Reasons Why Noughtpointfourlive is Such a Cancer of YouTube

There has been many rants about him on Youtube but despite exposing him, people still defend him. So I have to expose the truth and spread it myself. Here are the reasons why he sucks. If you defend him in this list, it means that youre a victim of his clickbait.

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1 He clickbaits people in Youtube to get views

Some of his videos are clickbaits and they lure people to watch them for views. They make the title all capital to attract attention. So guys if think it is fake or unconfirmed just don't click on it. He is just in it for the views. - Trevorphilips

2 He steals other people's ideas and claims that he made it originally

He's a coward.

This bastard steals RobbinRams videos

He steals ideas from smaller channels like Rz Editz. He made a video about 100+ people will stop a plane and then Nought stole it and Rz told him that he stole Rz's idea and Nought blocked him on Twitter. - Trevorphilips

3 He hosts fake giveaways


He has a Ps4 and xbox one giveaway. A guy followed all the steps to win the giveaway and he won. He won an xbox one. But he never received it in the mail. So guys just don't join his giveaway. - Trevorphilips

4 Most of his videos reach the Ten minute mark

He's a good YouTube but he kinda steals people's ideas.

His videos could have been shorter if he just gets to the point because he keeps explaining this shark card giveaway and
he still says something like he wants to give a special thanks to whoever that guy is. Sometimes he just went completely off-topic on a specific video to desperately reach the ten minute mark. - Trevorphilips

5 He puts 5 or more ads in most of his videos some being unskipable

In a ten minute video he puts like 5 or more ads to get an ad revenue on his videos. He is just in it for the money. - Trevorphilips

6 He puts yellow arrows in his thumbnails

Yeah I fan NoughtPointFourLive but doesn't make sense when he took two arrows specially Michael De Santa ghost.

He puts like 2 or more yellow arrows in his videos to even attract people's attention. The arrow points at a thing that we can even see clearly. Does he think we're blind? Or is he just desperate for views? - Trevorphilips

7 He only cares about money

All he wants is to get money. that's the purpose of his clickbaits. In the website news, it said he earned like 24000 pounds every year playing Grand Theft Auto V. Why? Because he puts 5 ads in his videos for a revenue and he clickbaits people in Youtube. That's why he gets a lot of money. - Trevorphilips

8 He keeps begging for likes

Just like other cancerous youtubers, all he does is beg for likes. Sometimes he keeps saying about people that needs to like him in one of his videos. He does this just to gain more money. - Trevorphilips

9 He hides every evidence that will make people hate him.

There was a Grand Theft Auto v stunt contest. A guy named slick won. Nought said to him that it will arrive in a week but 3 months past, it still hasnt been delivered. Slick was complaining. Fred never replied. He deleted his stunt contest video to avoid being hated. He also doesn't reveal the things he had done to his videos that are listed above in this list. Until ranters exposed this prick on what he was doing. Now some of his people hate him and unsubbed to him. So please just don't join his contests. - Trevorphilips

10 People who subscribed to Nought are being offensive

I had no idea who this guy was, but thanks for informing me. You should make a list on TheProGamerJay, another clickbait YouTuber. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Even though the truth was exposed. People who subscribe to him are very defensive to nought and offends ranters like raggedydan. They think the rant was fake and people continue to support him. that's why if you find yourself being clickbaited by him, just stop watching his videos. - Trevorphilips

The Contenders

11 He tries to defend his clickbait

A youtuber by the name of broughy indirectly asked him about clickbait. He then replied saying that he only tries to bring his videos out in an interesting way, he doesn't mislead people. When it is very clear that he clickbaits to the extreme

12 Makes a video multiple times

He makes a lot of clickbait videos, and he reuplodes them like 4 to five times, we want to mention it to him, but he censored his comment section. He is a dictator of his channel

13 He straight up LIES in his titles

He doesn't just clickbait, he literally will LIE to get views. Such as, "I've found ratman! (SeRiOuSlY)" Like, no you didn't, you did nothing of the sort. I've seen 20 minute videos that have 16 mid roll ads in them as well... SIX... TEEN...

14 The comments are censored

Yes he censors words in his comments like clickbait or anything bad so they won't show up to other people in the comment section

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