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1 Gavin Free Gavin Free Gavin David Free is an English actor, entertainer, producer, and filmmaker. Originally from Thame in Oxfordshire, he is best known for his work at the Austin, Texas-based production company Rooster Teeth – where he formerly served as creative director – featuring in many of their projects, including more.

He has the vocabulary of a true genius

He's cool. I said it

2 Michael Jones

This guy is hilarious. - Monsterz

This guy kills me every time he rages at games. - Mumbizz01

3 Ray Narvaez

Deadpan Snarker and sanest of the lads, Ray Narvaez, Jr. is truly funny.

4 Geoff Ramsey Geoff Ramsey Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey, is an American voice actor and comedian. He co-founded the production company Rooster Teeth in 2003 and is best known for voicing Dexter Grif in the long-running web series Red vs. Blue.
5 Ryan Haywood
6 Jack Pattillo Jack Pattillo
7 Burnie Burns
8 Barbara Dunkelman

Because she's awesome, that's why!

9 Gus Sorola
10 Kerry Shawcross

The Contenders

11 Joel Heyman
12 Lindsey Tuggey
13 Kdin Jenzen
14 Caleb Denecour
15 Miles Luna
16 Jeremy Dooley Jeremy Dooley
17 Monty Oum
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1. Gavin Free
2. Michael Jones
3. Ryan Haywood
1. Michael Jones
2. Ray Narvaez
3. Gavin Free
1. Gavin Free
2. Michael Jones
3. Ray Narvaez


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