Top 10 Reasons Why Memes Are Overrated

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1 Most are Unfunny

I'm not that ashamed to admit that a lot of the memes nowadays are at the bottom of the barrel, especially since a lot of them are either the same as other memes, have no functioning power to stay alive (when's the last time you saw a Connect 4 or Globglogabgalab meme? ) or are irredeemably unfunny or awful (I swear to Itoi, if I see or hear Thanos Car one more time, I'm going to punch something.). However, people nowadays seem to treat memes as rather than ironic fun, an articulate class and treat genuine reviews and opinion-based media as automatically inferior to them.

Yes, part of the comment was inspired by an unpopular opinion by a Random-ness Wiki user.

Mostly we2 memes are the most unfunny of them all.

That's true, I thought I was the only one who hated most memes - darthvadern

Memes aren't funny with two exemptions, THANOS CAR AND WIDE BE SOLO - --ChadBlake--

2 Most Don't Even Make Sense

I just preformed a surgery on a grape. - MrCoolC

Kind of the point, if they made sense they would be less funny.

That's the point! - B1ueNew

E (that one made no sense at all) - MrCoolC

3 Most Make Irrelevant Things Relevant Again

So? - B1ueNew

4 Most are Cringeworthy

That's YOUR opinion! - B1ueNew

I think most are intentionally that way.

5 Most are Overused

That's every meme in existence though...

6 Most are Eventually Forgotten

It's over 9000 will never get old. Classic masterpiece. - B1ueNew

Shrek is timeless. - B1ueNew

All memes die at some point.

Which proves that they're not timeless at all.

7 Most are Annoying

True, the only meme I found decent was We Are Number One but that's it, there Yanny vs. Laurel which was just so overhyped and yeah - darthvadern

8 Most are Offensive

Well I like the edgy stuff so yeah. - DarkBoi-X

Oh well - B1ueNew

Ugandan knuckles, enough said? What's next? Finnish Starlow? Lithuanian Sledge Bro? These types of memes are so offensive? - darthvadern

This describes that one Uganda meme. I swear, if they do a meme that mocks the Jamaican accent, I will be TRIGGERED.
- TheDuttyGyal

9 They Distract You

How? - B1ueNew

10 Most are Disgusting

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11 Most Make You Question Faith in Humanity

Ironically, questioning your faith in humanity is a recurring Internet joke on its own.

True - darthvadern

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. - MrCoolC

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