Reasons Why Matpat's Mario is Mental Theory Sucks

I absolutely HATE this theory. It sucks so hard on so many levels but I will be nice and only give out 10 reasons. It's okay the trolls will add reasons for me.

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1 He treats it like 100% true fact

Although I do kinda like Game Theory, I have to admit... This theory sucks! - EvanTheNerd

It's game THEORY not fact. There's a difference. - Gametheorysucks

That's why he even SAID it's a theory. He does this because it's his theory and he believes it to be true, same with all of them. They are never LIKELY true, but that is how he does his job. Also, you are terrible for devoting your username to hating on this one guy. - LarkwingFlight

He's a hypocrite - ParkerFang

This is why I despise that bitch. He doesn't give 2 cents about how bad the theory is. He still treats it as if it's fact. His it's just a theory thing is him saying: I don't care how bad the theory is because I'm immune to criticism. He's easily the worst YouTuber. Some may say I take my game theory hate too far. That's okay. You have your own opinion - Gametheorysucks

2 Every piece of "evidence" can be proven false

Imagine your favorite waifu was turned to a brick and you don't even know that the brick was her. You used it to build your house. Because I unknowingly used a person as a brick, I am now a pyschopath. That is the logic of this entire theory - YourWaifuSucks

It's common sense. MatPat has none - Gametheorysucks

3 He claims Mario treats Luigi like garbage

Imagine you step on your friend's foot or the door accidentally closed on them. Because of that you are a psychopath. That's this reasoning. The absolute worst in the entire theory - Randomator

Literally the worst evidence in the entire theory - Gametheorysucks

4 He claims Mario abuses Yoshi

That's the player you dumbass - Gametheorysucks

5 He claims Mario kills penguins

Again that's the player being an a$$ - Gametheorysucks

6 He claims Mario flooded Wiggler's home

Wiggler had a power star. Mario would have died otherwise. - Gametheorysucks

7 He claims Mario has 3 girlfriends
8 He claims Mario kills toads

The toads are bricks so they were already dead - Gametheorysucks

9 He claims Mario abuses Donkey Kong

I thought that was Jumpman. Not Mario - Gametheorysucks

10 He claims Mario is greedy

You don't know that could be his paycheck. - Gametheorysucks

Honestly I've learned to ignore MatPat. He's as bad as any other myths. - Swellow

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1. He treats it like 100% true fact
2. Every piece of "evidence" can be proven false
3. He claims Mario treats Luigi like garbage
1. He treats it like 100% true fact
2. Every piece of "evidence" can be proven false
3. He claims Mario treats Luigi like garbage



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