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1 Murder Mystery

This is the best game ever I play roblox I am super luigi dummy on roblox check out my games

Murder Mystery is so fun and addicting, My nephew and I played it for about 7 hours straight! - jbradbradley

I like the game

This is from 2014 correct me if I'm wrong - TheKirbyCreeper999

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2 The Complex V.4

Amazing game that gives me heaps of memories from when I was younger

I like version 7 better

It's very unlikly to have fun here when you don't have any friends!

3 Jaws

I never played but it's better then all these games

It is quite had

It is hella fun dudes

Love it play it avre day

4 Catalog Heaven

Really fun, find the best gear and fight with it, simple!

I like catalog heaven

Don't have enough Robux to get the gear? Well no worry Catalog Heaven has that and more. Get weapons and Battle People.

This game is awesome, the gun I really wanted is Hyperlaser, but it is banned since it is too strong. It can kill you even if you have force field

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5 Paintball

This game died but it use to be my favorite game.

That's seems fun

Wow I never knew this was so fun

Pantball by daxter33, one of the best games on roblox, hands down, also the most visited game with over 28 million!

6 (Drumro please) Work at a Pizza Place

I like the game

I like, I mean LOVE this game. The only thing I don't like about it is the update of the cars. When you turn, the view doesn't switch to where you're driving. Its probably hard to understand, so play the game and go on the car

I love how you can design your own house!

I love this game. I play it everyday.

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7 Robloxity

Awesome game different from all the other cites. Why because buy cars and houses and all the cars and houses are different not all the same. Cops and Criminals war or just relax at a mountain.

By the maker of Welcome to the Town of Robloxia 1dev2 (1dev3) Robloxity! This is a Role play game that has working cash cars boats and even a heli!

I joined in 2013 and this was the first game I played!

It is fun and teaches you about life!

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8 Hide N' Seek

I remember playing this when I was a guest for at least 2 years it was so popular but now jailbreak is destroying that game

Like a real life game you can play in a video game. Hide your way before people can seek you. Or you can find people before time runs out.

Its really fun so many copywriters though.

9 Pokemon Adventure

Too be honest this game was a BLAST I loved it but when project Pokemon came out kinda... Made it less popular? the game is still in fine condition and it is also being played by a lot of players. but I do miss when this was at the front page.

10 Simon Says

Another real life game in a video game. You have to do what simon says or you loose and wait for another game. Or if you are simon you get to choose anything that other people do but you don't.

A new game for 2013, but real fun!

I love it! I play it all the time. awesome game

I like simon says. It is also a real game.

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11 Apocalypse Rising v4.4.1

It's real fun but I don't really enjoy the forest...

Best game on ROBLOX! It's just like the game unturned on steam but on ROBLOX!

You will never get bored.

Yes, well I did get bored as soon has I played this game

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12 Freeze Tag

Popular for ages. You are getting chased by 3 taggers and you have to run. Before time runs out you run or chase.

13 Hide and Seek 930 Fields) - VIP on sale!

It's real fun. I'm happy it was so darn close to 1st! :D

Best game a really good for if your bored and have nothing to do

14 Driveblox Unlimited

I always play it it's so fun but my game doesn't glitch

This is probally higher on your list but I have it down here because every time I play it, I glitch.

Aws0me game me likey likey

15 The Stalker

This game has been with me so long and still is in my favourite section

Best fps in roblox ever

I love this game! It's like at a halo type place. I got crushed by a cargo ship thing though. I saw the blood and everything!

This games is EPIC! It should be in the top ten, even better, AT TOP 3!

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16 Possession

Ever been possessed by a demon ghost?... Well, now you can with Possesion!

17 Super Bomb Survival

The Person who made this game is awesome

18 Two Player Gun Factory

This game never gets old and its good to have a friend in your factory

19 Have a Family in the Town on Robloxia tm

It's more better then "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia" now-a-days. It's made from the same creator (I think). This game is the new version of "Welcome to the Town on Robloxia" though.

20 Sword Fighting Tournament

Great designs, great game, great everything what else can you ask for. Attacking people with swords for points and get point for more sword so you can attack more people and get MORE POINTS!

21 Natural Disaster Survival

Best game in Roblox ever

I love these kind of games! There is this one where you are on a small island and there is a tall tower where you go when you die.

This the best game ever! Why is it so low? IT SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! STUPID CREATOR! - Enderspark2791

22 Survive the 87 Disasters! FIXED

Not so famous as it was last year, but still on the front page a few times. It's lucky it made the top 5!

23 Apocalypse Rising

Zombie, I think yes. With a few months of staying on the first chart is has to be good. Even better than some zombie games that are payed!

24 The Mad Murderer

Best game where the murderer tries to kill people and the sheif tries to stop them

Fun game like murder mystery but in 3rd person view

Its not no1... this is 2013. not 14


25 Base Wars: The Land

This game is great but only one probably spawn killers

It's great and saves your kills...Got 14000 so far :D

26 Call of Robloxia 5 - Roblox at War

This is gonna be even better once the new update comes out! Can't wait!

It has better graphics for it's year

Everyone should like this game. (2 of my friends said its too hard but then they started getting better and they would now try to do trickshots! I love this game!

This game is going to be awesome when he updates it to have something to do wityh the levels

27 Hospital Roleplay
28 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

Not the advanced town not the edited one and not the next one the original one made by the original awesome person 1Dev2. Has houses, cars, shops like a real city. Got to love the original.

This one is boring. But there was one called, "Slenderman in the town of robloxia." I ran slenderman over with a car. LOL

I don't like the newer version all that much. I was obsessed with the original version, and I was kind of mad when he closed it to update it: Now, it's really not for me. I actually prefer the older neighbourhoods in general more than newer ones.

I love this game but its not as popular as last year

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29 Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia

Remake? No it it's own with little designs of Town of Robloxia. Has been on the number one chart for Months and still going!

30 Deadzone

The Best for surviving

Good weapons

I love the wps and I have lots and lots of admin stuff like megma ghillie

31 Sniper City

prity cool

32 What Am I Drawing

Figure out what people are drawing and you may be next. If you are drawing draw what it says and if someone figures it out they are next.

33 Attack On Titan Trost District

Oh yay I played this game make this one of the top ten. thanks valerio47 you're the best!

For me its very great game. You should play it. you can buy the pass the transform to a titan.

34 Boxville Correctional Center V3
35 The Complex V7

I think it's better then all of them

36 Obby Tycoon 3

Its quite fun you know :D

37 Pokemon Reborn RPG

This pokemon game is the best one ever in history of Roblox! (Certainly deserves to be a top ten

It has very very good graphics and always gives me luck

This game is awesome. Continue like you are!

38 Epicwars

It is so good its by epichockeypie

39 Skydive for Admin

These games were classics
I remember logging onto roblox many times, ready to play one of these admin games. These ones were my favorites.

40 Trucking Tycoon

loved it

I love this server, it's really fun the only thing I hate is that the mine is very hidden and everyone's crashing.

Arguably the best tycoon on Roblox.

I like tycoon games

41 Sandbox

Awesome if your not a noob like you

42 Obby for Admin

Great! By iAmazeman he creates great games with lots of good tecture.

43 Pokemon Bluesteel
44 Prophunt

Admire this game, be a prop

I play it a lot it's decent

45 Street Racing Unleashed 1.2.0
46 Bleach RPG [v.1.5] [20 Players Limit]

This game is made by Rukiryo, This game includes Levels, Skills, Types of Team [Arancar, Soul reaper].
This game is awesome Because it includes Squads, Espada's. Therefor you can battle Friends In Tg=Training ground And you might Become a Captain By Skills...

47 Closedrator New !~!

This game includes Levels, Gold, XP, and PvP Points.
Play it it is awesome..
Contact [XxXarmezXxX] To get more information.

48 Traitor Trouble

Better than murder mystery play it.

49 Tornado Alley 2

This is so addicting! I played it for hours! :D

50 Storm Chasers/Slender 2 Games In 1

It is so fun! 1 Love how you can chase tornadoes nonstop. You never know whats gonna happen! :D

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