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1 The Swedish Rhapsody
2 Dining Room or There Is Nothing

this just made me wanna cry for some reason.

-Robot's face plops into what seems like a bowl of cereal-

2 minutes later...

...there... is... noth-... ing...

3 Don’t Move
4 Bedfellows
5 Username:666
6 Mass of Daddy Long Legs In a Tree
7 Body of a Pig

I can’t stop thinking of this in my sleep.

8 Obey The Walrus

It's about a person named Johnny Bayma or Goddess Bunny who suffered polio. Man, the documentary was just sad but I'm glad I don't have nightmares after one video about a ballerina who have quirky movements and stared to your soul at the camera as the video ended.

This was a nightmare, creepyness at his maximum level - Olive855

Creepy Tranvestite Ballerina Made me cry.


To all Wattpad users looking at this, I am user @WriterSoup180. To all YouTube users looking at this, I am @TheTransformersFanGirl. Find me on Wattpad and on YouTube!

I voted for this. But only because it's the scariest one on this list that I've fully watched. If I hadn't had to click out of Agamemnon Counterpart because I couldn't handle the screaming and if I had the guts to watch Suicidemouse.avi, I'd probably vote for either of those.

The real reason I voted for this is because ShayeSaintJohn is a scary uploader. Fun fact- It didn't deserve it but on Top15s Channel's video it got No. 1 for the scariest video on YouTube.

The scariest part of the video (even though I only voted for this video because it's the scariest one I've watched out of I Feel Fantastic, Scary Makeup Tutorial, There Is Nothing, etc.)? The scariest part is the ending that SERIOUSLY throws you off. It just shows the beginning all over again, the beginning in which shows the mannequin who is ...more

10 I Feel Fantastic

Watch this video and don't sleep for a week.

It's not horribly scary-- Just a robot moving around and singing...

I'm agreed this is scary

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11 Baby Laugh a Lot Original Commercial
12 Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial

So glad it's fake. - naFrovivuS

Welp, I didn't need to sleep tonight anyway - Garythesnail

13 The Wyoming Incident
14 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

After watching the video you're like "I don't understand life anymore".

I saw this one friday night, when it got dark, I locked everydoor in my house and hid in a closet for an hour. That may sound stupid but it looks like a murder with puppets.

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15 Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

I was only 9 years old
I loved Shrek so much I had all the merchandise and movies

What's worse is that he sounds like a grown man! NOTHING IS SCARIER THAN A 9 YEAR OLD WHO SOUNDS LIKE A GROWN MAN! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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16 Stupid Hoe

Watch at your own risk. Just giving you a warning.

17 SpongeBob Creepypasta Videos
18 Scary Face Pop Ups
19 Lights Out

They made a full length movie based on this. It was terrifying - Jonerman

20 Agamemnon Counterpart
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1. Dining Room or There Is Nothing
2. Body of a Pig
1. The Swedish Rhapsody
2. Don’t Move
3. Bedfellows
1. Stupid Hoe
2. SpongeBob Creepypasta Videos
3. The Grifter



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