Top Ten Reasons Why Sony & Microsoft are Better Than Nintendo

There is a list of reasons why Nintendo is better than Microsoft and Sony. So it's time to debunk that list with a list of reasons why Sony & Microsoft are better than Nintendo.

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Their consoles have better hardware

You're trying too hard to get attention.

More Horsepower means more Third Party devs are willing to port their games onto your console. That is why Bethesda released Skyrim in 2017! Because Nintendo underpowered the console and they were not satisfied. - YourWaifuSucks

Nintendo is better than Sony and Microsoft

Yes that's true. - B1ueNew

Their libraries of games are several times better

This list is just wrong. And Nintendo games aren't "god awful at best" as you say. Ever heard of Metroid Fusion? - DarkShadows

All Nintendo is left with is its first-party exclusives, and almost all Nintendo games are god awful at best. Sony & Microsoft, on the other hand, not only have their share of first-party exclusives, but they also have third-party games as well, ported onto both their consoles, which most of them are at least great. - SelfDestruct

Well they do have a cheaper selection of games. I'll give them that. - B1ueNew

Learn to respect other people's opinion, guys.

Better exclusive titles

This is just opinion. Nintendo always creates new and interesting games!

Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby, Super Smash Bros, Metroid, Mega Man, Splatoon, and also Mii games

This list was made by a 8 year old call of duty fanboy!

Let's see... Call of Duty, Halo, Grand Theft Auto... Eh?

NINTENDO : Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid
PlayStation: 'cough cough' Call Of Duty, 'cough cough' Grand Theft Auto
Xbox : "

Microsoft and Sony have more mature games

So? How does that make their games better? Just because something is m rated does not make it better! I know this list was made by a triggered call of duty fanboy who can't accept the fact that Nintendo is better!

This is true, but also a problem. Most kids I know will only play it if it's "mature", causing a huge increase of children. These children can make their fanbase crap.

So being M-rated automatically makes something better? No, just no. And if you're saying Nintendo is childish, that's not true at all. Just look at every dark moment from a Nintendo game

And Nintendo Have immature games

Microsoft and Sony don't waste money on the aesthetics of their console controllers

Mario, is actually not exclusive, he has been on other consoles. He has been in the classic title "Donkey Kong" which has been on the Altima 2600, and the Colecovision. Also, true dat, the PS3 Move Wand tracks MUUUCH btter than the Wii controller with the motion plus, and has better games open to it, like Sports Champions and LBG, yes, Little Big Planet (3 to be exact) is compatible with a wand.

This article is false on many levels. And, for 6 of these topics, this SelfDestruct guy is bashing Nintendo without even giving a proper reason. At least people aren't paying attention to this article. And for the most part, 99% of these "facts" aren't even true. The better exclusive titles? Think again buddy, because Mario is topping these titles that you, the fanboy, think are the best

"There is a list of reasons why Nintendo is better than Microsoft and Sony. So it's time to debunk that list with a list of reasons why Sony & Microsoft are better than Nintendo.". This is what the description reads, and its this dumbass has no idea that its impossible to debunk opinions. Nintendo is 1 trillion times better than Phony And Dicrosoft. NintenDO for the win! - Luigibuscus

Instead, Microsoft and Sony spend their hard-earned money on necessities such as hardware, game licensing, graphics performance, etc. - SelfDestruct

Every third-party game ported into a Nintendo console becomes worse than their Sony and Microsoft console counterparts

Funny because Resident Evil 4 on the Wii was considered the best version. - B1ueNew

Ironically, Rayman Legends was praised on the Wii U more than on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Lol. Even Sonic Unleashed was worse on the Wii than the Xbox 360 or PS3. - SelfDestruct

It could be argued because the 8th generation of consoles was relatively new at the time Assassin's Creed Black Flag was released. However, I still defend my argument when it came to titles that were released late into the generations as those games were terrible on the Nintendo console but most were good on the Xbox and Playstation consoles, starting the 7th generation. - SelfDestruct

More Sony and Microsoft console games are fun online

Bro you need to get your facts right. Yes Nintendo has smash bros which is fun online if your in to that stuff but Nintendo has stuff like Splatoon and Mario kart that can be played online and they are way better online then call of duty which is just a bunch of children that are being inappropriate and swearing because of that game.

What I am trying to say is that Microsoft and Sony have more games that are fun online than Nintendo does, by a landslide (the only fun Nintendo game online was Smash Bros series).

Sony and Microsoft games are better

But Nintendo has many good stuff like MARIO and ZELDA and SUPER SMASH BROS

PlayStation and Xbox have some realistic games

uno reverse card

Nintendo games are just straight up childish and the animation is crap

Sony and Microsoft consoles have better third-party game ports than Nintendo

I see you people hate Nintendo. Please, tell me more about how Microsoft saved the gaming industry.

Haha, Laugh Out Loud, Nintendo Has Actually Had A Lot Of Good 3rd Party Games Ported Into Their Consoles (Cough Resident Evil 4, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman Arkham City, Etc) - VideoGamefan5

True - shawnmccaul22

Nintendo did have third party games ported into their consoles but whenever they did, they usually turned out awful (e.g., Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010, Call of Duty Black Ops, and Sonic Unleashed). - SelfDestruct

Halo and Uncharted are better than Mario



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Sony and Microsoft have better marketing skills
Sony has free demo disks

Yeah and Nintendo has free demo downloads, which are way more convenient to access, play, and get rid of.

Most Nintendo fans are extreme loyalists to Nintendo to the point of ranting on every third-party game

You can't only say that about Nintendo. - EpicNintendoFan24

Everyone does that - ParkerFang

No wonder owners of Sony and Microsoft consoles debunked Nintendo games. It's Nintendo's fans who started it. - SelfDestruct

Sony and Microsoft fans can actually start arguments too, you know.

Like the whining fanboys on this list.

Xbox and Playstation games are more fun

I don't think so...
Remember, this one is a huge matter of opinion.

Both are better for racing games

Actually, I think Nintendo consoles are better for racing.

Nearly every third-party game is ported exclusively for Microsoft and Sony consoles nowadays

Except Sonic the Hedgehog, which is now a Nintendo exclusive (and you know how bad the franchise has become since them). - SelfDestruct

I am not too deep into Rare. But they still have some decent games even under Microsoft's control. - SelfDestruct

This is quite true. - shawnmccaul22

This List Only Has 9 Items, Yeesh.. - VideoGamefan5

Assassin's Creed III And IV Were On Wii U, But Not Unity And Syndicate, You Actually Have An OK Point Here - VideoGamefan5

Nintendo is lacking behind in hardware

its true

Nintendo doesn't have achievements

Wdym by this - EpicNintendoFan24

Both are for children and adults not just children
Better online functionality
Ninendo is too childish

Splatoon, Kirby (which I like), and about 90% of the games are WAY too colorful and they appeal more to kids in elementary school. Nintendo needs to step up their game and get realistic.

Sony censors games and nintendo does not

Sony and microsoft games are better

This doesn't prove anything. This list is wack.

Short Support Lifecycles of Wii and Wii U

True Because of the Wii and Wii U Only supports Hydrocele People

How come ps3 and xb360 still living? Wii is dead and Wii U is dead on support...

Nintendo games are getting boring
Nintendo games are smaller
Most 3rd party ports on nintendo are either shoddy or unobtainable.
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