Reasons Why Matpat's Mario is Mental Theory Sucks

I absolutely HATE this theory. It sucks so hard on so many levels but I will be nice and only give out 10 reasons. It's okay the trolls will add reasons for me.

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1 He treats it like 100% true fact

Kitten2015 I don't care if you hate on Mario just because of this stupid theory. There are Youtubers debunking this theory and I think you only believe this theory because your a Sonic the Hedgehog Fangirl who wants Sonic to get more attention.

And here is another thing, People only agree with this video just because they are a bunch of Stupid Game Theory Fan

That's what a theorist is supposed to do. Act with confidence to prove a point. - RosalinaX

Listen, I hated the "Mario is Mental" theory. But I never seen MatPat be a jerk full out about!

2 Every piece of "evidence" can be proven false

Most of it is based on fact but some of it you have to admit is just insane. Even Patrick can see right through it. - RosalinaX

No. A lot of his evidence is real. Sometimes he can get his facts messed up. He's only human. - LordDovahkiin

You don't get it. Yes his evidence is real but if you know anything about Mario you could debunk the entire theory in a matter of seconds

Imagine your favorite waifu was turned to a brick and you don't even know that the brick was her. You used it to build your house. Because I unknowingly used a person as a brick, I am now a pyschopath. That is the logic of this entire theory - YourWaifuSucks

It's common sense. MatPat has none

3 He claims Mario treats Luigi like garbage

Okay, MatPat, First Of All, Mario Wasn't Even Paying Attention to his Footing cause he was too busy Giving Luigi a Friendly Pat on the Back, So Basically, He Did it on Accident, He Didn't Mean to Do It.
Second, I Find it Strange how You're Triggered by That yet you're totally fine with Wario And Waluigi, Pulling Paratroopa away from his hard earned Trophy(Stares Glaringly at The Waluigi Fanbase.)
Third, Stepping on Luigi's Foot is Not Treating Him Like Garbage. You're Taking a Simple Accidental Foot Grind and comparing it to Stabbing Someone.
Fourth, You Have No Evidence that Mario was thinking of Insulting Luigi at the end of Mario is Missing. For all we know, he could be thinking of Having Spaghetti together with Luigi cause he's so gosh dang hungry after spending all those days trapped in that cell. Heck, they also HUG at the End.
Fifth, You're Saying that Mario Treats Luigi Like Garbage? Let's See, He Gives Luigi a High Five when they win a Doubles Tourney in Mario ...more - DStar

" MARIO STEPPED ON LUIGI'S FOOT HE'S A PSYCHOPATH" Chill dude you clearly don't have siblings if you think THAT is evil

Imagine you step on your friend's foot or the door accidentally closed on them. Because of that you are a psychopath. That's this reasoning. The absolute worst in the entire theory - Randomator

Mario was stepping on Luigi Foot but he was doing as a joke, that’s just how other siblings do that to their (you know) siblings. The balloon took of by itself. Mario never said anything of these insulting words because matpat you haven't seen the gosh darn ending. And thank you Nintendofan126 for showing evidence to why Mario is not a bad brother to Luigi.

4 He claims Mario abuses Yoshi

Remind me again who pushes the button to make Mario abandon Yoshi?

That's the player you dumbass

5 He claims Mario kills penguins

It's astonishing that MatPat fails to understand that the player controls Mario.

Again that's the player being an a$$

6 He claims Mario kills toads

Here's the problem with this evidence. It's in the manual that the Toads were turned into bricks I get it. What MatPat fails to understand for this as well as most of the other pieces of evidence is that the PLAYER is the one controlling Mario! For being a "Game" channel he sure is stupid to not know that! He also makes the assumption that Mario already knows about the Toads being turned into bricks. HOWEVER he can't prove that is the case. ALSO considering the fact that the Toads were magically turned to bricks it logically makes sense that they are dead. Nice try MatPat

How the hell was mario supposed to know?

The toads are bricks so they were already dead

While the toads were dead, this is still valid evidence. Why? Because Gametheorysucks, IT'S NOT OK TO DESTROY DEAD BODIES. Jesus. - LordDovahkiin

Dude calm down! How was Mario supposed to know that the bricks were dead toads? Even if he did know somehow it's the player that makes Mario hit the block.

7 He claims Mario flooded Wiggler's home

Mario had nio Idea about the wiggler there and it tried to kill hem and the sunshine one was evil and killed piantas

Wiggler had a power star. Mario would have died otherwise.

So according to that logic self defense makes you a psycopath. Wiggler was a boss and therefore Mario would have died otherwise

8 He claims Mario has 3 girlfriends

You said their was a Pauline toy but no peach toy and you look at the footage there actually is a peach toy in the game

So Mario was not Saying “Oh Daisy Daisy” to greet her, He was saying that to see if she was okay and Daisy was going straight up to Mario to kiss but Mario did not kiss Daisy back you know

So what though? Pauline was Mario's first girlfriend then Daisy (in one game) then Peach.

9 He claims Mario abuses Donkey Kong

He has no evidence that Jumpman is Mario. - RosalinaX

I thought that was Jumpman. Not Mario

Jumpman is Mario. - ParkerFang

It's debatable whether it is Mario or Jumpman but DK was the one to steal Pauline in the first place. By that logic Mario is a psychopath for rescuing Peach from Bowser! Here's the problem: Bowser kidnap princess peach in the first place! DK captured Pauline in the first place! Also Mario/Jumpman didn't abuse Donkey Kong Jr either because DK Jr had the choice to not rescue his father Mario/Jumpman did not force him to. As for Mario abusing DK in the circus? Well he could have been in the audience! Even if he was the director of the circus keep in mind that this was on a game and watch therefore it is technically not cannon with the Mario universe and so therefore this evidence is irrelevant. Nice try MatPat! Mario isn't Mental maybe you should do some research next time

10 He claims Mario is greedy

You don't know that could be his paycheck.

Honestly I've learned to ignore MatPat. He's as bad as any other myths. - Swellow

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11 His fans attack people who don't believe it without even looking at said person's evidence to debunk the theory.

Sometimes I see YouTube Videos Mario being evil, I see people saying that Matpat was right but that’s not true they should realize those are just YouTube videos

12 He treats a shoe grinding like Mario killed Luigi!

Already on the list but yeah it's just a friendly competitive gesture by Mario it's not like he's chasing Luigi with a power saw or anything. - Extractinator04

13 People agree with Matpat just because they are Game Theory Fans or Luigi Fans
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