Top Ten Schools In Indiana

The Top Ten Schools In Indiana

1 Lawrence North High School

Lawrence North is not only good at sports but they are also good at technology, musical production, and they are extremely smart. - DavidHayes

The best in the world - DavidHayes

Yas, I don't want to be on drugs while I'm in high school... like LC

2 Lawrence Central High School

Lawrence Central has the best high-school sports in Indiana history. They are good at football, Basketball Baseball, Wrestling and many many more. They are so smart too. Lawrence North is the best high-school to go to such as Lawrence Central too. - DavidHayes

Yas this is the school if you like fun, I mean foreal though FIGHT HILARIOUS LN we always win to thm so... -_-

This school is ghetto what are yall talking about

3 Belzer Middle School

Belzer Middle School is the worst Middle School in the world when it comes to not being so smart. Belzer is good at sports, Education and music. - DavidHayes

Belzer speaks for its self. The name is loud, people cute and we always win to fall creek

Belzer is great!

Belzer is smart, and they are have wonderful preforming arts. We care more academics then sports unlike FCV.

4 Fair Field Elementary School

Fair Field Elementary School goes from pre-k-12th grade. Best lunch their ever. They are the best sports ever. - DavidHayes

5 Warren Central High School

Warren Central is the best high school in the Warren Township District. Football, Basketball Music, Arts, and Education. - DavidHayes

6 Fall Creek Valley Middle School

Fall Creek Valley is the best Middle school of all time. Even better than Belzer Middle School. But the only problem about Fall Creek Valley Middle School is the racism their it is CRAZY as hell... - DavidHayes

I agree man but that is good I love the bearcats

7 East Noble Middle School

East Noble Middle School is fun. They are right by a Zoo. They also have the best Education and girls ever! - DavidHayes

8 Forest Glen Elementary School

Forest Glen Elementary School is the best Elementary School in the world. When it comes to Spanish. It is a Spanish Emerson school. - DavidHayes

9 Amy Beverland Elementary School

The best school in the world when it comes to studio, T.V. and entertainment. The only problem about that Elementary school is that they are the #1 Elementary school when it comes to Racism to Black, Asian and Mexican. - DavidHayes

10 Adams Central Junior-Senior High School

AC is awesome some of the facilities aren't so nice but the teachers are fun and kind. Are athletics are decent also.

I'm at AC right now!

Go jets

The Contenders

11 Bellmont H.S. Decatur, Indiana

This place is just beautiful and a lot better than Adams Central

This should be one but, why does it not have a rank?

Yes this school is beautiful!

Wow I like this school!

12 Garfield Elementary School

This is the #1 school in the nation when it comes to celebrities and other famous companies. They are also good when it comes to education too. Sometimes Racism. - DavidHayes

13 Hamilton Heights High School

I think this school is very great from the teachers to the helpful curriculum.

I love this school becuase of the community and the pride. Go huskies

14 Norwell Middle School

Norwell has had an A for three years straight! It's the best school of it's kind. The teacher's are nice, and the school has a great athletics program. I've only gone there for one semester, but Norwell is no doubt about it the best school in Indiana.

15 Homestead High School
16 William Henry Harrison High School
17 Tipton High School


18 Indian Creek Elementary School

They are the best in the world when it comes to building robots and technology - DavidHayes

19 Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart

It's my school, and it is very academically ahead in our district, very good at Music like marching band - Zindondiddlybop

20 Perry Hill Elementary
21 Summit Middle School
22 Carroll High School
23 Maple Creek Middle School
24 Tell City High School
25 North Miami Middle School
26 Park Tudor School
27 Lora L. Bachelor Middle School

Proud to be a Bulldog!

28 The Indiana Academy
29 St. Pius X
30 Scottsburg Middle School
31 Highland Hills Middle School
32 Jefferson High School

Amazing High school in Lufiayetterigahabab

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