Worst AFL Players

The Top Ten
1 Zac Dawson

Being a Fremantle fan, it would always scare me every time he touched the ball. Always gave away frees and caused turnovers. - FremantleDockers

2 Cain Ackland
3 Josh Bootsma
4 Israel Folau

Absolutely he should've just stuck to Rugby haha - micahisthebest

2 goals and 8 behinds as a forward. Enough said. - FremantleDockers

5 Mark Athorn
6 Taylor Hunt
7 Raphael Clarke
8 Ayce Cordy
9 Aaron Joseph
10 Jimmy Toumpas
The Contenders
11 Richard Tambling

Richmond could’ve gotten Buddy Franklin, but got this bloke instead. RIP

12 John Butcher

Lived up to his name, I reckon he’s kicked more out on the fulls than goals...

13 Jesse Crichton

He was a pretty bad player, but I remember him for his REALLY bad haircut.

14 Esava Ratugolea

This guy has played 10 games for Geelong this year, but he’s only scored 3 goals, which just isn’t good enough for a Key Forward. He also fisted the ball away from the goal (which was going to be a Geelong goal), in a game against Carlton, which might’ve cost them the match.

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