Best Regular Show Season 5 Episodes


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1 The Thanksgiving Special

A Donald trump type character wanting to rule Thanksgiving...what more could you want?

2 Wall Buddy
3 Terror Tales of the Park III
4 A Skips in Time
5 Gold Watch
6 Benson's Car
7 Every Meat Burritos

They decided to give a slight seventies feel with this previously mentioned by others, Chad and Jeremy make a small cameo, just wondering why these 2 were so underused, were they not popular?

A brief camo from Chad & jeremy (another British reference here: both names of a British folk singing duo)... should have appeared in a few more episodes.

Even the storywriters managed to recreate the worst movie death scene ever

8 Skips' Story

Most emotionally driven story in the series

9 Bank Shot
10 Catching the Wave

The Contenders

11 Paint Job
12 Survival Skills
13 Skips In the Saddle
14 Tants
15 I Like You Hi
16 Expert or Liar
17 Guitar of Rock
18 Power Tower
19 Thomas Fights Back
20 Journey to Bottom of Crash Pit

This episode wasnt that good but damn I miss the crash pit even though it only had it in 2 or 3 episodes

21 Real Date

This almost ended season 5. Mordecai and CJ actually go on a date. It ends up with the guy from couple corral wanting them to break up. He tries to shoot CJ but Mordecai saves CJ almost killing Mordecai. He actually came alive.

22 New Year's Kiss
23 Dodge This
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1. Gold Watch
2. Catching the Wave
3. Paint Job
1. The Thanksgiving Special
2. Skips' Story
3. Every Meat Burritos
1. Terror Tales of the Park III
2. Skips' Story
3. Thomas Fights Back

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