animals

Such as how The Lion King viewed spotted hyenas, which portrayed them as evil animals when in real-life, hyenas are as good as any other animal (they may be dangerous animals, but so are dozens of other animals; including those tasty cattle you call 'beef')

14 Films like pocahontas have false history

Not everything can be 100% accurate! - NickXH

True that

15 Disneyland has some strict rules to work there which they won't tell you

Apparently Disneyland have some strict rules if you want to work there you WILL NEED TO FOLLOW these rules

1.You can't point one finger because children will see it easily and because you are not sticking up a rude finger

2.You can't dye your hair if you are a cast member or worker

3.if you have a moustache you can't have it over your face same applies for beards

4.You can't Have tattoos because you are being a character ear peicings or fake extended ear ladies can have pecings but they can't wear it at Disney land.

6.No Social media because if they post their about job they will lose it

Oh boy, #1 is duumb - DominiusDarkKnight5

Point middle finger is illegal - AlphaQ

16 They treat nerds and gamers as outcast

Yeah this is true. My nerd friends are treated pretty badly by the Disney watching stuck up girls in my school.

17 Adam Sandler guest stars on Jessie


I've said this before and I'll say it again. Most kids don't know who Adam Sandler is, and most adults would've changed the channel considering there's a comedian with a lot of inappropriate comedies on a kids' show.

Adam Sandler is far too good for Jessie! He's a Grown Ups guy!

This last one is sad I think some idiot just made this list because he/she had nothing to do one day

18 Stereotypes


Wait, you guys are talking about Disney Channel and not Disney Movies, right? - Navylexi

Most blondes are mean or just plain stupid in disney shows

Isabella is just a stereotypical annoying girl.

19 There are better cartoons to watch

Your Lie in April.

Think South Park, The Simpsons, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and Dragon Ball Z.

Id rather watch the cra**y emoji movie - DominiusDarkKnight5

20 Ignoring Darkwing Duck

Please bring back Darkwing Duck!

21 They hate autism and autistic kids


Just look up the article on the Deadline website on how Disney discriminated against autistic kids, says Florida Civil Rights Commission if you want to know.

My brother is 11 and he has severe autism


22 They ruin the gaming industry

You mean movje

23 Non-Disney movies are more mature

Yes dude

24 Too much kissing

I love the True Love's kiss, just when mine isn't stolen, again. - NickXH

At least they don't feature porn or sex.

25 It outshines its competitors and is unfair to them

This is why most people don't give a rat's rear end about non-Disney animated flicks as much as they do with Disney's films by calling them "ripoffs" or saying that "they're not as good", which is a shame since not all of the non-Disneys are like that, and not all Disneys are successful or good. (The Lion King is actually, in fact, their worst film despite having a high score and being overpraised by it's fans and critics alike)

26 It's too cheesy

YUP - DominiusDarkKnight5

Yes way too cheesy!

27 It has subliminal messages

Look up "Disney Subliminal Messages" and click images

28 They're bullies
29 The characters are bad influences


SHUTUP, all of them are, ESPECIALLY SOFIA THE FIRST, - DominiusDarkKnight5

30 The Lion King is bad


So true. It really is a bad franchise.

31 The Lion King will horribly influence and brainwash them

NO! - NickXH

32 Jessie considers the most evil man of our times holy (season one episode twenty-two)

That was before, let us just ignore. - NickXH

33 They make fun of special needs people

Not really in my case scenario, No - NickXH

YES - DominiusDarkKnight5

34 Disney teaches kids to be bullies

NO! - NickXH

Yeah, this is the case with The Lion King and The Lion Guard. Respect all creatures? Nope, they lied because there was one species they didn't respect. Seriously, Disney's Lion franchise glorifies bullying. It makes me sick.

35 They label hyenas as bad guys

They were predators, overindulgent predators in the film, again, not everything can be accurate. - NickXH

Bad Disney! You need a spanking!

36 They put anime fans down

I like Disney more than anime but I did say animes are better - Sugarcubecorner

37 They try to buy whatever company they can afford to add them to their list of assets, for the sake of quantity rather than quality

Wreck it Ralph 2 is not a sequel but rather a 2 hour ad that shows endless product placement about everything Disney has ever owned even Fortnite(They do crossover events in game with every other disney property) and they even use self promotion. It is inferior to that of The Emoji Movie. At least that had significantly less product placement but still had a lot starting from the 20 minute mark until the 1 hour and 5 minute mark when in comparison with Wreck it Ralph 2 is longer and its product placement is shown in the 5 minute mark and does not stop until the last 5 minutes of the movie and even then it does not end as there is a reference to Rickrolling and product placement for Frozen 2 right after all of the credits has rolled.

Disney ruins everything

38 Classic Disney films are too dark

I don't mind, the prime example of a G-rated motion picture - NickXH

Yes so sad :_-( - DominiusDarkKnight5

39 They brainwash you

blech, yes - DominiusDarkKnight5

40 They don’t make a Kingdom Hearts Series
41 Childhood cartoon reboots gets worse
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