Best Roleplaying Games On Roblox

These are the good, the bad, and the ugly roleplays on ROBLOX!

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The Island Of Mezaa

I love this game because you can feel free to
do your own things.

A very good roleplaying game! I'm absolutely obsessed with how good this game is.

Island of Mezaa is truly a memorable roleplaying game. The plot is thick and intriguing, the customization is broad and allows you to make a truly unique wolf, and the community is amazing! I used to play this game all the time and roleplay to my heart's content! Unfortunately it has taken severe hits to its popularity and not many play it now. But it truly deserves the recognition it gets!

This is a great game! I enjoy the story plot and the models!

Roblox High School

It's really fun you can do a bunch of role-play I play it a lot every day

I love high school games and school uniforms I like this game but now in the game its outdated sadly and no one attends class no one roleplays and still oders and bugs but the sequel is nicer because theres jobs and events wow and more good stuff but the problems are ro gangsters with ugly fat legged thots and oders still and class skippers that's all I'm sorry its long

I like this game because its calm now nobody plays it anymore

This site's community is definitely worse than Roblox and 8chan just by looking at the comments.

After the Flash

It's a great game but jesus christ, I have a story about some guy that was literally one of the worst players in this game. So, me and my friend thought about doing some cool story, he was a bandit in disguise that wanted to kill citizens, while I was a detective on the wasteland town. In one moment I got shot with a sniper rifle by him two times: Once in the leg and once in the arm. I tried to get to the town to get help and this guy that was a CDF officer wannabe said "this guy deserved it" and later when I tried to chase the bandit he attacked me, he tackled me and arrested me for carrying a weapon (like, coyotes times are gone?!) and he did not even bother getting the bandit or doing something with my wounds! I later died because of the wounds, so he called me a "fail roleplayer" and voided me.

this is a great game, but if you want to play it I would recommend reading the lore and rules in their discord server first, so people won't be as toxic towards you.

good survival game (kinda) great for roleplaying wide world and more amazing secrets among us

This is by far one of the best roleplay games of all time. And yes there are toxic people but in my opinion, they help the community get better at roleplaying. Like when I first started playing a lot of people were toxic to me. But as time went on, I got super good at roleplaying in this game. Another reason this is a good game is that the lore is amazing, lots of events and hosted roleplays, and we get a lot of mystery boxes, in which we buy them and wait for them to open.

Starship Roleplay

Honestly, this is the best role-playing game that has ever existed on ROBLOX, for it has an amazing map so far, and has a short, but amazing lore right now. As well as its community being amazing with its groups of vast lore and supporting members. This game deserves to make it up to the top. Roblox Tactical Engineers deserves to be put up with the gods.

This game is very good, it provides a futuristic roleplay to all who seek it, with doctors, scientists, robots, it really provides a unique experience

Very good community, owner is active and so is the devs. If you're into spaceship roleplays or even roleplays in general you should try it out.

Dude that game is totally awesome! I bought game passes like officer on it it's totally worth it!

Kingdom Life II

This game is great, most of the community is also great except the people that argue who will be the king of underworld or overworld etc. Mostly the kings of underworld are more toxic, one guy even roleplayed that he died and said that I should take his place, then he "came back from the dead" or something and called me an idiot for literal no reason.

I love this game so many ideas with countless outfits to design and just give a verity of more ideas!

It is so fun I played as the grim reapers second and we conquered the humans.

This is the most amazing roleplay game there is on Roblox. The roleplay limits are endless and the game has amazing graphics. The customization options are absolutely brilliant and the game is just mind-blowing. The creativity and hard-work put into this is incredible. I can't wait to see what it will become over the years. What I'm trying to say is that, you should really give this game a try. It's worth it.

Beach House Roleplay

This game is not even real anymore.

To be honest, I have always loved this game. But there is a lot of bullies on this game and such.

I love this game and I seen this map it was awesome but later s bully came and was saying shut up all the time but if he wants silence why does he say shut up even if we are quiet?

But its closed

Welcome to Bloxburg

This is my favorite out of all games. My favorite part is probably building and of course, roleplaying. The only thing is that the roleplaying sometimes isn't great and the people could be a little rude at times but I truly love this game in my opinion.

This is the best game in my opinion. I love this game SOO much because it reminds me of the sims. =3

I love bloxburg and I love to play with my friends but I wanna roleplay with them but we sometimes get bored of the same roleplay over and over and I think there should be more roleplays

(Don't get me wrong, I like Bloxburg) Most of the games in this list aren't even a roleplaying game, and actual roleplaying game on Roblox like Vesteria and Rogue Lineage isn't even on this list. How is Bloxburg a "RPG" (Roleplaying game)? If you think Bloxburg is a roleplaying game, then what does these games (all are an actual roleplaying game (RPG)) and Bloxburg have in common: Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Earthbound, Fallout, Undertale, Pokemon etc (Hint: Nothing).


Just by the name makes it fun but still haven't played it as yet!

This is amazing, they do updates kind of often, the devs are great.

One of my favourite games on roblox. So many things to do and roleplay. My cousin was immediately hooked and I love always finding new things to do in it.

Greatest game I ever played in roblox and I have been playing for a while

Work at a Pizza Place

This was one of my first games that I've ever played on roblox, and it inspired me to become a chef and build a restaurant!

This game is explicit. One of the songs says the F word. not for kids. I reported the game for bad music.

I think this is more of a simulator because people don't roleplay, but... Either way, it has simple working jobs and it's pretty fun. There are good graphics. Some people may be toxic though, and there are tons of fights for manager.

*ODers are rare
*More than just RPing
*Lots of roles
*House customization

FNaf Roleplay

I love fnaf so much but I think I would delete scrap baby from this rp

I LOVE FNaF I am the god of fan os FNaF and if you got a probably with that then I wish to get you so scared you- well I don't know >:(

Fnaf makes me want to crawl up in a little hole and die.

An oldie but a goodie. Only real professionals play this game anymore. The downsides are its way too dark and there is too many glitches. "Noobs" who play this game use girlfriend way too much also.

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Animatronic World

I used too play this ALL the time, I forgot about it after a while but now I think I'll play it again because it's literally amazing!

Really good FNAF game! The detail is good and overall very nice.

This game is pretty good, but I do wish that it looked better.. meh, what evs

Amazing game for Amazing rp the problem is you can barely find any people ( rp is usually at FNAF 2

The Town of Robloxia

is good the game but if you are teen not everybody wants to adopt you and its reaallyyyy big so its difficult to interact

I really enjoy this game. My first ever Roleplaying game!

Yeah,I didn't check out the updated one yet. I would always play the game on my old account which got hacked a year ago ;-;

Good game played it and is really cool.

Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby

"Its awesome I get a lot of chicks when I play this game" BOI that's THE POINT WHY ITS TRASH

This game is overrated and boring and I don't see any entertainment in it glad that I got Rc7 to destroy it! And trolling too and I also find it fun to explode peoples ears in the game! Also its very lame Like really lame All you do is make a family and then Date IS THAT ALL?!

This is just another online dating paradise. Literally, all you do is adopt some ugly kids, buy a cheap house and date some lame 5-year-old. Then, you leave the game, join another server, and the cycle repeats.

I play this game a lot. My first ever ROBLOX game very fun and the only role playing game where I actually get adopted. The original game got ban but the new version is the same. I like to play as a baby most of the time it's more fun in my opinion. If you want to get adopted/ adopt a child play this game.

Pokemon Evolutions.V2

"Hey, how was your day Mew? I'm a trainer! OH GOD WHY ARE YOU KILLING ME! ". True story.

Can you make links to the games?

This game is good because a lot of professionals play this but, Many noobs play here and ask obvious questions like "HOW DO I USE THE ATTACKS". Also the attacks are broken.

When I look it up it dose not show up as a game

Guest World

Why is this not in the list? It's less oder and it's really good ya know!

This game is really fun. I enjoy it personally as it has minigames and as well as vehicles you can buy and other roleplay items. in my opinion this is a 10/10

God game 10/10 no oders and fun minigames

Feather Family

AWESOME! So many birds, so many locations, good music, and all that stuff! Thing is... it's kind of underrated, I think they need to fix that.

Feather Family gives you all the tools and actions you need to roleplay not with language, but just with gestures. You can unravel a story without a single speach bubble. Its wonderful, and you can customize everything to your hearts content!

This is a great game but I do wish that they could change the way that the birds walk and look.. but other than that, its an incredible game!

I think it's a good game for people who like to RP as an animal, and sometimes do human things along with it. For example you can be a docter , but a bird at the same time

Dragon's Life by Shyfoox Studios

I CAn't WAIT UNTIL THE UPDATE! Its an amazing game and there is honestly no changes that I could want except the what that the dragons look... but that's gonna change in the update!

YES Dragon's Life is so amazing, and very detailed. It has tons of emotes.

I wish there was more to do honestly, I just get a little bored. Also only a third of the people in each server are actually roleplaying at any given time and most of them are FRPers

I LOVED IT.. till it didn't like me any more and kicked me out a BUNCH D;

Lion RP

This was my favorite game back in 2015. The lion appearance tab has a lot of features. Clans were a cool addition. I liked it better when the ice area was around. Back in 2015 there were a lot (and I mean A LOT) of exploiters, that problem was fixed. The only problems I have with the new November 8, 2017 edition is that noises. One more would have to be the actual role-players on there: They OD, they ignore you, and all think they are royalty when they're not the king of the clan (Or queen).

I love this game. Very addicting and I recommend it to all (Role) Players. You can be your own standard lion, or any other animal because why not? And also, I see many other people playing as characters from other games I'm familiar with, life Fnaf, Pokemon and Undertale. The characterisation is very precise and so are the names and bio. You can join Prides, buy clothing, and even poke your tongue out. I really like this role play a and I think others will agree

Used To Be My Favourite But Then Servers Got Smaller And There Wasn't Really Much Toi Do Anymore.

Lions are awesome

Ace Attorney Chatroom

I do not understand why people say "nobody plays it anymore". I think the main issue is that people actually play this because they spam "objection" and other stuff.

Lol I enjoy playing this game and I was surprised to find it on the list. Ace attorney is really good and one thing I hope they do is give us some scenarios to make the game going, like sometimes the scenarios people in the game make are fun, and I’ve made lots of good humored friends in this game, but it kinda gets boring if you run outta ideas

I love this one and phoenix wright fans should check it out

Sad that nobody plays this anymore.

Anime High School (Slice of Life)

I love this game! I've made tons of friends while playing. The only downside of this game is the fact that there aren't a lot of people that play this game. It deserves more attention. Once you find a good roleplay, you could play for hours.

I agree, I love it, but it has a bunch of FRPers and most teachers don't show up. It also has a lot of ODers, but that's not the game's fault.

I have played it its not poplar but it good

My favorite! It's not popular, but it's really good! One downside is that few people play it. So you'll see the same people on it all the time.. Also the weebs.

Adopt and Raise a Baby (Kingandrewk)

Ok, there are a lot of oders and it's just overrated and VERY unrealistic


Funny game to play

Not a good game.

Cruise Roleplay

It's nice to interact and when you can't be on a cruise, especially 2020, why can't you just play this to spend the time?

It's nice to be able to just sit in my living room after stressful school days and be on a cruise ship at the same time. And plus, I can just sit and roleplay for hours. There are many ODers that play but other than that it's just such a great game.

I can't find it :'(


Eerie Pizzeria Roleplay

All fnaf games are horrible

I got perma-banned for being salty and can't apply to be unbanned.
I've been banned for more than 2 years now...

The most worst game. Mostly filled with online daters, or someone who says they're going to report you. I wish this game was never made.

It's a nice game

Roblox's Top Model

I do not believe Roblox's Top Model is a roleplay game on Roblox, but this game was the start of fashion games in Roblox. (My opinion) I think that people who made Fashion frenzy/Famous Took a lot of inspiration off of this game and made it better which I think everyone should do, But I don't recommend copying this game due to a lot of people have heard of it. And that this game was a classic. Although I loved it back in the early stages of Roblox but due to the oldness it is getting hacked. :) Remember this is my opinion you can have yours to.

How is that roleplay game?

It's not even a roleplay game...

It's quite cool!

Modern House Roleplay

An Online-Dating haven for little kids.

Umm can someone send a link cause I can't find it...

Now, I have never played this before but I have seen videos about it. Do not unleash a hate attack. Please

I love this game because you can have a baby

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