Top Ten Reasons Why Steven Universe is the Best Cartoon Ever

The Top Ten

It’s Emotional

The scene in On The Run is tear jerking! - ForestFeline

It Has Great Characters
It Has a Beautiful Soundtrack
It’s Serious
It’s Not Stupid Like Most Modern Kids Cartoons

I watched one episode of Teen Titans Go and I felt like my brain was going to rot into moldy cheese. How do kids watch this stuff? Nobody under the age of 4 wants to watch something where they are singing about farting and using the toilet. Disgusting. We need more shows like this. - bystander

It Has Good Voice Acting
It’s Unique
It Has Great Animation
It Has Good Humour

White Diamond: You're just acting like a child!

Steven: I am a child. What's your excuse?

I never stop laughing every time I hear it, and the memes are just gonna make it funnier.

It's Very Imaginative
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