Top Ten Silliest Superstitions

I'm still here. But that's only because of signal failure. I'm late for work, I've left my phone at home, I missed breakfast. But I still don't believe it's because Friday 13th is supposed to be unlucky...

The Top Ten

1 Walking Under Ladders

I avoided doing this once; walked round and walked straight into scaffolding. - Britgirl

2 Walking on Cracks in Pavements

This was a game to me when I walked home from school - Curti2594

Step on a crack break your mother's back

Stupid - Ajkloth

3 Salute Magpies

Alright, Britgirl? This is the thing - I do believe this and I do salute magpies, but one time I did the old salute thing I was at traffic lights at the time and the geezer in the next car saluted ME! - Barry2013

If I did this every time I saw one..or two..or three..I'd be taken away for the protection of the public! - Britgirl

4 Leaving New Shoes on Table
5 Black Cat Crosses Your Path

I have a black cat, and he always goes about my house trying to be the centre of attention. At almost every lunch, he jumps on the table and tries to steal my food. When he's hungry and I'm NOT eating, he tries to get you up to feed him. And by that, I mean scratches you awake and attempts to push you off the bed. And then he gets so excited that he trips you up. This happens all the time, and yet, I do not consider myself unlucky. Besides, I have an American Wirehair Tabby who's even worse. - PositronWildhawk

6 Crossing on The Stairs

Everyone, everywhere... YOU'RE ALL DOOMED! (insert evil laugh here if you will). - Britgirl

7 Hanging Washing Out on Tuesdays

Never heard of this one but it sounds daft!

8 A Cross-eyed Man Crosses Your Path

Hm... Ok. I understand this one. - Britgirl

9 The Number 13

Come on people what's to fear about 13?! Nothing bad is going to happen. Haha!..,.SCREAM,...! CRASH...!...SCREAM...! Silence. . . - Britgirl

10 Getting Out of Bed on the Wrong Side

I know. It's just ludicrous. There is no right or wrong side, just the side that's closest to you. And why do women sleep on the left all the time with men on the right? - PositronWildhawk

My bed is right up against a wall on one side, so if I try this one... - beatles

OK. That kinda makes sense. - PositronWildhawk

Because, P.W, A caring woman will always let her man be right - even if he gets on the wrong side of her! - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 That a Guy Looking at a Woman's Chest Is a Sin
12 Sleeping With Shoes on Will Turn you Into a Zombie
13 Friday the 13th
14 The Number 19

Yes people are also scared of the number 19

15 Fan Death
16 Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding

I don't understand this one at all. Like, not one bit.

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