Top Ten Worst Feelings When Playing Football

Playing football is a very fun thing to do, except when you experience one of these moments that make you want to hang up your cleats for good. I played football in high school and I can say some of these bring back painful memories.
The Top Ten
1 Missing the Game Winning Field Goal

Imagine the team pushes the ball down the field and gets in field goal range. You come out, expected to make it and bring your team the victory. Except you took the Vikings school of kicking and missed. Your whole team hates you, and everyone laughs at you.

2 Getting Your Ankles Broken

This happened to me maybe once when I threw an interception and tried to tackle the defensive back. He then left me on the ground and made me rethink my entire existence. Getting outplayed and left on the ground is horrible because you'll be made fun of forever.

In my one year of football, I played Wide Receiver and Defensive Back. I broke this one guy's ankles. We ran a screen play, and I caught the ball. This big linebacker came at me. I juked, and he just tumbled to the ground. The next game, I tried to do it again to another guy, a safety, and I got laid out. I went back to exclusively playing basketball, lol. That's my football story.

3 Getting Stiff Armed

Imagine being a defender, and the running back or receiver just throws you out of the way like you are nothing. It's extremely embarrassing and sad at the same time. You just got pushed off like you didn't even exist.

4 Getting Mossed

As both the receiver and the defensive back chase the ball, the opponent leaps and steals it from you while you have a hand on it. Getting outmuscled in football is very depressing, and this usually leads to a touchdown or a pick-six if you're a defender.

5 Throwing an Interception

I wouldn't say I was the most accurate quarterback in my league. I was more like Brett Favre, a complete hit or miss. I would get 30 touchdowns but also 18 interceptions, so I would cost the team some games. Throwing an interception because you didn't understand the play or the receiver didn't run the right route is infuriating, to say the least.

6 Getting Sacked

One of the main reasons I got tired of football was my junior year. I considered giving up since my offensive line played like they came out of the clearance aisle at the Dollar Tree. I think I took over 40 sacks that year, and it was awful. The feeling sucks for both the quarterback and the offensive linemen. For the quarterback, you're going to get hit by some obese men, and for the linemen, they failed at their job.

7 Missing a Tackle

Your whole job is to stop him, and you fail. You miss, or they break the tackle, and you're on the floor, realizing that you failed.

8 Being a Part of a Losing Team

I know what it's like being part of a losing team. In my first year of varsity football, our team went 4-8, and everyone was pissed at each other. Not winning games can tear friendships apart, which destroys on-field production even more. At least we won in my senior year, or we would have hated each other. Senior year, we went 10-2 and won the district championship.

9 Dropping a Pass

In my junior year, my receivers were basically what Tom Brady had to work with in his final season with the Patriots. They would never catch anything, and we probably averaged about 10 points a game. Dropping passes was another reason my interception stats were so inflated.

10 Missing a Wide Open Target

I also forgot to add that part. Yeah, I was quite inconsistent when I played football. Sometimes, I had the skills of Aaron Rodgers. Other days, it was Blake Bortles. Missing a wide-open target is awful, knowing that could have been a first down or more.

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11 Throwing a Pick 6
12 Getting Stepped on by Cleats
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