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1 Neptune - God of the Sea

Much more strict of god all roman gods are more powerful than the Greek gods. They maybe there counter parts but just there attitude makes them more powerful. - arkwrite

I just pay attention to Greek mythology but if I'm not correct Neptune made horses for the Romans as a gift of peace but you know what the Romans did they took the horses and didn't thank the god and Neptune gave them rough seas for a punishment and the Romans hated Poseidon ever since.And so Neptune's creations are very powerful so that must mean HE is very powerful do you get the story, if not than listen, Romans are powerful and they mostly are powerful because of what Neptune did and made horses so they became powerful.So Neptune is the best in my opinion even if Romans fear the sea.

Neptune is like just a boss, if you read the percy jackson books you see that percy is a demi god and son of neptune

Vote Neptune!

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2 Jupiter - God of Thunder and the King of Gods

I love flying. The sea is also a place I love to be but the Romans did not like Neptune.. At all; at one point they even declared war on him.. Also, despite the popularity of Neptune / Poseidon, Jupiter is the most powerful of the gods.

Jupiter is not only the king and or chief of the gods he may also weal the power to punish and or ban any god that has or has not doe anything that had crossed the rules in which he should be stated number one. He was also able to strip Neptune and Apollo of their godly hood, in which now they became mortals and may die.

Most powerful god, plus he is awesome

Jupiter was the king of the Gods he is mostly the recognized as the most powerful. (Afew sub-categories put Mars ahead of him) - fishy4packers

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3 Apollo - God of the Sun

His Greek and Roman name are the same. Apollo -

Apollo is the god of music, poetry, and the sun as well... Apollo is like the god of life but he's not he's awesome!

Apollo is the best because he's the god of music and poetry and the god damn sun. He's amazing and should be number 1

Apollo is also the god of music, prophecy and medicine

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4 Diana - Goddess of the Hunt and Moon

Wow how wonderful of a goddess! Poor Diana/ Artemis, she lost her best hunters Zoe nightshade and Bianca de Angelo, now Thalia joined. Honestly, I didn't know Thalia would ever become a hunter, but she did

She is definitely the best of all the goddesses and gods this just proves how cool she is!

Who would not want to become immortal in her hunting group!

Guys! She is also the Goddess of maidens (virgins)! She keeps us clean! And she's the best hunter of them all!

She made a vain man who saw her hunting stare at his own reflection and stay theirforever

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5 Pluto - God of Death and the Underworld

Any dude that rules hell and is a god is pretty cool

I'd love to play with cerberus... All the people who vote for neptune are "The Lightning Thief" addicts

I admit, I have read the Percy Jackson series (It was wonderful) but Hades, is probably one of the most powerful God out of all of the Olympians. I also feel a bit sorry for him, being banished from his rightful place on Olympus due to fear.

Pluto is more of the God of wealth in Roman mythology he was still very powerful but he others became more powerful. (ex. Mars) - fishy4packers

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6 Mars - God of War

God of War! Definitely gets my vote. - Snip3dowN

Uh duh its not exatley hard! Its beause he flys and every person that flys is always aawesome and also because he justs has an amazing name!

God of War, he basically takes Athena's place as strategist and keeps Ares' job he was often thought of as 2nd only to Jupiter, but sometimes sub-categories of Roman religion placed Mars as the most powerful he was most likely prayed to as much as Jupiter, so he was probably near Jupiter's power - fishy4packers

He was so much better in rome then in greece

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7 Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom and War

war without wisdom is just an excuse for murder.

Wisdom, battle strategy, peace and the arts actually

Oh my Minerva, wow my favorite goddess. She thinks she is all smart and stuff, well that's because she is. I just love Minerva/ Athena. Wow Zeus must think of her as his favorite daughter she is smart and beautiful. Oh my Athena I wish I could meet her and she could be my mom I wish Zeus and Athena were my parents. In Roman form it would be, Minerva and Jupiter

Minerva wasn't as much as a war goddess in Rome as she was in Greece. Mars and Bellona are the 2 main war deities. - fishy4packers

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8 Venus - Goddess of Love, Beauty and Lust

This is actually quite true. Love is not so different than war honestly. She has the power to make any man drool over her. Some people will say things like war is the strongest element and everything but love is. So many deaths happen because of love. So many wars happen because of love. Love can make people stronger or a whole lot weaker. Love is one of the most powerful elements of all.

She could make people love each other, and she was the most attractive God.

Weak but hot now I get why when a boy sees her, they fall madly in love which is usual because goddess of love and beauty Duh!

I only like her because she's Piper's mom, and I love Piper.

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9 Ceres - Goddess of the Earth

She gave us life you should thank her if she wasn't here years ago you would not be here today so next time I get back on here I should see more votes for ceres

Not even better than aphrodite

I agree she should be the 1st goddess she made us ALL! Please give her more votes!

What would we do without her

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10 Vulcan - The Blacksmith God

he's amazing plus he can mess with fire and can make anything

I personally think that Vulcan is underrated and is often ridiculed for being ugly and lame. Really though, in myths he is a caring god and very helpful, not to mention flat out awesome. Also he controls FIRE!

Vulcan is boss. I think he has the best power of the gods.

God of fire fire Is the best element plus he makes all the weapons of Olympian gods he is awesome

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11 Mercury - The Messenger God

Mercury as the deity of commerce was frequently in invoked in matters of commerce (money! ) and he paid off as demonstrated by his inscriptions..

Mercury is flying angel, white colour body and good heart, he is very match power and brave face, big hair.

HE had a staff where it can control things just as long it is not a giant/god!

He's the God of thieves and is fast like so cool also god of Commerce (money)and trade

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12 Bacchus - God of Wine

Not just wine but the God of Good Times!

I did a project on him and there are a lot of odd thing that surround this god like how he was born out of Zeus's thigh! that was crazy/

Eww I hate wine but Dionysus ain't so bad. Wine is the most disgusting and icky thing ever!

Bacchus is hero and God, sleng Dionysos. Temperamente God, his story and warrior and fight, for hin is god a love intellect and sellect, Dionysos-Bacchus is legendary God hero.

13 Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth

Vesta/Hestia is such an amazing Goddess honestly She needs more love

Hestia the goddess of the hearth and family. No wonder why she is the last Olympian.

14 Saturn - God of Time

Kronos so annoying and bad, he tried to destroy Olympus but Percy Jackson gave Luke the sword and Luke stabbed himself which saved Olympus

I'm him kbhhjfxashdihqdgbjehrwq

Imagine if you could control time? Saturn is number one on my list. He can control the cosmos like a DVR. Fastforward, Pause, Rewind and Play.


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15 Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

Athena is my favorite goddesses over she rocks. Athena Athena Athena!

Very wise and always knows what to do. She is AWESOME!

A girl who is very indigenous and has dignity to all!

Isn't she the Greek version of Minerv

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16 Juno - Queen of the gods

My personal favorite. Her along with Hermes need to be higher up.

Juno is also very powerful, and deserves to be improved. She is the queen of gods after all.

My friend said, " You're JUST like Hera."

She's my worst favorite

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17 Cupid - God of Love

Cupid is the best because he is the god of love and plus I was born on valentines day os that s double awesome. (for me of course) :0 =)

He's a chubby Valentine baby with arrows

I like Cupid he is the god of love

Ha gotem

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18 Flora - Goddess of Flowers and the Season of Spring V 2 Comments
19 Faunus - God of the Forest, Plains and Fields

Faunus, is Pan, devil and great power god, in hair have horn, foot is horse style and body is devil. Pan is super intuition god.

20 Hermes - God of Shepherds

I'm confused. You guys don't even understand. Juno, Hera, Hermes, and Mercury are THE BEST! That's all there is to it. Very confused. THANATOS has a higher rank than HERMES. He's my favorite. I don't believe this.

Isn't hermes the Greek counterpart of Mercury

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