Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic X is Better Than Sonic Boom

Here are reasons why this anime is better than the dumb Sonic Boom show.

The Top Ten

1 The main characters are portrayed better

I Mean:Both Sonic X and Sonic Boom is Not All That Great

Forget What I Said About Both Shows

I Mean:Sonic X is Not All That Great But it is Still Watchable

Sonic X(The 4Kids Dub) is Decent(But Not That Great) and I Rather Watch More Than Various Cartoon Shows(PS:It is Still Better Than That Overrated Sonic Boom T.V. Show)

2 The episode's plots have far more memorable and emotional moments
3 Sonic acts dumb in Sonic Boom

Sonic's not really dumb in Sonic Boom, but he is an empty shell that just dishes out attitude - Jeff35122

No,he's not dumb! he's actually more
handsome in Sonic Boom!

4 This show has a much better setting
5 The minor characters have a good and better quality of decency
6 About 75% of the show is based on a few of the best Modern Sonic games while Sonic Boom is based on one of the worst Sonic games of all time
7 More characters

Just Saying, this is my first list so don't hate it too much. I might be a TopTenner soon.- Sonic&Knuckles

8 Gotta Go Fast is a better theme song

It's too fast paced! ahh! my ears!

9 Sonic Boom's "Battle of the Boybands" sucks
10 There's no Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Boom

Actually, Shadow is in Sonic Boom. And at least he has a purpose for being a character in Sonic X. But he is portrayed terribly in Sonic Boom. Instead of being Sonic's arch-rival and a protector of the planet, he is portrayed as a shallow jackass who has no relevance or importance to the shows plot. - Jeff35122

Yes there is... In that one episode, "it takes a village to defeat a hedgehog" or something. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Yes,there is a Shadow! just watch it takes a village to defeat a hedgehog!

The Contenders

11 This show has much better music and better animation and better dialogue
12 There is a whole lot better action in the fighting scenes
13 Amy's personality in Sonic Boom

Well,at least she doe'snt beat up real
Senior citizens and calls them old!

14 Dumb Characters

They are not dumb! they think up plans and solutions and at least they
end with someone getting killed!

15 Chris is not as bad as you think

I agree. I literally see nothing wrong with this character. He may have had a few moments where he deeply treasures the bonds he has with his his friends like Sonic a little too much, and it will give him somewhat of a selfish or reckless streak in order to preserve those bonds, but he's not really that bad. - Jeff35122

Chris is annoying as heck!

Actually ruins Sonic X!

It takes more than just one character to ruin a show. Luckily, we have Amy to do the honor of doing the mean-spirited moments. - Jeff35122

I'm so useless and sad!

No. It's more like "I'm so insecure and emotionally hung-up from so much parental negligence and loneliness." - Jeff35122

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16 Knuckles is smart and not dumb

Who cares!? at least he 's more funnier then Sonic X Knuckles,who
can 't even defeat leave without a
scratch after a battle with Yellow

17 There are only a few comedic moments in each episode while Sonic Boom practically absorbs it's comedy
18 Cubot is 100% Stupidity
19 Sticks is a Daffy Duck ripoff and a nut


20 The Villains have an excellent intimidation and evil villainy while the Sonic Boom's Villains have an intimidation and evil villainy of a farce
21 X has the 4kids voice actors
22 Shadow is Portrayed Terribly

Shadow has no relevance or importance to the Sonic Boom canon. Only to be a shallow jackass who acts like he's better than everyone else. - Jeff35122

23 This show has more clever and and intelligent writing than the writing in Sonic Boom
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1. The main characters are portrayed better
2. The episode's plots have far more memorable and emotional moments
3. This show has a much better setting


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