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1 Lag

Lags can ruin the entire game and not fun anymore like jailbreak, it accidentally lagged when I have strong connection for some reason. It so unfair for all players who have faster and stronger connections in roblox.

I hate lag bc is ruin my fun and one time when I was lag when I play some game ( I can't remember the name) is just stuck when I was walking in that game!? this is the most annoy one ever in my lifeeee

This is the worst. So how bad can the lag be; if there is a lag then there will at least be 3 second delay which just ruin the fun. Also (may contribute to chat spamming) whenever people chat spam it ruins my mac and will take couple of second to load. Of course you can block but sometime creater changes board which shows the usernames in game. This made it impossible to block.I completely understand how people will just comment "Get a better device". Since this is a poll, this is my thought. Please feel free to comment.

ROBLOX's engine is horrible. If you try to make a huge map with many content, it will lag horribly, even if you have a good PC. Grand Theft Auto V, for example, has more realistic graphics and doesn't lag that much.

2 Trolls

Trolls are annoying, bad to be around and just never know when to stop. They always just say stuff like "I did your mum last night and it was good." It's not nice to be trolled, and it can just ruin a game for others, who have to see trolls typing insults and "did yo mama" stuff.

Those are annoying, most of them are obnoxious cowcow fans who troll mostly at roplay games.

Yeah, this and ODers who are nasty to you for no reason other than to impress girls/guys online

3 A game that looks like one thing, but is actually something different

This one is super annoying and very common to all games in roblox. Like Break-In story, its very different, childish and unfinished game.

I was going to play a four player tycoon with my friends and I see one and then it randomly sends me to a normal tycoon not even 2 player.

ROBLOX itself is a kind of clickbait. It says it's free, although it's not. Also they say you can do everything and you can have fun, but in reality you can't even damn sprint without scripts.

That's basically clickbait.

4 Glitches and errors

I really really REALLY! hate these glitches because when I first play other games in roblox he was far away from me and arrest me, the dude was not even holding anything and he was so far away for me to tase and also when going jewel store other players are no-clipping through that's why I don't like these glitches because it was so lame and unfair for other players.

Can someone explain why many Roblox games give me the "this game may perform poorly on your device" warning when I am playing on an I pad with fully updated iOS, and many such games do indeed lag off after anything from a few seconds to some minutes. However when I play on my I phone (with the same broadband connection) the games run much smoother and there are no lagging off issues.

I hate this because when I'm playing Jailbreak I'm super far away and all of a sudden the dude arrests me or I get arrested fr no reason at all.

Also, id=17 is a annoying error every time you play the game. Maybe it caused by a computer virus, malware, Trojan, worms and EVERYTHING that any computer viruses can easily causes a id=17.

5 Hashtags

Ok, lets be realistic. Of course the hashtags annoy and infuriate me to such an extent, but, like I said, let's be honest. Every inappropriate kid (teehee maybe me) tries to find clever ways to say inappropriate stuff without it being censored. We all remember that time when we substituted letters for numbers to spell bad words, right? Well, numbers are tagged. What about your friends telling your real name? Well, names are tagged. Roblox will not tag words unjustly to ruin your rp experience. I mean, Roblox wants you to play that game, so why ruin your rp experience? So, in conclusions, hashtags suck, but so do we and we deserved this.

You would still hate it if they didn't use #'s as the symbol, but anyway, the only problem is that they block innocent words like "ok".

Hashtags are so annoying. I could be typing in a player's name to ask them to team with me, or that they are a good player, when hashtags cover up my sentence and everyone looks at it and thinks "This player is swearing! " or "What is this player saying? " This is a problem when hashtags are covering regular everyday non-swear words, or saying a player's username.

They don't even tag bad words! I can't even type in "well" and "hate". They tag everyday words, but they don't even censor a lot of swear words and "drink bleach"! They also tag "phone" and misspelled words.

6 Losing connection in an awesome game

I can't play RoCitizens because of this. Every single time I try to, the game won't properly download for at least eight minutes. I've waited patiently, because one of my friends who is a real life and virtual friend, visits ROBLOX about once in a two-month time period and the only game they want to play is RoCitizens, so either I have to try and wait, or I have to suggest another game to them. On top of that, even if they aren't just a virtual, video-game friend, I don't have their details or number or anything in real life, as we have only met once. If games took two to three seconds to load, this problem would be solved!

Don't you hate it when you spent so much time to an awesome tycoon or an simulator game, you lose connection and all your progress to the game is lost. it's so annoying!

I was trying to get in the RM containment facility until when I joined the game just crashes. It super annoying and if I keep doing it the less it will crash.

This sucks because sometimes the server is great and then for some reason I get disconnected completely.

7 People that call you a noob because you have no Robux.

Who cares about it? It's like a generation. Noob next Pro and then Hacker. Dude, its like an evolution of a player or a life cycle like other guy said.

I hate this I got bully like 10 times now and what is so bad when you don't have robux have robux or not is not even ehh even good like there is a free clothes free hair free hat free item!

I sometimes wonder if there is any hope in humanity? I mean..did you really think that I am going to spend money on a game-a kids game? No! Why? Because I'm better off saving that money for college or buying something "REAL" with it. Like cloths or shoes-or something like that. I get why YouTubers do it, because It's their job and they get paid for it. But I have no real reason to buy anything on this game because It doesn't really do me any good. I'm not saying that you can't buy roblox. No. Do whatever makes you happy!

I hate this since I've been playing for about 3 years of Roblox and then just because I have free clothes people troll me or call me noob.

8 Popular People

Roblox is like high school. Noobs. Popular people, and mediocre, ignored people. I'm not ignored, but I'm not "popular", nobody asks compliments me unless I compliment them first, and nobody follows my account. So yea... I'm like a mixture of all three.

People seem popular because they have friends. They have friends by generally being a nice and sociable person. How is this annoying? How could it annoy people to see people being happy together?

Like youtubers who make clickbait and has annoying fans that ruin this whole game.

Bruh one of my friends in Roblox banned me from his game with his other friends.

9 Spammers and scammers

Some guys in jailbreak always have a lot of spammers and scammers. I got scammed a few times when a cop says free keycard. And there is this cop spammed me to gice him robux. How Greedy! They should ban for good!

Ok ok ok… we all know that bots that try to let you go into a link to get free robux scams you. Oh? And spammers are really annoying as well. I bet that a few kids will fall for it ever day. SMH.

In case of anyone who doesn't know..

Scammers are people who post comments, promising free Robux to anyone who goes to a link inside the comment. These are fake, and going on the site and downloading the Robux program will get your account hacked. An example is 'Get free Robux at this link! :'.

Spammers are people who either:
1) Post unnecessary comments just for the sake of it. An example is text/ascii art.
2) Post the same comment repeatedly.

Spamming, scamming, and exploiting can cause major issues for games, making the creators create specific areas just to get reports about them. Roblox removing admins didn't help.

10 Unnecessary censorship

Definitely. I was on another one of those Obbys and a few levels where you have to guess which path to take. Those aren't obstacles! That's a guessing game! Anyway, after I did that, I typed in how to beat those stupid levels and the damn hashtags came up! what!

I swear, the censorship on Roblox NEEDS to get fixed.
I can't even say words like "I" and "the" without them getting censored.

I say something like k and it starts censoring it fr no reason at all or I say kill it censors that too.

They don't even censor the word Hell. C mon guys, like why is this uncensored?

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11 ODers

I know ODers are inappropriate and gross but not all of them are pedophiles. Greenlegocats basically scares his 9-13 year old fans by saying every ODer is a pedophile and child predator. But the pedophiles are very rare and you most likely will not find one. It's not really that big of a problem but it's still inappropriate and nasty. I only see them in RP games. If you look at them as the biggest problem on roblox, greenlegocats probably scared you.

Not really as bad as people make it out to be, but I do dislike it, I've always thought roblox was a multiplayer game where you can play with friends and create your own hangout, not a dating site. Cowcow is probably what made most people hate it. Not every ODer is a pedophile (the chance where you can find one is rare), but yeah, it's very unnecessary.

To all the ODers, ROBLOX is NOT an online dating game. Why online date there when you can online date at an online dating app? You know you can get banned!

"It's just roleplay", they say.

Just because you're roleplaying doesn't mean you get to break the Roblox rules. Rules are still rules.

Sadly Roblox doesn't do anything about ODers, but they ban someone for saying "yes".

ODing can be extremely dangerous, because sometimes it gets to the point where personal info is released.

Even if you know the person you're dating IRL, don't date in roblox. It could influence others to OD.

12 Spawn Killers

Man, I hate spawn killers. They never allow access the people that spawn at the spawn have a chance. They just want kills, ITS JUST A GAME.

These are the kind of people that camp at spawn and just waits for you to come back so they can kill you again and again and again.

My god I hate those with a burning passion, in almost every fighting game I play, there's at least 1 spawn killer.

That's why I don't really play much fighting games.

13 Too Many Kids

Whoever made top comment is a kid. LOL not to many kids, look at it, it is a kids game even though that 12+ tag there you dingus in the top comment.

Roblox game is for children. Why adults playing it? the hackers is very annoying, oDer too. The adults did everything bad in roblox game. so it's normality kids playing roblox. You think it's adults game NO WAY

There are actually some mature people on Roblox, but the amount of kids on the platform is just insane.

Random terrible roasters too. They roast you for know reason, making it worthless.

14 Too many copied games

I like searching for games sometimes and it's annoying seeing the same type of game constantly. There are so many obbies and tycoons, it drives me crazy. So many Murder Mystery based games as well. Murder Mystery isn't even that good of a game.

I've found stuff like TOH which the rip-off is Tower of Heaven or among us TOH and the rip-off are very annoying.

They copied my game a lot, there is this game that copied my game, and it has some random name that doesn't even go with the game, and it's graphics are bad compared to mine, the game also has more visits than mine does, and it is way more laggy than mine, bit guess what? It has more visits than mine! WHY DO PEOPLE PLAY STUPID COPIES?

Piggy, tower of hell, etc.

15 Misleading titles, pictures of games

I played roblox then I saw a Hello Neighbor game coming out but when I saw this it looks fake and it's nothing but a childish obby that I need to deal with it.

True Story.

Simply downloading thumbnail from famous youtubers and upload to his game. And yeah, pretending that is nice but no anything.

And most of the time the pictures are in low quality!

Do you mean clickbait?

16 Girls with the Big Legs

In roblox it looks stupid and their legs don't even connect to their body.

Why? Why have big legs? Does it even mean anything?

They look so ugly dude. Also they might be toxic.

Why is this even a trend these days?

17 Players blame you when you're innocent

Flicker. I was medic. This one guy (he was a survivor) blamed me. I told him I was medic and that now I was gonna die. He still voted me. Turns out he was on good team and I owned him when we both died.

18 Joining the same server over and over again

The worst thing becomes when your friend joins a server that has something that annoys you ex. people who would bully you are on it, or (in games like tower of hell) there is an annoying stage you can't pass. There should be a way of quick picking a random server when your friend is in the same game as you wanna play

You might be in a server which has annoying players. You leave the server. But when you click play the game. Your back in the same server and you have to face those annoying players again. Annoying right?

Sometimes I wanna play a game w my friends but the game is always full so I have to join another server. But then when try to join another server I am put in the same one and my friend still can't get in! I have no idea why roblox removed parties because I usually play in a huge group and now we can never get in a server together.

I join a server with a spot only in the team which is losing badly. Then I leave and join again and it forever brings me to the same server.

19 Friends unfriend you for no reason

The reason for that is that kids tend to unfriend people that they rarely play with and people that look like noobs. If you never delete any friends most of them will eventually stop playing roblox and you will only have around 20 active friends out of 200(the limit) as the others stopped playing roblox.

That's what happens when you befriend literally everyone you meet. Try talk with the people first and AFTER THAT, send them a request.

I highly agree for this one, I was hanging out with a friend I made on roblox then the next day she unfriendedme for no reason. I was really annoyed for that.

I unfriend people if they don't even go online always or serve no purpose, or they just friend me randomly.

20 Most games are closed to visitors

The popular ones aren't though.
Most private games are because they're personal, which means they are niche.

Just think about it. You want to find some awesome games and you realize that half of them are closed to visitors. It sucks right

Yeah. Some ultimate driving games are currently closed.

I hate it just when you find the game you've been looking for, and it's closed. ;-;

21 The Removal of Tixs

Well, this might've actually been good. Because if tix still existed, Roblox's economy could crash, causing the website to be shut down. Don't want that to happen, eh?

Massive mistake on Roblox's part... Now people can't even get what they want and have to pay real money just to get it now... This is what is was like for me, *with Tixs around gets whatever I want/needed after a few days to a few weeks* Okay... Got this and this... Equip them... *the day tix were removed*...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? How do they expect people who JUST JOIN whom may OR may NOT have a credit card and money on it to buy crap without Tix and without Robux?!

If they removed them because they're "confusing to new players," then why did Roblox implement them in the first place?

Tix! Robox is greedy they only care about money and not players. If you feel me, comment and quit ROBLOX.

22 Guests

The guests are not the annoying ones. If anything it is guest haters and it's the people who play as guests to troll people. You cannot blame guests for that. It is extremely mean to call them noobs. Everyone was one at one point in their lives. Attention everyone stop being mean to guests. They are only learning and if you are that mean to them then don't bother playing in the first place idiots. They don't have accounts because they want to play for free just to see if it is even worth buying the game. If you won't stop being jerks then karma will get you all! Some parents want their kids safe on the internet so that's why they don't create accounts and you can still befriend a guest even if they don't talk.

I love playing ROBLOX, but these demonic accounts just ruin the fun. They try to kill their own team, they are noobs 99% of the time, and they just want to troll people. They cannot be banned, so they are pretty much given a free pass to troll anyone they want. And they do that, they troll anyone they want, I have been trolled by a guest many times.

These monsters ruined a whole lot of ROBLOX for me. I like ROBLOX still, but when I encounter one of these awful beings, it's not a fun experience.

They act stupid, are trolls and always try to ruin the fun and get their own team to lose. I cannot stand guests, just make an account, it's not hard.

23 Invaded with acronyms

Acronyms are everywhere and I've actually only seen the most common ones on Roblox. This isn't really a Roblox-specific problem.

They use internet slangs but I don't think this is a problem.

24 Being Kicked Out of a Game for No Reason

Once I was playing an RP game just to check it out, and when I barely joined, I was kicked out for no reason!

25 ClickMe and DontClickme accounts

This is so true! I clicked one of their accounts and it told me to go on some dumb scam website which hacks your roblox account! Everyone should know that these are robots!

It's a whole new wave of bot accounts and God, it's so annoying.
NO, I don't want to go to some free robux site to get my account stolen!

Why do these exist?

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