Top 10 Reasons Why SMG4 is Better Than Teen Titans Go

SMG4 is a YouTuber that makes videos usually revolving Mario and/or his friends and enemies.The characters are dumbed down versions of their real counterparts (ex: Mario is much much more dumber, Toad is snarky and cynical, Bowser is incompetent, Etc.) and often but them in comedic situations. It's Basically everything Teen Titans Go tries to be but fails, so here's a list of how Retarded64 Mario and friends. is better than TTG Robin and friends

The Top Ten

1 It's actually funny


2 It doesn't ruin the characters

It makes the characters better

3 The characters are strangely likable
4 SMG4 knows the original source material well

The Creators of Teen titans go officially stated that they only watched one or two episodes of the original show. - ChaoslordG1

5 It doesn't insult the original

Yeah! Because there was NEVER anything that preceded SMG4 for them to insult to begin with!

6 The plots are better.

LOL, I don't think his videos even have a rational plot, but still better than TTG - SpectralOwl

7 SMG4 does other videos that aren't Mario related.

He does FNAF, Minecraft, Sonic, Super Smash Bros, Pac Man, and many other good games! How many Teen Titans Go episodes have THAT many crossovers?! No wonder he's so popular.

It seems for some reason CW is in love with Teen Titans Go as it's aired constantly, advertised a lot, Is now on Boomerang (A channel that shows old shows like Flintstones and Dexter's Lab), and generally overshadows other more well-received shows on Cartoon network. SMG4 does other videos aside from Retarded64 such as The Wacky Wario bros (My personal favorite of his video series), Sonic the Derphog, Guards and Retards,If Mario was in..., and some others. - ChaoslordG1

He should do If Mario Was In... Pokemon XYZ. I think Banjo Kazooie should get the same treatment.

8 It's a web series, not an official TV show
9 The creator knows what he's doing
10 Retard64 Mario is more likable than GO!Robin

The Contenders

11 Fishy Boopkins is actually likable

He was, but then his frequent status made him unlikable. - Drawbox

He's so cute!

12 Mario isn't dead

In an episode of Teen Titans Go, two skeletons were underground and were wearing Mario and Luigi's caps. THAT"S AN INSULT TO MARIO FANS!

13 Bob has a better voice than Starfire

He sounds like Purple Shep!

14 They are actually re-watchable

I watched Mario’s challenge a ton

15 It's Been Around Longer

And no wonder!

16 Beast boy is dumber than Tails

NOTICE ME SENPAI - Yandere Simulator

17 Beast Boy is dumber than Bowser
18 It actually has some continuity
19 It has memes


20 He understands the memes he uses
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