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1 The Island Of Mezaa

Why is this top furry game a

Furry oworawr

Great Game!

This is not a roblox game

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2 Roblox High School

This site's community is definitely worse than Roblox and 8chan just by looking at the comments.

This game IS super disgusting. First, there's a lot of online daters, whenever I join a server, I always see online daters in the chat. Second, people skips class for dating and making boy/girlfriends. Plus today, I just saw a "DUDE" ask me to be his "girlfriend', I really want to puke... D:

It is disgusting! ! You know when you want to roleplay? I was just roleplaying with my little sis and then somebody came up to me and said, "Yo, girl! You new here? " I said "Yes.." And then without warning, He just said "Girl, Wanna be boyfriend and girlfriend? " that's why I hate this game. And I agree with you! D:

Why is it so disgusting

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3 After the Flash

It's cool, yet there are so many toxic people in those times in this game, also there are so many russian players and I don't speak russian, of course it's not game's fault.

Great game but it has a toxic community. Like... REALLY TOXIC COMMUNITY (And I don't mean in radiation way). There are no more good roleplayers in this game, seriously.

I really like this.

This game is so fun and intense, it gives you a chill that goes up your spine when you play it.

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4 Kingdom Life II

It's a pretty good game actually you can role play a lot of role plays and it has a pretty good non lag, the role play limits are endless

This game is definitely 100/10. I enter a random server almost every day and there's always, at the very least, four role players that are worth my time. The only flaws I can point out are the armatures that say they are king, queen, princess, or prince just because they lack creativity. My character, Lady Eleanor, is the eldest princess, but you don't see me running around saying *kills*, *stabs* or threatening to report every 5 seconds. It's hard to find royalty in the game that are actually literate, or at least semi-literate. Besides this, Kingdom Life II is one of the best role playing games out there besides After the Flash! - Foxwit

This game is AMAZING! I play as a different character most of the time, as I do not believe there is a way to save characters. I find it very hard to find decent roleplayers. (I went on the game today and a man was screaming at someone "GIVE ME FRIED CHICKEN! " Like, what? ) When you do find a decent group of people who want to roleplay this game can be amazing! Everyone runs around killing the royal family for no apparent reason, though. Best Roleplay game EVER!

I think Kingdom Life II is AWESOME. I find it hard to find decent roleplayers, and sometimes it's completely quiet in the game. Overall, I REALLY recommend it to people who like fantasy. Definitely, one of the Best Roleplay game EVER!

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5 Starship Roleplay

This game is very good, it provides a futuristic roleplay to all who seek it, with doctors, scientists, robots, it really provides a unique experience

Dude that game is totally awesome! I bought game passes like officer on it it's totally worth it!

Its down and deleted lol

This,is awesome thanks THANKS THANKSSS

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6 Beach House Roleplay

This game stupid due to oders

But its closed


I am going to play this game right now

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7 Rocitizens

I played RoCitizens since last 3 months. It's the best game ever to role play!

I have played it for years and I cannot stop playing it

Honestly I don't have to explain see it yourself its good

The driving in this game is broken though

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8 Welcome to Bloxburg

I LOVE BLOXBURG! I also LOVE the Sims. It's really similar and was also inspired by it! Many people play it and it DOES suck that it costs robux to some players. But it is really good. One of the most popular things in the game is building. A lot of people build houses, cafes, restaurants, and hotels! So, I think this should be number two after Kingdom Life II.
- Pastel_Svnset

(Don't get me wrong, I like Bloxburg) Most of the games in this list aren't even a roleplaying game, and actual roleplaying game on Roblox like Vesteria and Rogue Lineage isn't even on this list. How is Bloxburg a "RPG" (Roleplaying game)? If you think Bloxburg is a roleplaying game, then what does these games (all are an actual roleplaying game (RPG)) and Bloxburg have in common: Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Earthbound, Fallout, Undertale, Pokemon etc (Hint: Nothing).

I do think this game is a role playing game I have played it many times and I role played in that time I I do agree that this is a role playing game!

By the way, Bloxburg is a roguelike Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-inspired Japanese Roleplaying game. (Sarcasm) Yeah that's how stupid you people are, how is Bloxburg even "RPG" according to you guys?

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9 Work at a Pizza Place

I'm so happy and fun the this game I like for 100% good luck wort at the pizza place

Really fun starter for getting someone into roleplaying, as if you choose not to roleplay it wouldn't be as weird as going onto a game such as Kingdom Life II and ignoring everyone.

I wore a Denis costume and everything fell
For it

How is this lower than fnaf

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10 FNaf Roleplay

The best RP because it is good and golden


I love FNaF! I remember that I used to be in the fandom, but then FNaF died out. But then a new Game theory video came out for FNaF game. 11/10

I used to cringe on this game but...NOW I LOVE IT! Fnaf is old but gold

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11 Animatronic World

it's well built

Da best game. If you are either a fnaf lover or an anthropomorphic animal lover, you will love this game. Play it. Now.

I played this game before, and it's honestly great! I haven't played it in a while, but honestly it's great. The custom animatronics are great! I definitely recommend it to all those fnaf fans!

love it

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12 Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby

Oders in the game so why bother playing it?

Its awesome I get a lot of chicks when I play this game


yes baby

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13 The Town of Robloxia

I really enjoy this game. My first ever Roleplaying game!

I'm playing it as I type

Good game played it and is really cool.


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14 Pokemon Evolutions.V2

Its weird

Can you make links to the games?

When I look it up it dose not show up as a game

Lovely game

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15 Lion RP

Lions are awesome

This was my favorite game back in 2015. The lion appearance tab has a lot of features. Clans were a cool addition. I liked it better when the ice area was around. Back in 2015 there were a lot (and I mean A LOT) of exploiters, that problem was fixed. The only problems I have with the new November 8, 2017 edition is that noises. One more would have to be the actual role-players on there: They OD, they ignore you, and all think they are royalty when they're not the king of the clan (Or queen).

I love this game. Very addicting and I recommend it to all (Role) Players. You can be your own standard lion, or any other animal because why not? And also, I see many other people playing as characters from other games I'm familiar with, life Fnaf, Pokemon and Undertale. The characterisation is very precise and so are the names and bio. You can join Prides, buy clothing, and even poke your tongue out. I really like this role play a and I think others will agree

I love lions and easy to create as OC! - ArcticWolf

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16 Feather Family

Hate this game.
I wish you had more customization!
Is you want a good animal roleplay game look up the group, "Shyfoox Studios"
Their games are way better!

This Game Is Amazing.. You Should Most Definitaly Try It Out!


17 Anime High School (Slice of Life)

I love this game! I've made tons of friends while playing. The only downside of this game is the fact that there aren't a lot of people that play this game. It deserves more attention. Once you find a good roleplay, you could play for hours.

I agree, I love it, but it has a bunch of FRPers and most teachers don't show up. It also has a lot of ODers, but that's not the game's fault.


It's an amazing game, and when you eventually find a good roleplay, you could play it for hours at a time. Honestly, it's great. It really deserves more popularity considering you only see about 100 people on at a time.

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18 Ace Attorney Chatroom

Sad that nobody plays this anymore. - Vancedapurpleguy

No body plays this game anymore

I love this one and phoenix wright fans should check it out - legomen444

A great roleplaying game, with very good scripting and excellent visuals compared to the actual game.
Any Ace Attorney fan MUST check it out.

19 Dragon's Life by Shyfoox Studios

Why is this number 18? This is a great game!

I love this game! - ArcticWolf

Amazing. Shyfoox and Phini are the best.

I think its good there definitely needs to improve but its still a work in progress

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20 Adopt and Raise a Baby (Kingandrewk)

Not a good game.
ODERs fill the servers.

It sucks.

Not a good game.

Ok, there are a lot of oders and it's just overrated and VERY unrealistic

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21 Eerie Pizzeria Roleplay

I never ever played this game but I will

I got perma-banned for being salty and can't apply to be unbanned.
I've been banned for more than 2 years now...

FNAF roleplays everywhere

All fnaf games are horrible

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22 Cruise Roleplay

I can't find it :'(

I love dis game

It's nice to be able to just sit in my living room after stressful school days and be on a cruise ship at the same time. And plus, I can just sit and roleplay for hours. There are many ODers that play but other than that it's just such a great game.


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23 Modern House Roleplay

Its not that good to be honest

Umm can someone send a link cause I can't find it...

An Online-Dating haven for little kids.

Full of oders,0/0.

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24 Roblox's Top Model

I do not believe Roblox's Top Model is a roleplay game on Roblox, but this game was the start of fashion games in Roblox. (My opinion) I think that people who made Fashion frenzy/Famous Took a lot of inspiration off of this game and made it better which I think everyone should do, But I don't recommend copying this game due to a lot of people have heard of it. And that this game was a classic. Although I loved it back in the early stages of Roblox but due to the oldness it is getting hacked. :) Remember this is my opinion you can have yours to.

How is that roleplay game? - LapisBob

It's not even a roleplay game...

It's quite cool!

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25 Bird Simulator

Its on roblox but not very popular. I love it though'

Its pretty cool But the stuff like eat and drinking you'll easily die

love it!

Great graphics 2.

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26 The Neighborhood of Robloxia

The old one was better, but that's just my nostalgia speaking.

Great game but I didn't like the new update settings. I liked the new guns and animations but not the way the screen locked

Love this game. Like if the Sims had a playable character mode and it met Roblox

It's ok, but really laggy for fire tablets

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27 Superhero Life

It's a really good game, but the problem of Super Hero Life III is that my characters keep getting deleted

I was addicted to this game, but then people stopped playing! But the latest version of the game is called Super Hero Life III You should go check it out! It's amazing and way better than the original!

"Great Game Addicting but truly great Best mECHANICS I LOVED THIS GAME

Love the game! Such a great backstory, I loved this game!

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28 Nights at Freddy's Roleplay

I love this game!

Again, FNAF SUCKS. 0/0

FNAF is awesome. 10/10. People are just jealous that FNAF has gone up in popularity.

I really love FNAF and I really like this one another one you could try is The Pizzeria RP Remastered But This One I would say 10/10 because it has many details :3 Make sure you play roblox o.O you might find some cool things

29 Clear Skies Over Milwaukee

This is the best game EVER, honestly! I want to know why it's NOT in the number one spot? This is by far the best Roleplay game I've ever experienced; I remember when I first started this game. I was IMMEDIATELY hooked, I love all of the things you can RP, it has literally ALL of the options. And the Diner is amazing as well. I love how all the 1990's type mood and setup. How is this in the 29th spot? YOU CAN'T TREAT IS LIKE THIS. THIS DESERVES TO BE IN THE NUMBER 1 SPOT.

It's alright, admin's are bad, though/

Its amazing, you can customize your character and you have cars and also there's a diner, arcade and more you should check it out! If your good at roleplaying add my account Dreamxes!

My favorite thing is that you can customize your character HOW EVER you want! It has a cool map, all moody and 1990's like... Its very fun! There might be some people trying to kill you thinking that the guns actually do something... But otherwise it is the best RP game EVER!

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30 Darkened Dawn

Great roleplay game in general. Lots of places and things to do. Also lots of different characters with a variety of different roleplay styles. Although sometimes the whole *grrr*, *shoots*, *dodges* kind of people ruin it, you can still make due with all the other experienced people.

This is one of the few rp games that really let's you make a story of your own. It's great for people with big imaginations.

I like it. no questions asked

I started to play this game and immediately fell in love with it. All the places in it were cool. I like how there was a place behind the waterfall and in the barn

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31 The Ink Well: Bendy Roleplay

I love it! Awesome game!


It’s deleted because of copyright issues. And also draggy is a cartoon wannabe

32 Vampire Kingdom

I've been playing this game for about a year now. Great game, there's mainly a lot of ERP though. I don't really mind the filter since I can bypass it. But honestly the staff should be more aware of how people's characters are made.

This game is fun to play with friends great roleplay

This is the only game I play, this is the best roleplay game if you ask me!

Great game

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33 Eternal Moon

I love the game a lot! But literally nobody plays it anymore, so I can't play it. Since I have nobody to roleplay with. But it's a lovely game and underrated.

I think it's a great game, but the people who just RP as tanks just kinda ruin it. Sereously, near impossible to even spawn without seeing them, let alone have a whole RP.

I spend a lot, I mean A LOT, of time on this game. It's really amazing, and I really love Eternal Moon 3, too!

I've never played this, but I might try it out!

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34 Pacifico

Great Game but I personally say it doesn't have that much things to do but still pretty good game.

I like it

good game

It is an amazing RP game, there ar many jobs to chose from, and there are many people who actually go on the gane to RP.

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35 Creepypasta Life

It's so cool to me 100/100 like it's really creative and it gives it so much information to the actual Creepy pasta Life, Like for example, Jeff the killer, They will actually mark where he is, how he looks, and what he has. Its really amazing, Also role playing as evil,monster looking people, You can customize your person how you want it to look and to make it look very unique and interesting, so I think I would love this best of all but I would also love other games too.

Best eva


I'd give this game a 10/10. It's unique and not like others. Other RP games that I play don't have what I like a lot... Creepypasta. Also, you can choose to be good, evil, human, monster, ext.

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36 Robloxity

I love it, no doubt. But they shouldn't have given everyone 1M when it was revived because now people block roads with busses.

Used to be one of the greatest games if this continued it could have been top 1 on this list it used to be really good when no one really played roblox then everyone started hacking the game and destroyed it till the developer shutdown the game



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37 Blackhawk Rescue Mission 2

The best game

A good game,sad that its kinda dead..

"Fun to people who like to have the most fun, I made a group, and have literally dominated everything else, the best thing anyone could have ever made. Period.

Best Military-zombie RP game. Spent hours and have almost all gamepasses. Worth it? HELL YEAH!

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38 Royale High

This should be higher

This should be on #1 honestly. It's a cute game for people to hang out where you can literally do any roleplay! I recommend playing this game.

I play this game too much uwu

Play this game EVERY SINGLE DAY and callmehbob (Barbie) if in the slight chance you may, are reading this, keep up the AMAZInG work!

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39 Kingdom Life III

Where is the game can you give me the link?

Really good game, but you need to enter a good server to rp well.

Down and abandomed

This game is awesome! I played it multiple times!

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40 Warrior Cats: The Forgotten Legends

I haven't played yet but I love the Warriors books and can't wait to play this!

I AM IRON WARRIOR CAT-this game is so good! though it is a bit strict with the rules

I read some books and loved them - ArcticWolf

There is an amazing variety of colors for your cat, features for your cat, and the only bad things are are the game rule breakers and painters. I recommend it to all ages and both genders - Sneakyfox

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41 Star Wars Awakening

I've been playing this game since 2016 and I have got to say it's great for roleplaying, the majority of people are actually decent at roleplaying and the people who aren't trying as hard and trolling can make for some very funny interactions.

Brings in a whole new community of people that have unique personalities and ideas. While it can be difficult dealing with some trolls, it is full of fast-paced action and lore that is easy to read up on.

I love this game I love it so much because I'm a star wars geek

Although it's hacked often, it is a fun game to play, especially as I am a Star wars fan.

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42 Tattletail Roleplay

Me love you and tattletail roleplay, by the way tattletail is amazing

I use to like it, but it's trash now. It doesn't have any tattletail stuff now. It's Toytale, and I really am uncomfortable with this choice.

I love this game. :3


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43 Ultimate Driving

All around a great game!

The chassis is great! The cars are detailed, and most of the games in the series are amazing to explore, for instant Westover islands. 10/10.

Awesome game, I agree 100%.

I don't know what is happening xdd

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44 Neon District

I love this game! The only thing that might ruin it are the frpers. That's very common in any Roblox role play game though, so it drives me crazy when people say that's the only reason they don't like a certain game. However, it still annoys me that after Neon District got the Bloxy Award in 2019 and it got popular, all the role players started to.. down grade. I saw Watch officers either being too nice, too op, or just being bad at role playing and not understanding common sense. Before then, it was just the hackers who didn't know how to role play. This does not ruin the experience for me though, because there are still lots of amazing role players there. And, I understand the concept, I don't know how others don't understand.

It is quite fun to play with many roles, jobs, character customization options. My only complaint is the naming system censors many names that are otherwise fine for roblox. I would recommend knowing how to role-play, at least the basics, and semi proper grammar. - GlowStixk

Pretty well done. Use to be a showcase, now as a role playing game. Problem is, there is no specific lore.

I love the graphics and the details in this game, you can see how much effort the creator put into it just by wandering around the city. However, it has been 2 weeks I played this game, but I still can't understand the game's concept...:;

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45 Dragon Ball RP: Legends

It's reopened on a different place on his account,

Just play the new one Dragon Ball RP successors

I play this game a lot, it's got a lot of moves from all the shows, and it can fit any player!


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46 Wolves Life 3

Wow, It isn't a furry game mate, they're wolves on fours not twos. LMFAO

You play as wolves so genius!

This game is amazing except for oders

It's a furry game

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47 Survival (Pre-Alpha Testing)

Link please?


Tihkn it got shut down can't find it

Great game, everything is cool and the AI is good.

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48 The Pizzeria Roleplay: Remastered

I'm totally addicted to this. It's so nice! Met the best people in there.

This and AFD are basically the only FNaF RPs that aren't completely dead. (Aside from AW and Fazbear Reborn, but I feel like those are dying slowly.)

It is AMAZING I love it but it's a little broken now I can't play it the button to play is broken otherwise 10/10

I love it, you have to play to unlock new characters, you can create your own Five nights at Freddy's Original Character, and You can create some amazing stories. 10/10

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49 The Ultimate Crossover RPG

Its really fun!

This is one of the best roleplaying games on Roblox! Too bad it's not a thing anymore. - Pansage

Basically the game that taught me a lot. I made my own character that was edgy and a mary sue and then started to fix him and it was great. The game isn't dead though, even though it has no updates. It has great admins. The people playing the game were amazing. There was almost no bad roleplayers. This game is a great game that has great people.

"Made by nikkomech"

Great mix of franchises, but no-one is online usually, so finding a game with good role-players is very difficult.

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50 Sonic RP: Project Reignite

I really loved this game, I remember I would stay up to 11:00PM and wake up at 5:00AM just to play this game, but now it's gone and I'm sad. It was a great game.

It's Deleted now

Its gone...

Its Back Now.Its Called Sonic RP

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