Top 10 Reasons Why Starfire from Teen Titans Go is Better Than Sayaka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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1 Starfire is more calm

Since when is Starfire being afraid of clowns for no reason and overreacting over every little thing being more calm? Wow, you are seriously one hell of an annoying and unfunny troll. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Admin, delete this stupid comparison list! The reasons here are so stupid. - Goku02

Can comparison lists just die already? - Rue

2 Sayaka is a psychopath

So is Starfire.

Even If she did had a break down by the end of episode 7, she was not a psychopath before making a contract. If anyone in the show is a psychopath, It's Kyuubey and Devil Homura(sorry Homu~chan. You're still awesome in the T.V. series). This just shows that you don't know other characters who are huger psychopaths.. *cough* Shion *cough* Sonozaki and *cough* Yuno *cough* Gasai.. - MLPFan

If you were 14 years old, put so much effort into supporting a guy you liked and even made a wish for him to get better, literally gave up your soul to fight witches that can kill you as an exchange for your contract, and then had some bitch that was your friend stealing the guy from you and you can't do anything because you learned you don't have a soul and being with him wouldn't be the same as being a regular human being, you wouldn't be able to maintain your sanity either. - Rue

3 Sayaka is hateable

This is suggestive. I'll be honest, I didn't like Sayaka all that much during the anime series, but that changed after I watched Rebellion. It's different for everyone. But comparing her to Starfire from Teen Titans Go makes no sense and at this point I hope you are a troll. - Rue

And Starfire from Teen Titans Go! isn't? You must be really asking for controversy now. Even if you were trolling, it would never compare to the same level of comedy as BTDR. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hate both of them.

You meant likable, Hmmm? - Neonco31

4 Starfire is loving

In Teen Titans (2003), Starfire is loving and caring about everything she likes and everyone she likes.

5 Sayaka is a hypocrite

Starfire (TTG) is also a hypocrite!

6 Starfire is passionate
7 Sayaka is annoying

This list is just crap - ZeroxOmegaz

8 Sayaka is awesome
9 Starfire has a better story
10 Starfire is smarter

This is stupid. Why are you comparing an anime character to Teen Titans Go? Even that Adventure Time and Ebola list made more sense than this - TwilightKitsune

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11 Sayaka is a stupid name

She's Japanese. That's why the name Sayaka doesn't sound familiar to westerners. Sayaka is an actual name, too. So no, not stupid - MLPFan

How so?

12 Starfire is an annoying hypocrite

Score! Someone got away with this! - Neonco31

All Starfire does is teach kids how to annoy the heck out of people in order to get her way. Not only is she a bad role model, but she also heavily contradicts herself, and has the I.Q. of a paper clip. In the episode Fish Water, she didn't even know how a portapotty worked! On the other hand, Sayaka is smart, loyal, and definitely not a hypocrite like Starliar. Bite on that, Dragontree102!

13 Sayaka Miki is Better

Dragontree102 needs to stop being a troll. It's not wrong to like a show like My Little Pony or PMMM, but when you start an internet flame war, it's considered crossing the line. As mature TopTenners we need to respect the opinions of our comrades.

14 Starfire is an attention seeker

How is this good about Starfire?

15 Starfire is beautiful

She looks weird in pink hair - MLPFan

16 Sayaka is Ugly

I don't like Sayaka very much either but its very mean to call someone ugly. You are the ugly ONE for being so mean, I would respect your opinion for not liking this show but the things you put on this list most of them aren't even true if you want to express your opinion do it in a nice way!

17 Sayaka is selfish

How? She literally made a wish on helping someone she loved. - Rue

18 Starfire is a bad role model for girls
19 Sayaka Smokes More

Since when Sayaka smoke? In which episode?

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