Top 10 Scariest Rides at Busch Gardens Tampa

These rides aren't necessarily bad, but they scare me and many other folks.

The Top Ten

1 Falcon's Fury

This is the tallest freestanding drop tower in the US. It's a staggering 335 feet tall, and when you drop, your seat points you down toward the ground. - railfan99

I did not go on it because I seen that it puts you face first

2 SheiKra SheiKra

I rode that rollercoaster 55 times in one day
That is my favorite ride I love the other rollercoaster to

A 200 foot, 90 degree drop, and floorless trains. What's not scary about that? - railfan99

3 Kumba Kumba

Even from a mile away you can hear this ride's bone-chilling roar, coupled with 7 inversions and a top speed of 60 MPH. - railfan99

4 Montu Montu

7 inversions, a top speed of 65 MPH, and your feet dangle below you. - railfan99

5 The Wild Surge

This ride is another drop tower, but it's a far cry from Falcon's Fury. - railfan99

6 Cobra's Curse

This isn't only a roller coaster, it's a spinning roller coaster. Plus, at the top of the lift hill, there's a giant snake that can scare riders. - railfan99

Cobras curse is my favorite ride

7 Cheetah Hunt Cheetah Hunt

This ride has 3 launched sections, and a top speed of 60 MPH. - railfan99

This is so weak compared to EVEN it's sister coaster, Tempesto, which is also weak. - Maddox121

8 Scorpion

It has one loop, but it can still scare people - railfan99

9 Phoenix

It's an Intamin Looping Starship attraction, and it goes really high up. - railfan99

10 Stanley Falls Flume

I ran out of ideas. - railfan99

The Contenders

11 Sand Serpent

So scary the turns

12 Python

Python is a old roller coaster which is no longer standing. It was the first roller coaster to be built in Busch gardens, Tampa, Florida. It had many loops and was good for all ages.

13 Gwazzi

Gwazzi is an extinct roller coaster and has been SBNO since 2015 it was the first duel wooden roller coaster in the state. They are planning to do something with the old tracks in 2020 they are going to make it rocky mountain construction probably. The old walkway is one of the haunted houses hollow scream

14 Air Grover

Air Grover is a small ride for little ones in the sesame street section of the park. It's a great beginner ride.

15 Tigris

Tigres is a soon to be added roller coaster in Tampa, Florida, Busch gardens. It will replace the famous go, guazzi and will come out in spring of 2019...

16 RMC Gwazi
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