Top Ten Reasons Not to Believe In God

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1 The Earth is Millions of Years Old

It's 4+ billions years.

2 Praying Does Nothing
3 Everything that He Does in the Bible Stories is Unrealistic

Oh, please, I reckon God was just some made-up fantasy that was come up with a long time ago by someone who was trying to make sense of the world. I mean, anyway, how can you be a virgin and get pregnant BY A SPIRIT and still be a virgin?

The Bible is basically one big story that compliments so even if he's real he's still a jerk, liar and he's careless.

God kills the most number of people in the bible. to me, he is a serial killer rather than someone we shoudl worship

4 Religious People Contradict the Bible
5 Scientific Evidence of Evolution

I was an atheist person, but damn good is better than every crappy Scientific Evidence.

6 God is a Man-Made Creation
7 You Cannot Prove It is a Doing of God Why Scientist Can Prove Exactly Why Something Occurs.
8 Prophets (Why Has No One Talked to God in Recent Years?)

Who says that any of those prophets were telling the truth when they said that they talked to god?

9 People Get Killed in God's Church While He Does Nothing
10 People Who Believe in God Still Suffer
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11 God is Not Real

"God is not real." Great reason not to believe in God.

I agree god is not real and he never Was

12 Jesus Cannot Be Born from a Virgin
13 Heaven is Not Real

Can you find many magazines about Heaven? - Nope
Can you find many magazines about mediums (ghosts), reincarnation - Yep even collecting ones which also had Yoga, healthy diets.

You don't know that for sure, so either wait to find out or prove it if you want to say that.

But hell is real while Heaven it's just invented by a retarded monkey

"Heaven is a fairy tale."-Stephen Hawking

14 No Evidence or Proof of God's Existence

Excactly! And b3kievers ask Atheists for proof that God doesn't exist. The simple reason that they don't have proof is our proof!

15 You Don't Have to Believe in God to Be a Good Person

It doesn't matter if you're "good" or not. If you've shunned God and you don't accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then bye bye, you're gone down to the pits of Hell. You can be a murderer, a liar, a huge prick, or whatever sinful nature, but if you ask God for forgiveness and give your life to him, then he doesn't care about your past sins because that's exactly what Jesus died for in the first place.

16 Why Would a Good God Exist and Allow Evil?

Because he gave angels and humans freedom of their own choice. Forcing someone to do whatever you want is evil. If you want to be evil, then go ahead. There's no one to stop you

Yeah why did God create atheists

17 Religion is Manmade

Ancient Gods had been created way before humans created the God, father of Jesus.

18 Faith is Not Proof

The Bible is just a book.
You can have your fave book that is not the Bible as proof for what you like. It's faith.

Faith is defined as belief without evidence. Coincidentally, that's also the definition of delusion.

This has always been my point. You're going to ignore all the genius of scientists for faith?

Faith it's neutral.

19 God is Terrible at Creation
20 Noah's Ark is Silly

How the hell did a man fit literally fit two of every animal onto a wooden boat? Least of all since there's about a million species discovered, and loads more that are undiscovered.

Besides, how could he fit things like giraffes, elephants, etc. on the boat without it breaking?

21 Why Would God Allow His Own People to Persecute Him?

Again, because he let them choose to do so. If you want to screw with God, he's not gonna stop you, but there will be consequences

22 As Long as God Exists, Then Anything Bad is Not Wrong
23 No Proof or Evidence of Ghosts

I'll take ghosts over heaven any day. Benkinersophobia (A fear of not getting a Hogwarts letter on their 11th birthday, Nearly Headless Nick said that only Wizards can become ghosts and its also those afraid of death. JK Rowling said other dark wizards would appear after Lord Voldemort)

Jennifer Love Hewitt sexy body, ass and boobs were created by God and not proof of being hot! The T.V. series are based on true facts. When you're dead your entity ( or ghost for some people ) will join God through a white light.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is proof of hot and sexy but certainly not proof of ghosts. And I prefer her boobs and ass than ghosts.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in " Ghost whisperer " does lead the ghost to the white light who is supposed to be god.

24 The Omnipotence Paradox
25 Other "Gods" Existed Way Before Jesus
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