Best Sakura Abilities

The Top Ten Best Sakura Abilities

1 Strong Fist

Not really because tsunade does the same thing and she was born with super human strength also if tsunade was not using some of her charka to keep herself young looking then she is consider stronger.

Hello sakura are stronger than all woman character and she are better than her master lady tsunade. If you don't know about let her punch your ass

2 Medical Ninja

In the original Naruto, Sakura is portrayed as a good-for-nothing but emotional kind of a girl who did not prove much worth to her friends and teachers. In Shippuden, after he training with Lady Tsunade, he abilities have increased, her chakra control is perfect and whats more - she is a medical ninja. She saved the lives of her comrades and her monstrous strength helps her in close combat.

Sakura shave the life of many person even Hinata

3 Brave

Sakura is very brave.

4 Focused Attacks
5 Anger
6 Surprise Attacks
7 Sharpness
8 Speed
9 Sexy
10 Caring Ninja

The Contenders

11 Cute

Sakura Is So Cute When She Was Her Favorite is Pink

12 Beautiful

Sakura Haruno Is a Beautiful Ninja Girl With a Pink Hair Green Eye And Red Dress

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