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1 Greek Mythology

The Greek Gods can be very scummy and sometimes they act like a hoe but they made Greece popular as hell! Demi-gods, epics, war and divine intervention from the Gods. Lets not forget Iliad and Odyssey by Homer! There are so many mini stories in greek mythology which make it super fun to learn!

The amount of detail that is unknown to many people is astonishing. For example, the names of the men trying to marry Penelope, Odysseus' wife, each had a specific meaning, e.g. Antinoos - Anti-noos - "Against thinking" - basically the one who will try to fool you so you think differently, who was killed by Odysseus with an arrow through his larynx - our vocal organ, so as to silence him. Such unknown details are endless. There is a hidden meaning in almost everything you read about.

As a little kid, my granddad always told me stories of the Greek heroes. As I grew older he also started with Egyptian but I liked Greek more. Later I also started to read Percy Jackson which was awesome, Norse would make a good second and Egyptian would be number 3 I guess.

It makes way more sense than other mythologies OK? Egyptian myths make no sense, and Norse is only a little less confusing. The Romans are copycats, they SO copied Greek Mythology! Greek myths make sense and are awesome!,!

2 Norse Mythology

Easily the most interesting. On one hand there are so few sources, but on other hand the ones we have tend to be more consistent, though not always. But most of them were written by Christians, of course, as well as Arabic people, since the Old Norse people did not tend to be well-versed in written languages before the Christianization of the nations. It has amazing, epic, but also surreal tales of a creature having their feet breed with one another and birthing beings out of his armpits, and has all the trappings of modern, or 1950s, fantasy literature. Even today's fantasy literature. But only it still feels fresh and its own. The idea of a world tree with many different worlds planted on it are very fascinating to me as well. We have had mountains, humanoid bodies and many other kinds of cosmologies across the world, but I love my ancestors' idea of a giant tree the most. Then there are the people of our nations themselves. They were big believers in honour, winning honour and ...more

I enjoy reading and imagining the creation of monsters of astronomical size and the idea of all the gods and their orders and jobs.

Easily my favorite. A little difficult to understand, but when you uncover how well thought out these people/characters are, it's beautiful.

I com from a very old line that started Norse and slowly settled into Christian mythology. I think Christian mythology is boring.Norse is a very good and thought out mythology.

3 Egyptian Mythology

Dude this mythology should be in top 3. They had very powerful hero gods and villain gods. For instance Set was strong enough to move stars with his bare hands and could potentially be an ancient description of a planet buster by modern comic standards.
Egyptian gods have gone through some of the craziest hell back and forth. Horus had infinite stamina and could fight Set for 3 days straight, no good, no water. Amon Ra is basically the living tribunal then. There's Sekhmet who almost made mankind extinct when the Ra was pissed off. There were even villain magicians who could match Thoth's wisdom as a result of practicing heka( magic) to its fullest. Egypt also had some dope mythologies. They should be far up from where they are now.

Why is Arthurian legend higher? Despite being 1000s of years old, Ancient Egyptians were able to draw up stories about betrayal from one's own family, love and Justice! What makes it even more fun to my liking is how every being has his or her own abilities. Like how Thoth is known for his high IQ like an ancient Iron Man or Reed Richards and how Horus is like the young bad ass hero trying too take revenge on his uncle like the Lion King. But anyone notice how Horus vs Set is like Lion King's Simba vs Scar?

Egyptian mythology is great. It should be far higher than 5th. Ancient Egyptian mythology is one of the earliest mythologies to make use of early Chemistry. It is also the oldest on the list and was one of the longest worshiped religion. Classic heroes include Ra/Amon Ra, Hours, Osiris, Isis and many more.

The Kanes Chronicle series is a great depiction of Egyptian mythology to any book readers. Egyptian mythology has been around for thousand of years.

4 Chinese Mythology

Chinese mythology is one of the oldest. The novel Journey To The West is a great example.

Kinda complicated and hard but yea super cool and fun to learn!

When you read about a monkey beating up heaven...

It may be difficult with the elements, but by far in my opinion it's nice to see more interesting details in mythologies (in my opinion)

5 Arthurian Mythology

I like reading up on 1400s mythology.

6 Hindu Mythology

There is not much to say other than that these mythical stories of hinduism have survived the test of time and are incredibly detailed. Scholars of the time preserved these very well which explains how most things or almost everything in these stories make sense and are not speculation. The source material is not ambiguous in nature which is why it is interesting and doesn't leave a lot of room for questions.

In my opinion, Hindu Mythology is the BEST! Hey, this might be because I'm Hindu and I may be biased. Well, I try not to be. I was searching about Mythology for a project and I stumbled past this website. This got me thinking about this.
Hindu mythology is the base of Moral values. Hindu mythology has its own gods, it's own events, it's own amazing qualities. Everyone seems to be so calm, so just. Ranging from the EPIC Mahabharata to the simple daily lives of the gods, what's there not to like? I've learned to appreciate these stories and events. I Guess that's it. There is so much more to say that by the time I finish my fingers would have decayed. This is just my opinion and I have no intention of disrespecting any other religions or mythologies.

I rest my case!:)

Hindu mythology is the oldest and, in my opinion, the best.
If you haven't read it, You're missing a huge chunk of this planet's greatest works. Literally.
From the most destructive wars to the best sagas with strong, wise and intriguing characters; cutting-edge and awesome weapons and tech; it has them all. Inspiring and moral values inducing stories that everyone can learn from. It has the most gods and goddesses, all having unique characteristics and charming personas. Ever heard about wars as destructive as the Mahabharata, weapons more deadly than Lord Indra's Vajra, gods more charming than Lord Krishna and more destruction wrecking than Lord Shiva? It also easily has the most powerful demons and sorcerers. And it seriously covers every aspect of thinking from earth,space, mystic transformations, nuclear tech, the greatest love tales,the best reigns, to other realms or whathaveyou. It is afterall referred to as THE EPIC mythology. It is the oldest mythology and hence not ...more

Oldest and still existing. Also every single character has its story, its struggle, its reasons, also closest to modern science.

7 Celtic Mythology

Celtic is awesome it should be way higher.

8 Japanese Mythology

Japanese mythologies have multiple creatives things (in my opinion) which is mostly the Yokais, they are such unique creatures and it could really inspire multiple stories just by such a creature.

Japanese mythology is very old. Just like Chinese mythology, it has lasted a long time.

Yokai is creative and extensive, and have reasons for existing.

I think it kinda' great

9 Roman Mythology

I love this myths too. Its cool and less violence but my favourite part about it that these Roman Gods have triad that focuses on something like the Capitoline Triad.

The Roman mythology is like the other side to Greek mythology.

I love the romans just took the greek gods and renamed them.

10 Persian Mythology
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11 Christian Mythology

Almost as gruesome and barbaric as the others. It's put nice and orderly in one book. It stole a bit of mythology from others earlier (such as flood(Gilgamesh), creation, Yahweh killing a great sea serpent with a sword, turning water into wine (Greek god of wine), etc... but does so less than others. And keeps itself in reality for the most part post exodus.

Pretty good storytelling, but a bit inconsistent at times, and often features outdated ideology, like gay sex being a sin.

Probably the least gruesome mythos of all of these, less action but more good vibes

12 Aztec Mythology

I, for one think that Aztec mythology is beautiful. I believe it should be much higher.

13 Germanic Mythology

"Hey, what's wrong with it?

14 Buddhist Mythology
15 Mesopotamian Mythology

The Father of all mythologies. It inspired Greek Mythology and others and should be on top 5..

I love how the first mythology ever recorded really influenced generation to come.

Ancient as time itself.

16 Maya Mythology
17 Ananse Stories

Ananse stories originally began as tales of the anti hero , Kweku Anansi and evolved with a very huge large addition of characters. What sets Ananse stories apart from the other mythologies is the maturity these stories carry. Let's face it Greek mythology and co are so old they barely ring anything when we read em. They're just classic. Ananse stories on the other hand are well thought stories bone deep to flesh.

In the Ashanti Empire, children will gather around the story teller as they enlightened everyone. Now what makes it interesting is that for a civilization that did not have a widespread writing system, their stories sound much mature and realistic in our modern day age although they are pretty old.

Anase stories are so easy to understand and they have so many moral lessons to take note of. But at the same time, the stories are so complex and deep.

Ananse was probably an early world genius in fiction not for his scientific knowledge but his smarts. He could outsmart anyone and mostly got away with it. The stories begun simple but got complicated later on.

18 Inca Mythology
19 Babylonian Mythology
20 Islamic Mythology
21 Jewish Mythology
22 Korean Mythology

Korean Mythology is pretty hard to pronounce, but they are so good! I love it!

23 Native American Mythology
24 English Mythology
25 Yoruba

It is fascinating

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