Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic 06 is Better Than Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric are the two Sonic games that are widely regarded as the worst in the series. Which is worse?

I'm one of the people who personally thought that Sonic 06 had more salvagable quality to it than Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Here are ten reasons why.

The Top Ten

1 Sonic 06's soundtrack is awesome

One thing Sonic games rarely disappoint on is the music, which makes it all the more baffling why Sonic Boom decided to go for a completely forgettable and unremarkable soundtrack.
I mean come on, Sonic 06 had Zebrahead.

This is true.

Nope why sega should delet this1 girls notaklould in sega but sonic team did it

OK you got a point pikpok pete

2 Sonic 06 feels more like a Sonic game in spirit

Sonic 06 gets huge brownie points from me for trying to re-capture the feel of the Sonic Adventure games. Sonic Boom just feels like a desperate attempt to mash many different genres into a new game with mundane results.

Indeed 06 did.

3 Sonic 06 controlled better

The controls in Sonic 06 were twitchy and sensetive, but at least it had better pinpoint accuracy than Boom's complete lack of weight and sense of control.

4 Sonic Boom is Not Canon

Sonic 06 technically didn't happen.
Sonic boom still is happening.

5 Combat in Sonic 06 blended in better with the speed

As basic as Sonic 06's combat was it at least gave you a sense of power taking down hoards of enemies in light fast speed. Charatcers like Shadow and OMEGA were satisfying to play as because of the sense of power they gave you. Sonic Boom made a task out of taking down the smallest of enemies and the combat made the Werehog look deep.

It's bad when 06 has a faster sonic.

Sonic 06 had much quicker points and it was next gen so it makes sense why they’d be faster. Rise of lyric (All though I like them) the speed sections don’t count because the fastest is the one in the lead.

6 Sonic 06's story has more good moments

There is a good story in Sonic 06, it just needed more re-writes from the plot-hole ridden mess that came from it. But still there were a lot of great moments of character development and interaction, so I see a lot of untapped potential here.
Boom's storyline was just bland and forgettable. I do miss the times when Sonic stories got more involved and cinematic feeling.

Even some glitches saved your life even if they weird.

Even though we had the princess and the crashings we had so much fun as Sonic, Shadow and Silver. And furthermore let’s remember the good moments.

7 Sonic Boom has more framerate issues

This is inexcusable. Sonic 06 was a generation behind and was a launch game for the next gen consoles, so it was a bit more understandable. The Wii U wasn't even new when Sonic Boom came out, so how is the framerate even choppier here?

8 Sonic 06's glitches are funnier

This is the ONLY reason I'd take Sonic 06.

It's hilariously glitchy.

Of the multitude of glitches in Sonic 06 very few are game killers and a lot can bring about hillarious results (i.e. getting characters into levels they're not supposed to be in). Sonic Boom on the other hand has only one funny glitch (Knuckles infinite jump) and even then it's been patched now (Booo! ).

9 Silver is such a unique character

He wasn't fast, but who needs speed when you can pick up and throw things with your mind? Silver's gameplay whilst not having very good physics worked well enough and were a nice change of pace from the usuall fast running affair.

And he was the easiest character to control.

Yup, very true
Silver is my favourite just for this reason

10 Solaris is an awesome final boss

Whilst it's probably more satisfying the fact that the game is ending (:P) taking down Solaris made for one epic final battle. The orchestrated remix of His World is outstanding and the controls work well enough for the fight itself.

The Contenders

11 Knuckles is actually smart in Sonic 06

He may be gullible but never stupid. Thus, Sonic Boom ruined his characterization.

Knuckles really earned his term 'knucklehead,' ever since Sonic 3 he was a character that you could take seriously, but not as seriously as Shadow.
Then came Beefy the Echidna, the one that is practically the definition of all muscles and no brain.

12 Sonic 06 had a better cast of playable characters

While Sonic 06 is not good, at least there were more characters to play as.
Sonic 06: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and many more.
Rise of Lyric: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy (that's it. It's not like any one of them is a great character, let alone amazing. My favorite was Sonic, and he is only good at best).

13 Character designs looked better
14 Sonic 06 had better cutscenes

In Sonic 06 The Cutscenes Wern't Very Good BUT At Least The Characters When Talking Matched What They Were Saying, In Boom Each Character While Talking Looked Real Bad

15 Sonic 06 had better voice actors

When Sonic 06 was here I enjoy the acting. Now argh! What did you do with Jason Griffth? Why does Sonic sound like he went through pubity?

16 Sonic 06 has better local multiplayer
17 Sonic 06 had better level design
18 Sonic 06's speed sections have more to do

Even in the speed sections it feels like a Sonic game.

Whilst frustrating due to sensetive controls the mach speed sections are (For the most part) designed well enough to accomodate for the speed with wide open areas and letting you see far into the distance to plan out your next move before you get there. Sonic Boom's speed sections suffer from the afformentioned framerate issues and the level designs are the equivilant of train tracks.


please no

19 Sonic 06 had better composers
20 06's graphics were actually semi-appealing

I mean, the game didn't look good by any means, but compared to the jagged, pixelated edges and terrible lighting of boom, 06 is just 100 times easier to look at.

21 Sonic 06 was better with glitches

Were the glitches bad? yea they really were, but with that game you still had to TRY a bit to cause a glitch, with Sonic Boom, you can find a glitch without even trying. Plus the glitches in that game were flat out inexcusable. Sure Sonic 06 had the one where you could beat a characters story, but that took at least SOME work to accomplish. In Sonic Boom, there is LITERALLY a glitch where you can infinitely jump, and how do you do this... by pausing and jumping...
That is just INSANE compared to Sonic 06, plus most of the others in Sonic 06 were not THAT bad, but Rise of Lyric had WAY more game breaking glitches, that it is just insulting.

Sonic 06 had a reason to be bad too. Because Sonic Team was split in half to get this out in time for the 15th anniversary, and Yuji Naka left therefore Sonic 06 technically isn't bad. Sonic Boom however was too slow and they kept using failed attempts of humour and furthermore there was no reason why they needed to rush it.

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