Best Roleplaying Games On Roblox

These are the good, the bad, and the ugly roleplays on ROBLOX!

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1 The Island Of Mezaa

Island of Mezaa is truly a memorable roleplaying game. The plot is thick and intriguing, the customization is broad and allows you to make a truly unique wolf, and the community is amazing! I used to play this game all the time and roleplay to my heart's content! Unfortunately it has taken severe hits to its popularity and not many play it now. But it truly deserves the recognition it gets! - maplerose

This is a great game! I enjoy the story plot and the models!

I looked at it and searched but nothing came up except for beach house


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2 Eerie Pizzeria Roleplay

All fnaf games are horrible

The most worst game. Mostly filled with online daters, or someone who says they're going to report you. I wish this game was never made.

It's a nice game

I still think a few fnaf games are okay, this such. there's no reason to call the game trash if you don't like the players.

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3 FNaf Roleplay

Fnaf makes me want to crawl up in a little hole and die. - idkdan

An oldie but a goodie. Only real professionals play this game anymore. The downsides are its way too dark and there is too many glitches. "Noobs" who play this game use girlfriend way too much also. - Seeingfuture

All Undertale and FNAF games on ROBLOX are horrible. 0/0, Never play.

Awww, when I play this I understand something. Most RP game is basically morph your self into a character and chat with others end of story

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4 Beach House Roleplay

To be honest, I have always loved this game. But there is a lot of bullies on this game and such. - Seeingfuture

I love this game and I seen this map it was awesome but later s bully came and was saying shut up all the time but if he wants silence why does he say shut up even if we are quiet?

I think this game is amazing and I am playing it write now

I am going to play this game right now

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5 Kingdom Life II

This should be much higher, especially over the FNAF stuff. There are two types of this game, suited for 2 different types of people. The original is mainly for little kids and is very limited to introduce them a little to the basics of roleplaying. The better version is mainly for pros and introduces people to creating a roleplaying name and story, creating a character and even the symbols used in roleplaying. It also has rules. Both versions are beginner friendly and the staff are nice and understanding. - LemonComputer

I REALLY love this game! I loved the first, though I hated the limited roles/morphs and such. It's very enchanting, allowing you to be anything you want, and the fact it's set in medieval times gives it a nice twist. There's so many people, all very diverse. It barely happens when you find yourself walking into your clone. ( Unless you use a common outfit/the default outfit ) Only things I don't like about it are when people randomly start attacking you. This should be like, at least 2nd or 3rd place. It's honestly my favorite RPG, so far. and I don't think anything will surpass this particular RPG. It's so unique, in a world where copies are common, and games and fandoms compete to see who's better.

This game is amazing, sure theirs game passes to add more content, It is somewhat hard to even find good role players, but this is one of those role playing games with a lot of content, A decent sized map, Races you can be, And a lot of clothes and accessories you and wear.

This. Game. Is. AMAZING! This is, hands down, my all-time favourite roblox game!

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6 Pokemon Evolutions.V2

"Hey, how was your day Mew? I'm a trainer! OH GOD WHY ARE YOU KILLING ME! ". True story.

This game is good because a lot of professionals play this but, Many noobs play here and ask obvious questions like "HOW DO I USE THE ATTACKS". Also the attacks are broken. - Seeingfuture

At least it's better than FNaF - TeamRocket747

Awesome game

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7 Any My Little Pony roleplay

Nobody likes these. Lets be honest. - Seeingfuture

Those are so childish!

One day I put in horses and the only horses games I got were who's my little pony and am a boy! AM A BOY!

Meh, Nobody plays this garbage games. - LapisBob

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8 After the Flash

It is a great roleplaying game, it is set in a post-apocalyptic world...

After the Flash is a legend. It'll never truly die out, it's still barely clinging on to population. I remember non-stop playing Sandstorm, but unfortunately, Sandstorm died out and everyone plays Deep Space or Rain now. Still a brilliant game with fascinating factions and lore. Worthy of more appreciation. - GordonRamsay

It's a great game, but the lore is way to complicated and if you wanted to be in the group you'd have to pass this test involving a ton of lore questions. Great game but hard to get into.

After the Flash is the Best RP Game in Roblox, You can do anything ( If that doesn't break the rule. ) In ATF! Awesome!

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9 Modern House Roleplay

An Online-Dating haven for little kids.

Now, I have never played this before but I have seen videos about it. Do not unleash a hate attack. Please - Seeingfuture

I love this game because you can have a baby


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10 Roblox High School

There are lots of online daters and people who just copy other people's outfits and roleplay names. There are also lots of people who don't accept new stories and characters. Fantasy characters would be made fun off and would have quite a bad experience unless they're lucky enough to go onto a server with people less stuck up. However, this is a very nice game and I do play it a lot. - LemonComputer

I love this game when it comes to playing with friends that I know personally or people that I play a lot with online. I also love how you can change your outfit whenever you want and decorate your house, however, I wish the classes actually made you do something (like royal high) and more stuff to do.

It's a pretty good game except the fact that there are very limited things you can do here. I wish there was more a variety of things and subjects and actual stuff to fo during the subjects other than sitting there and waiting for it to be done. Also there should be clubs you can go to, your own houses and being able to invite people over. Or other things like that because it honestly needs more variety.

I really like this game, I do wish that you could get more money, anyways, if you havnt played it, you should

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The Newcomers

? Dragon's Life by Shyfoox Studios

I have roleplayed here longer than anywhere..Until warrior cats forgotten legends - Sneakyfox

haha meet


? Warrior Cats: The Forgotten Legends

There is an amazing variety of colors for your cat, features for your cat, and the only bad things are are the game rule breakers and painters. I recommend it to all ages and both genders - Sneakyfox

Also, My name on there is kawaiikittenxoxox so if you need help ask me - Sneakyfox

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11 Rocitizens

Apparently, a big update is on its way. I love it even without the big update. Everyone is saying they would accept even a small update, but they've been given small updates, they just haven noticed them. More things were added on the phone and seasons were added.

I play it every time I get to and I met a lot of new people yesterday. Today I might role play with them again. I highly suggest it to people who want to meet others, or just to plain role play!

Good game I used to play it literally everyday, but it really needs to update more often and I do understand it take a while but even something small will help. It's gotten old for me. You should try it out!

I Play this game so much I even ran my own restaurant and of course the updates are just so good I love it when the new update on August was realeased I Ioved actually it’s the best roleplay game ever!

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12 The Neighborhood of Robloxia

This game is really fun and I really like this game because they have jobs and you can set goals and interact with people and actually have something to do through these jobs. My only problem is that sometimes people try to exclude you from the job, or the police put you in jail for no reason... but otherwise I love this game!

The Neighborhood of robloxia is a roleplaying game filled with really awesome roleplaying characters you earn money per shift you do in your job and also you can raise or adopt an family in mansions/1 Story houses/2 Story houses.

Such a cool game! It's way more advanced than other games like life in paradise or adopt and raise a cute kid!

This game should be in 4th Place, seriously. but sad how peoples used to RP but now You need like friends to roleplay...but sure You can find 1 or 2 good Roleplayers on the server.

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13 Anime High School (Slice of Life)

I have played it its not poplar but it good

My favorite! It's not popular, but it's really good! One downside is that few people play it. So you'll see the same people on it all the time.. Also the weebs.

It's awesome the whole slice of life kinda ruins it though... cause who has seen a good anime with out some form of unrealistic stuff


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14 Darkened Dawn

I've met some of my best friends on Darkened Dawn, and I know most of the other players there off by heart. Truly is a game to cherish and a community to praise. - GordonRamsay

Very good game to play in, only don side is that when you do an action nobody takes notice of it and doesn't follow.

Eh, the map is cool, but most of the characters are overpowered Mary Sues.

Best supernatural RP, hands down. There are a lot of people who play for the combat, and many of the characters are very generic, but there are characters that are very good amongst the FRPers.

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15 Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby

This game is overrated and boring and I don't see any entertainment in it glad that I got Rc7 to destroy it! And trolling too and I also find it fun to explode peoples ears in the game! Also its very lame Like really lame All you do is make a family and then Date IS THAT ALL?!

This is just another online dating paradise. Literally, all you do is adopt some ugly kids, buy a cheap house and date some lame 5-year-old. Then, you leave the game, join another server, and the cycle repeats.

I play this game a lot. My first ever ROBLOX game very fun and the only role playing game where I actually get adopted. The original game got ban but the new version is the same. I like to play as a baby most of the time it's more fun in my opinion. If you want to get adopted/ adopt a child play this game.

Who is the creator of this game?

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16 Vampire Kingdom

This was one of the very first rpg's I've ever done and I joined in 2013! It's still operating in 2018, and it's honestly still my favourite! -Rosie1964 (If you catch me on there, just say hey! )

This game is good for fierce role-players

This is a very good game, and It is very enjoyable. There are many roles to select from, such as Vampire, Werewolf, Hunter, Human, Rebel, Other (I paticularily use 'other' for demons), and that's only the start. There are also many different outfits and accessories to choose from, as well as a manual to make yourself bigger or smaller, transparent, have a fire effect or a sparkle effect, and much more! The map is a good size with many secret rooms and entrances. I highly suggest it, especially if you like grim roleplays.

One of my favorite roleplay games ever

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17 Eternal Moon

I spend a lot, I mean A LOT, of time on this game. It's really amazing, and I really love Eternal Moon 3, too!

Personally, I prefer Darkened Dawn as I think the community is more of a family and it's easier to interact with other people, whereas in Eternal Moon, it's usually private roleplay and if you aren't roleplaying with any friends, you're kind of on your own because nobody notices you. However, it's got some really nice buildings and animations. - GordonRamsay

This one is the best on this list, I have never played a supernatural role-play this good.

I've never played this, but I might try it out!

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18 Pacifico

Amazing game. The graphics and setting is just stunning and realistic style of the game takes your breath away when you first enter. The only thing I hate about it is that the servers that have the good role players are usually full, so you have to make do with the lesser ones. But I can say this is by FAR one of the best ones out there.

I would honestly vote for this game as well for being an amazing role-playing game. It has a vast map, with amazing models of cars, houses, and, in general, the map. It looks stunning, for it being an island, however it gives off so much life with its areas in which you can be part of.

It's The Best I have Played It Has Good Graphics But there's one thing that Sucks And that is There's No Gum if you Be a Police Officer.

Really good but it needs an RP discord and RP servers like greenville has because I hate playing on normal servers and people don't RP at all or just are really bad at RP.

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19 Starship Roleplay

Honestly, this is the best role-playing game that has ever existed on ROBLOX, for it has an amazing map so far, and has a short, but amazing lore right now. As well as its community being amazing with its groups of vast lore and supporting members. This game deserves to make it up to the top. Roblox Tactical Engineers deserves to be put up with the gods.

Awesome game, made by the Roblox Tactical Engineers group.

Love it honestly one best role play games with amazing costumes and roles so much to role play I could spend all day playing

I've roleplayed as the Medical Officer in this game for ages, and it's great! The community is small and good, there are little to no trolls and everyone knows how to roleplay properly.

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20 Lion RP

This was my favorite game back in 2015. The lion appearance tab has a lot of features. Clans were a cool addition. I liked it better when the ice area was around. Back in 2015 there were a lot (and I mean A LOT) of exploiters, that problem was fixed. The only problems I have with the new November 8, 2017 edition is that noises. One more would have to be the actual role-players on there: They OD, they ignore you, and all think they are royalty when they're not the king of the clan (Or queen).

I love this game. Very addicting and I recommend it to all (Role) Players. You can be your own standard lion, or any other animal because why not? And also, I see many other people playing as characters from other games I'm familiar with, life Fnaf, Pokemon and Undertale. The characterisation is very precise and so are the names and bio. You can join Prides, buy clothing, and even poke your tongue out. I really like this role play a and I think others will agree

Used To Be My Favourite But Then Servers Got Smaller And There Wasn't Really Much Toi Do Anymore.

Nobody roleplays on it, It was cool though. - Sneakyfox

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21 Life in Paradise

Whatcha say? This game is filled with 3 year olds asking people who they don't know on a date? I agree. 1/10

This was the first ever role-play game I had ever played and it is great for starting role-players to get used to the basics but I recommend that after learning the basics move on up in the scales like I did!

I can't say that this game is the best, but I have seen worse. It's mainly about yourself in 'paradise', yet the creator obviously didn't pay that much attention to the detail, so I wouldn't say it's that much of a 'paradise', and most of the players are 'Online Daters'. Perhaps if the game had a better community, AND if the creator paid much more attention to detail, I would've at least have put this game at the top 10.

Terrible game - robloxlover

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22 Star Wars Awakening

Brings in a whole new community of people that have unique personalities and ideas. While it can be difficult dealing with some trolls, it is full of fast-paced action and lore that is easy to read up on.

Although it's hacked often, it is a fun game to play, especially as I am a Star wars fan.

I love this game I love it so much because I'm a star wars geek

I don't really like starwars - well I don't like star wars but this game was actually really good!

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23 Dawn of the Wolves

It's such a unique Rpg. Each wolf has it's own ability, strengths and weaknesses. You can fly, teleport and even run super fast. The map is huge and pretty, and there's so much freedom you can have that would usually be restricted in other wolf games, such as magic. I play it every day and in my opinion it's even better than Mezaa!

Customization is good and there's actually a few unique options in there that you'd usually have to mention in your bio for people to know. You can have broken legs/wings, floppy ears, glowing eyes and have longer teeth. The only problem with this update is that it now takes a while to load and lags for some, but probably the best non-gui wolf customization out there.

Despite the amount of gore in this game, it does have humour. The Genetics and magics room is the best example of this, and you can tell that the creator isn't all serious and strict based on that room. I love this game so much

Problem... Is it not on roblox anymore? I've been looking for it for like 30 mins (BECAUSE I <3 WOLVES AND WOLVES LIFE SHUT DOWN FOR ME ) I really wanna play it and its sounds really fun but I can't ;-; someone please comment whether or not its gone. :(

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24 Kingdom Life III

Such a great game! The wide range of customisable features, and the experienced role-players on this game are amazing!

Rlly good game but should add a fake chta so u can say anything without hash tags

25 Dragon Ball RP: Legends

I play this game a lot, it's got a lot of moves from all the shows, and it can fit any player!


By Kaiserion. Amazing in my Opinion. tons of moves, virtually impossible to make a character without the moves you want. Highly recommended.


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26 Tattletail Roleplay

It has been heavily updated, it's amazing! I love it a lot

I've been playing this game since it was in beta, why is this not higher!?

I love this game

i love it!

27 The Pizzeria Roleplay: Remastered

I love it, you have to play to unlock new characters, you can create your own Five nights at Freddy's Original Character, and You can create some amazing stories. 10/10

It is AMAZING I love it but it's a little broken now I can't play it the button to play is broken otherwise 10/10

I love this game, It's very distinct and I have met a very nice friend on it who I've lost over my absence.

it awesome

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28 Animatronic World

Animatronic World is a very good game to role-play in =P

It is nice you can make your own animatronic and have a good role play if you like fnaf and role playing this is the game for you!

Its Fun To Make Your Cool Oc And You Can Play As The Main Player It's A Good Game To Me.

It's da best fnaf roleplay in roblox

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29 Wolves of Chasma: Genesis

This game was closed but its possibly closed forever now

The map is nice, and my favorite part are the camps

The wolves of Chasma has been reborn rejoice!

This is so amazing. is such an unic rp! I love wolves of chasma... expectialy Wolves of chasma; Genesis
so yeah my 2rd favourite wolf rp.

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30 Survival (Pre-Alpha Testing)

Great game, everything is cool and the AI is good.

Cool survival game!


Lololl who's it made by u dork?

31 Ultimate Driving

It has the best driving physics on Roblox

All the games. They all are good. - TidalJ

Read the title - NamiKazePants08

This Game is the Best and should at least be in top 15 Because the Creator is great at what they do great cars,Graphics, and Detail, love how you can be almost any Job you want to. Police Officer,Firefighter/EMT, Highway department,Mailman,Trucker, and a regular Civilan! Love it and totally think you should give it a try!

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32 Superhero Life

I love this game you can make up your own hero or use some heroes already made!

This game is such an awesome game, I play it every day.

I will play it tomorrow

I practically love this game...for me it is the BEST Roblox Super Hero Roleplay (it is probably also the only one)

33 The Town of Robloxia

Yeah,I didn't check out the updated one yet. I would always play the game on my old account which got hacked a year ago ;-;

The updated version is cool but they should swap tremity's adopt and raise a cute baby and put this one on roblox's worst maps (I mean the updated version of this town of robloxia should't go on roblox's worst maps but the old version should)

This game is admirable but at times can have some bugs like small map,terrible models (cars,houses.etc.),and the list can go on but other wise it's a great game lots and lots of people play it everyday.

34 Cruise Roleplay

It's nice to be able to just sit in my living room after stressful school days and be on a cruise ship at the same time. And plus, I can just sit and roleplay for hours. There are many ODers that play but other than that it's just such a great game.




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35 The Ink Well: Bendy Roleplay

I love it! Awesome game!


36 Blackhawk Rescue Mission 2

"Fun to people who like to have the most fun, I made a group, and have literally dominated everything else, the best thing anyone could have ever made. Period.

A very fun role play and every game pass is worth it

Yeah this is great, AI good, JUST GOOD, PLAY IT! RE

Best Military-zombie RP game. Spent hours and have almost all gamepasses. Worth it? HELL YEAH!

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37 Creepypasta Life

I'd give this game a 10/10. It's unique and not like others. Other RP games that I play don't have what I like a lot... Creepypasta. Also, you can choose to be good, evil, human, monster, ext.

38 Sonic RP: Project Reignite

It's Deleted now

This game is awesome! I'm not a sonic fan, But its still awesome! you get to create your OWN character, from the color to what kind of ears you have. Usually there are great RPers, and then there's the other players that don't say anything and just walk around.

This was a very good rp game I really enjoy it but now I really miss it waaa

Its Back Now.Its Called Sonic RP

39 Bird Simulator

Great graphics 2.

Is that even on roblox?

I love when you choose the owl or eagle, something big and all the birds start to follow you I rp on this times to times and more people join in

It's a 'great' RP game... And when I mean 'great', no one really RP's...

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40 Adopt and Raise a Baby (Kingandrewk)



41 Work at a Pizza Place

Brilliant, love the variety of jobs for people and the fact that there are cars/trucks to drive around in! 10/10 for sure!

10/10 love that you can host parties at your home and play music for them

Epic. Why not Pokemon brick bronze

This is the best game ever. They have inproved on tue ovens the pizzas can now bien and bugdls can crawl on the pizza.

42 The Ultimate Crossover RPG

Great mix of franchises, but no-one is online usually, so finding a game with good role-players is very difficult.

It's really good, last time when I played this some guy mistaked me as a brownie (since I was an eevee, and yes, it is a ROLEPLAY.) But yeah, King Dee-Dee (or whatever you call him) attacked him but instead it was someone else. Oh, also one of the roleplayers I was roleplaying with (Who was a Pikachu) had a nightmare of some pokemon burgers.

Its about time someone reccomended this. too bad its dead now ;-;

43 Robloxity

This game is forever with me and my friends. It may be simple, but it's the best. It's very difficult to find at least difficult roleplayers, but the fact that it's such an old and adorable game makes it great. If I could rate it out of 10, it would get a bold 6/10.

The sad part, though, is lately it has been getting less plays. I wish people would admire and notice it more often.

Too bad they ended it

Love it!


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44 Steven Universe Roleplay

I love Steven Universe. But this game is great. - LapisBob

This game has a lot of great content for Steven universe fans. Your own gemsona maker. Every character. A huge map with attention to detail and songs straight from the show. definitely great.

This game has a lot of content for SU fans alike. There is so much detail and you can find quite a lot of great RPers! 9/10

0/0. SU sucks.

45 Ro-Force Rescue Mission 3.77

By FAR the best plane RP ever

Horrible ;-;

I think this is the best "Plane" RP in Roblox


46 Speed Run 4

I think it's a great game but its not a roleplaying game.

But it is a good game

I don't think this is an RP game, but it is definitely a great one.


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47 Corpse Party

I really like how people make up story in this Role play it has loads of characters so I recommend this Role Play world

Plenty of corpse party fans are pleased with these games

Play the real game. It's a lot better. 3/10

I'd rather just buy the real game.. - idkdan

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48 Roblox's Top Model

How is that roleplay game? - LapisBob

It's quite cool!

It's not even a roleplay game...

This game is getting hacked by c00lkidd.

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49 Ace Attorney Chatroom

I love this one and phoenix wright fans should check it out - legomen444

No body plays this game anymore

A great roleplaying game, with very good scripting and excellent visuals compared to the actual game.
Any Ace Attorney fan MUST check it out.

50 TPP My Little Pony Roleplay

This is a cool game! It's fun to morph. Sucks though that a lot of players on there are trollers and noobs :c

((Please don't hate. Whether you like it or not, ponies and Bronies are going to live on. Just be the bigger person and ignore it if it needlessly pisses you off.))

Worst RP ever, even worst than FNAF.

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