Reasons Why the U.S. Should Have a Major Christian Revolution

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1 To Save Lost Souls

Honestly, I completely respect Christian beliefs. You have the right to spread your beliefs. However, please respect other religious beliefs as well. You cannot convince others to convert if they simply do not want to. More young people are irreligious for a reason: because we simply don't believe or we do not see hope in religion. Being irreligious is fine. Following any religion is fine. But implying that those who do not follow your religion are somehow inferior is very condescending.

Oh my God. This whole list is so stupid. I have nothing against Christians, but why do we have to turn America from a democracy to a Christian theocracy? There is something called freedom of religion as stated by the 1st Amendment of the U.S Constitution, and it's not just for Christians. It applies to all religions and they should be treated equally. I respect everyone's religions, but the U.S was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, not that everyone in the U.S has to be Christian. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

No one is forcing them to be Christians. I just think Christians should show others their beliefs more often. Do you think we should get rid of Christianity? I'm just not sure why the majority of Americans turned away from God after recent events. - Rpemk

Conversion can be only be done by God through the Holy Spirit, not by the people shoving Christianity down everyone's throats. This would be just as bad as the pro-gay movement in America and PETA where they shove homosexuality and animal rights down our throats.

I agree with ModernSpongeBobSucks. I am Christian and I do think people should get closer to God but everyone has the full right to choose their own path, and as part of my Christian faith, I don't judge others based on beliefs. I judge myself based on my own beliefs. - Mcgillacuddy

2 Christianity In the U.S. is Dying

So what's bad about that. All Christianity has done in the US is cause people to be hateful towards others.

GOOD! The U.S.A. needs to GROW UP and rid itself of this regressive, childish idiotic religiosity.

3 Liberalism is Growing Rapidly

Well. Of course this is just your opinion, and there are bad things about both conservatism and liberalism, but I don't see how liberalism is such a bad thing that we need a religion to stop it.

4 Most of the Founding Fathers Were Christian

Yeah well, most of EVERYONE was Christian, so this is meaningless.

5 God Blessed the United States

This is just stupid. No comment.

6 Countries That Have Turned from God Have Faced the Consequences

What about El Salvador? They are one of the most extreme Christian countries, and yet the murder levels are extremely high compared to majorly atheist countries such as Norway. Where's your God there?

Yup this is some bs right here. There are more to international relations than religion, folks.

7 Christian Music is Becoming More Popular

I haven't noticed any change in the popularity of Christian music. And considering the garbage that most pop music is, that's a bad thing.

8 Too Many Other Countries Are Irreligious

You mean like Norway or Iceland or Canada? Some of the most peaceful and advanced countries in the world?

And being irreligious is bad, how? Respect all beliefs, please.

9 The U.S. Has the Rights and Freedom to Make It Happen

Actually, a Christian revolution would be unconstitutional. It would violate the 1st Amendment since this action would favor one religion and is against a separation of church and state. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

€�When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.“ - DieGedankenSindFrei

10 Destroy Islam Once and for All

Ah, Christian logic. Slander Islam and other religions, but fail to see the flaws in their own religion. You do realize the bible says that women should be silent in church and not hold authority?

Anyone ever heard of freedom of religion? Islam shouldn't be destroyed, ISIS and terrorists should be destroyed. I'm actually Buddhist, but can't people respect people's religions? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Someone else added this one. Not me. There is no possibility of destroying Islam in other countries or the U.S. I respect other religions. I just think Christians should do a better job of showing others how much they care for them and how Jesus Christ could change their lives. I'm sorry for whoever posted this last one. I disagree with it entirely. - Rpemk

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