Reasons Why Roblox Isn't Fun Anymore

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1 The community

Community in roblox isn't even a community. Especially when you get bullied, others instead of helping you, they helps the bully. Also (I do not know if this have anything to do with community) is that when you create a great game that you spend so many time on it it never get known. It does not get shown on the popular or any other catogories. Only the well known game get famous and your game just stay a mystery because you was not given a chance. So how did other creator get famous? Well most just have a famous account on twitter, twitch, or youtube

Forums especially. Full of vile trolls who think making fun of homosexuals, autistic people, white people, black people, etc is funny when it's NOT. - Lunala

Back in the good old days the community was great now its filled with the following

Denis fanbrats, enough said.

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2 Hashtags

Roblox put hashtags because someone give his number then many of players call his number

It's even worse today. Now, EVERY SINGLE WORD is censored, such as "a" "my" "don't" "house" "3rd" "First" and other words...

The game was fun before censorship.

In roblox I can't spell my name if I do it goes out like this ########## roblox please fix that ugh

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3 Builders Club

Ugh, now tix is removed. Builders club makes it harder because you need to beg your parents to break out their wallets, not that I do that

Why does it have to be so ' expensive?!
Roblox has turned money hungry

Extremely necessary membership benefits ruin games.

Because people don't understand witouth because or robux roblox will fall

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4 If you use free models you're apparently a idiot

Who cares if we use free models?!

I just use free models for videos - spodermanfan1000

No one is going to spend money on the game - WorldPuncher47592834

1) This is true though. Some people use nothing but free models instead of learning how to build. You need to learn how to build to not be an idiot.

2) How is using free models fun? - LemonComputer

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5 ODers

The 2012 "Say 321 for a girlfriend" oders are good compared to the edgy Frost Guard arm and Skeleton Legs we get today. - Lunala

Its against roblox's rules to online date, yet everyone online dates and roblox acts like its okay - UnlawfulMatron

Every time you log into a city role-play game somebody says
123 to be my girlfriend/boyfriend

Its legit shaped to an online dating site, lets be honest

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6 Scams

They ask people to copy and paste some bull**** comment on 5 games for free robux. It was legit from Roblox and not any scam site, so I tried it but nothing happened. I wonder what they really wanted - Mcgillacuddy

They say "get free ropoop! It's easy! " You end up getting your account stolen and you didn't earn a single ropoop. WE MUST STOP THIS MADNESS BEFORE ROBLOX GETS DESTROYED

I got scammed before and all of my robux was gone


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7 Admins ban you for the dumbest reasons sometimes

Looking at you, Roblox Got Talent! - LemonComputer

I'm neve got banned or gotten a warning

I spoilt Star Wars for an admin: I got banned for 1 day for saying "Han Solo Dies! ". NOT JOKING. - Lunala

I Have not got banned I just got a warning for creating some sort of games - Wobblygaming7

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8 People use "noob" as a insult

Noob is one of the most idiotic insults ever created. It's an insult made for 5-9 year-olds and it's nothing more. It's barely even an insult. The term "noob" SHOULDN'T be used as a term to describe what someone's appearance is. You're NOT a noob because you don't have 1,000 Robux, "Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People", "Shiny Teeth" and half a million followers. The term "noob" for me means someone that is "new" to something, not someone that beat you at a game.

Noob does not mean what they look like. It's what they act like that makes them a noob

Noon means " New Player" not "The person who sniped you in Phantom Forces - SharkBite

How is that bad? Just ignore them - alrienius

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9 Robux

Robux is pretty much the main problem. As with insane prices, robux can only be acquired with real money! And it's expensive! Tix was removed, which made a bigger problem!

Money is the root of all evil roblox, how can you not understand this? - UnlawfulMatron



10 jaredvaldez4

Oh Jesus He's A Total Hacker I've Seen The Video Called "LEAVE JARED ALONE" Which He Is A Fat Kid Eating Chips On The Bed

To the guy who said he was a hacker and has seen that video called "LEAVE JARED" Dude... what in the world is with the capitalized letter in every word you write? I agree what you said about Jared, but your post looks a bit weird with the capitalized letter in every word you even write. Don't worry, the caps lock is not that necessary. but I'm not forcing you, it's your life.

Is it the guy that screaming like an idiot in the bed eating biscuits? Yes that's him,he is a fat kid screaming in the bed eating biscuits while someone is holding the camera and the video was named LEAVE JARED ALONE right what a fatty kid screamer.

Oh wait, the video was "LEAVE JARED ALONE" not "LEAVE JARED" my bad.

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11 The company only cares about money

This should be number 1 - WorldPuncher47592834

This is very true

That's why I think that Mr krabs secretly is the real owner of roblox - Lunala

They don't care even if ODers took over ROBLOX, they only care about if their money reached $92 million or not.

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12 Deleters

One of my favorite games was deleted and replaced

Remember when the legendary, all-time BEST games like SURVIVAL 303 and Build to survive the creepers were popular. Ahh, the guests that cloned all over your base. Ahh, the C4/Flooding in personal servers. YOINK! BTSTC is now taken down and unplayable, S303 is still up and is dead but is now slowly being modernized into over-realistic crap, and personal servers are gone. Did I mention A Dinosaurs Life V3 and V4 By RUBZTER3000 (I think that's his name). That game was also SUPER epic, but now its dead because Dinosaur Simulator copied him and took over. I hate you, Dinosaur Simulator! - Lunala

*playing build to survive drakobloxxers*
*somebody deletes my tall tower*

13 Guests

Guests are so dumb! Most guests are noobs and break rules for no reason. They annoy me so much and you can't talk to them to give them a Piece of your mind! They can't get reported either...

At least guests were removed - IHateEverythingintheword1234

Roblox removed guests. - WorldPuncher47592834

Guests is the cute and cuddly creatures and was roblox's main mascot.
they removed guests, and now the main mascot is those people who beg for robux badly. - UnlawfulMatron

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14 Horrible updates

*cough* anthro *cough cough* - UnlawfulMatron

Ah, Anthro. I have a simple saying for that.

"When Anthro's added, don't you fret! Because, all you gotta do is... BURN IT WITH HORRIBLE URANIUM FIRE! "

Cheez It logo isn't too bad, there could be worse. TIX GONE? That's worse. Guests gone? I'm quitting. (I like guests even if they are annoying) - Lunala

First the removal of tix, then their new Cheez-It looking logo (very unoriginal), then the repetitive thumbnails (which makes games look like clickbait. I miss the old Roblox. - TopTenHaters

15 Removing tix

Tix was awesome!

Everyone hates this so much it's on the list twice. - GengarGuy

Tix was the best currency

Why is this 15th? It needs to be at least top five. Now we can't make robux without paying our real life money :(

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16 You Get Bullied If You Have Free Clothes

I think this is absurd even though I'm a person that joined 2017, I couldn't experience tix, now these jerks just bully people just because they can't afford robux, ITS CRAZY IK, I own builders club and robux, but I'm not a jerk

17 Adopt and raise a cute kid


The babies are whiny and always poop and throw up. They always find a reason to break a bone.THEY WERE IN THE CRIB THEN THEY BROKE THEIR SKULL AND WRISTS SOMEHOW - Puppytart

So much for a "cute" kid.

So boring. If only I could RP as an alien or a witch instead of a stupid kid, without people thinking I’m weird. (Then again, it’s called “Adopt and raise a cute kid.” Nothing fun about raising kids if all they do in this game is poop. Gets boring real fast.)

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18 It causes computer viruses

There are a ton of spammers. One person got ten viruses on his computer when someone said it could change the cursor on his computer. His cursor didn't change a bit

This is indeed false. roblox is a completely virus free game, but watch out for people telling you to download their "free robux generator" - UnlawfulMatron

Only the robux scam sites can cause computer viruses. - wrests

Only if your doing free robux scams you idiots - alrienius

19 Boring Games

I've personally gotten bored of games since there's no new games with incredible graphics. No creative and original games are being made except for some, looking at you simulator games. The old games which I actually liked such as Survival 303 are dead.

Someone...please...END THE SIMULATOR GAMES

20 Kids rage at you for killing them

This comment below me is a FAKE or a SCAM do not believe - alrienius

I am a kid but I don't rage I just quit the game and I do NOT ragequited

21 Repetitive games

Games now are just cliche while in the past basically had games based on the users imagination while most games now are just a copy of a cliche concept of something more frequent than ever such an a example: Murder (genre), Steam knock offs, etc.

One thing was called "call of robloxia" which is exactly like call of duty!

If you vote this, then you gotta be have some sportsmenship or just play on teams - alrienius

Player: Hmm...what to do on Roblox today. I can play that knockoff Pokémon or Fortnite game. I can pretend to be an abusive cop or a loser inmate getting shot several times, OR play fashion games where I will most likely lose even if I follow the theme! Perhaps I can RP and “haav sucks” with ODers!

Ooooh, I KNOW, I KNOW! I’ll go play that “don't Get Eaten” game I’ve never seen before.

*Goes into game only to find out it’s a poorly made obby*


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22 Safe chat

It just replaces not only bad words, but everything with hashtags!


23 Unsafe for your computer

Unless you use an old computer. - Q-Q

Just use a potato computer

Useless things to make your computer safe just use and old ones like Q-Q said :|

24 Teamers


Bob: hey janet lets go to skywars. Janet:ok. Roblox person: team? Bob: no thanks roblox person : team! Bob: no roblox person : team bob and janet left the game

25 Roblox never ban ODers

Do you even know that reporting takes time?. Scratch is worse. - 50

Roblox never ban ODers just to get money and lots of players,and when you do something like a t-shirt said ODers police you will get a warning and might get you banned

The report sgstem is broken so they cannot ban oders

26 Unsecured

Exactly. People will report someone while the roblox staff just sits in a chair eating doritos. - aarond9010

False, Reporting obviously takes time and they are most likely get warnings instead of getting banned. - Q-Q

That comment though


27 Bullies

We can't forget the bullies. They're the ones who mainly ruin ROBLOX.

28 The term Oder

One time, I was just minding my own business and then this girl just came up to me and called me an "Oder" just because I was dressed like one. I wasn't even online dating...

People just blurt it out randomly without having a reason to call someone that. - WorldPuncher47592834

I'm not an order I hate them it's just some guys were called it for no reason

Oder* - alrienius

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29 Losing connection even when your connection is strong

Yup fix it please - alrienius

Today... I connected my router directly to my pc using ethernet cable and it still lost connection to the servers... DAMNIT ROBLOX FIX THESE POTATOES ALREADY -enjoyingend193

30 John Doe & Jane Doe's death

They are test accounts and them coming back were probably hackers.

I overheard that Roblox legend. It's just overrated. We cannot know what happened to those yellow Roblox people since the story does'nt make sense.

OFF TOPIC - alrienius

31 People insulting your games

Getting feedback in your games is something you need to accept. if someone insults it, youll have to accept it. but those people who insult it just because they don't understand the game are basically those untrustworthy people outside your apartment begging you to enter his almost broken shack of "Wonderful things" - UnlawfulMatron

32 They Keep Removing Things
33 Bad Graphics

Fortnite was better

34 Catalogs commanding insane prices

Don't complain that you're poor, get items that are like 25 R$ just put a budget to the catalog and some items go for 15! Also how about events and free items that are cool somethings for FREE! This is useless - alrienius

Well yeah, they give these useless but cool items for 534,680,000 R$

They even making the 10,000robux into 100,000,000robux

35 Limited edition items

They give you these cool items that you can only get for a limited time at a ridiculous price. Sometimes they're free, what about the new players? They can't get them! They have to look lame!

36 Hackers

They killed one of my favourite games Survival 303 this is how: When the game was popular They kept hacking so the devs made it paid access. Not many people wanted to pay robux to play and therefore the game dropped off the front page, then when the paid access was removed they shut it down dor updates then moved the game to another place. So now the game is buried in the dust, forgotten by most except for a small community of people including me. - Lunala

37 Blood and gore


38 Sexual content

Anyone remember those "S.3.X PARTY 18+" Games? Those sucked and were poorly made. And got deleted within 10 minutes. - Lunala

Now a days it's not even here - alrienius

39 The term Noob

is you - alrienius

40 Braggers
41 It crashes
42 Stupid admins

Why am I talking about this? ADMINS SUCK. Because they do. Look at their description:

- Admins are the people who take people's comments and like it.

that's DUMB RIGHT?


- Admins are dumb people who ignore people's appropriate questions and suggestions to add to roblox. It's really a dumb-ass, right?



43 It's for five year olds

If you are really that lame to believe this... - alrienius

44 Getting kicked out for no reason

In roblox highschool that was first time getting kicked out like 5 or 6 times because I love the game though

45 You can only jump and walk

That's only in the roblox game. Roblox Studio has its own application. - WorldPuncher47592834

So? What are you gonna do? Play dead? - alrienius

46 Murder games

It's just a game for fun - alrienius

47 Sore Winners
48 Spammers
49 Immature games
50 Attention stealers
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