Best Running Man Duos

Which couple do you think fit the most in Running Man?

The Top Ten

1 Spartace Couple (Jong Kook & Ji Hyo)

I love Spartace

Spartace! Jong kook is shy with women but not Ji hyo. He is comfortable with her. They have natural chemistry. They would make cute liger babies.

They are a perfect duo when it comes to the Hide & seek game.

Yes. Maybe. But I also like the monday couple he he

2 Monday Couple (Gary & Ji Hyo)

The only official couple in Running Man. They are very remarkable.

I love monday couple



3 2Leaders (Jong Kook & Jae Suk)
4 Uri Hyung - Nae Dongsaeng (Jong Kook - Haha)

Jong kook really cares abt haha and to be honest it's cute

5 Kooksoo Couple (Jong Kook & Kwang Soo)

best ever

They know each other so well. Even though they are against each other in the show, they are really close off screen. They hang out together, they even sleep at each other's house. What else can you expect?

What a perfect combination
You can't denied the strong vibe between them and the role of each other in the relationship
A true couple if I have to claim

Their friendship is really admireable.

6 Yoolee Brothers (Jae Suk & Kwang Soo)

I like this duos ever - NeverDogs112

7 Hahyuk Brothers (Haha & Jae Suk)

They've known each other for over 10 years. They also co-star in Infinite Challenge

8 Song Ji Hyo & Kwang Soo
9 2 Kids (Gary - Haha)
10 Easy Brothers (Suk Jin & Kwang Soo)

The Contenders

11 HaHyo Couple
12 Jae Suk & His Sunflower (Jae Suk & Suk Jin)
13 Candy Alliance (Ji Hyo & Jae Suk)
14 Gary & Kwang Soo
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