Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic x Is Better Than Sonic Boom

Here are reasons why this anime is better than the dumb Sonic Boom show.

The Top Ten

1 Sonic acts dumb in Sonic Boom

Sonic's not really dumb in Sonic Boom, but he is an empty shell that just dishes out attitude - Jeff35122

No,he's not dumb! he's actually more
handsome in Sonic Boom!

2 More Characters

Just Saying, this is my first list so don't hate it too much. I might be a TopTenner soon.- Sonic&Knuckles

3 The main characters are portrayed better
4 Sonic Boom's "Battle of the Boybands" sucks.
5 Gotta go fast is a better theme song V 1 Comment
6 The episode's plots have far more memorable and emotional moments
7 There's no Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Boom

Actually, Shadow is in Sonic Boom. And at least he has a purpose for being a character in Sonic X. But he is portrayed terribly in Sonic Boom. Instead of being Sonic's arch-rival and a protector of the planet, he is portrayed as a shallow jackass who has no relevance or importance to the shows plot. - Jeff35122

Yes there is... In that one episode, "it takes a village to defeat a hedgehog" or something. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Yes,there is a Shadow! just watch it takes a village to defeat a hedgehog!

8 This show has a much better setting
9 The minor characters have a good and better quality of decency
10 Amy's personality in Sonic Boom V 1 Comment

The Newcomers

? This show has more clever and and intelligent writing than the writing in Sonic Boom
? The Villains have an excellent intimidation and evil villainy while the Sonic Boom's Villains have an intimidation and evil villainy of a farce

The Contenders

11 About 75% of the show is based on a few of the best Modern Sonic games while Sonic Boom is based on one of the worst Sonic games of all time
12 Dumb Characters V 1 Comment
13 This show has much better music and better animation and better dialogue
14 Chris is not as bad as you think V 4 Comments
15 There is a whole lot better action in the fighting scenes
16 Knuckles is smart and not dumb V 1 Comment
17 Sticks is a Daffy Duck ripoff and a nut V 1 Comment
18 There are only a few comedic moments in each episode while Sonic Boom practically absorbs it's comedy
19 Cubot is 100% Stupidity
20 X has the 4kids voice actors
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