Top 10 Stupid Things to Do at School

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1 Pull the fire alarm

I shall not pull the fire alarm with a shirt, there's so many others doing it, Keyran James Peters need to stop pulling a fire alarm and be responsible with device instead, also it is stupid thing to do, stupid others pulling a fire alarm.

Unless there's a real fire of course. It pains me when people set them off for no reason - all that time wasted by the fire brigade coming to school for their 'prank' could be spent saving lives.

Like the previous person said, unless there's a real fire, you shouldn't pull it.

Then again, plenty of students will run over there and pull it anyway...

2 Bully

Bullying isn't stupid, it's mean. And believe me, there's a difference between 'stupid' and 'mean'.

I get bullied a lot due to my awkwardness.

I would never

3 Make a bomb threat

My brother did this last year. The police didn't like that they had to go to the school on a day like that. It seems like this doesn't seem to possible, but in my own world where everything is biased, this doesn't seem far fetched, because for me, it actually happened.

Back in primary nobody did that but there was one kid who brought a match and tried to set the school on fire so he wouldn't have to go there anymore. Of course, he got caught.

This is indeed the best thing you could possibly do in a school setting

4 Leave the gas taps on

I did this then I put a string I lit on fire to it.I blew a hole in that spot and nobody found out...yet.

5 Burn the desks on purpose
6 Poop on the ground

Somebody actually did this at my school, not even joking.

Someone did it in my class and it STANK.

Someone did this in primary.

7 Launch an airsoft assault on your class
8 Throw a rock at the window

You break it you buy it

9 Put thumbtacks on someone's seat

I have always been scared of this happening to me.

Pretty funny but don't recommend if you like you childhood and don't want to spend it at school

10 Change every computer's language to Arabic

One kid in my class could translate, he knows Arabic.

Or what about Japanese?

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11 Curse out a teacher

One time this kid was asked to stay in and talk to the teacher about a comment he made. He said no, walked away (before we were even dismissed) and before leaving the room, screamed, "GO F YOURSELF." He shockingly enough was only asked to apologize to the class, and got no real punishment. Bull! I got suspended for saying "gay" in class!

There was this kid who did that and called the teacher sexist just because the kid got an answer wrong. It actually made me look up from my book.

Then the student who cursed thinks they're a baddie and cool.
If you think this is cool you're more or less the quiet kid wannabe.

12 Draw a thing on the whiteboard

Kids in my class do this all the time. One kid even drew something lewd on the back of another kid's shirt, and the teacher saw it but didn't realize what it really was

Series or parallel circuit? Is that stupid if a Physics teacher tells you do draw one of them

My teacher liked my drawing.

13 Randomly call people a hoe

I did that before

I do this every day

The truth hurts

14 Clog the toilet on purpose

Only done this a few times, so you just grab a hell lot of toilet paper and put it in the toilet then continue doing it to mutiple toilets. Especially drawing on the walls and using soap to spread it on the walls to make it look like semen

I tried to do it. I don't know what happened next

I'm gonna do that again

15 Launch fireworks

That would be bad to launch fireworks in the school, I would never do that

16 Use someone for their smarts

Who hasn't done this

Always do this

17 Slap your teacher's butt
18 Dress in a banana costume

My friend did this once

I would be doing this

I should do this.

19 High five someone when they raise their hand

L love all of them

20 Ask your teacher if they are gay

Last year I had a female teacher who dated another female. She kept it very hidden, but we all knew.

This would be cool to do.

I did this to mr barrier

21 Running around naked

Who would do this?

That would be bad to run around naked at school, you could get suspended

22 Chop a gluestick with a ruler and throw it at your teacher

Did something similar to this, didn't get caught and the guest teacher felt it too

23 Ask random people to marry you
24 Light the garbage can on fire

Kids do this a lot

25 Take a piss in the garbage can

Then swim in it.

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